Posted by: ButterflyMoms | August 16, 2009

My Mommy Is “BUSIER” than your Mommy!

A reminder that before you rush into reading this that you take a nice, deep, gorgeous breath so you can take it all in… (no cheating now ;)…..There! Doesn’t that feel “bettah”? Get ready to be inspired. You will feel lighter after reading this, promise!

I have one of the most fantastic neighbors in the world! Victoria is a very kind, funny soul whois always there when you need her and knows when to give space too. She is one of my biggest ButterflyMoms fans. Even though she lives next door and we have this amazing bond, I have not seen her in what could be weeks! Two days ago I sent her an email. It read, “Just so you know. I really, really love and miss you! I think about you all the time. Just not enough hours in the day for all that I’m trying to cram in so I’m uncluttering my time.”

When I read it back it shocked me. The words “crammed” and “uncluttering my time” hit me. What kind of life am I living here? What example am I giving my children? Here I was thinking I have a grip on my life’s flow and BOOM, sudden awareness of how I am not aligned with my desired life.

Moments like this are what life is all about if you want to live a happy one! Just like in meditation the goal is to focus on finding your goal(in this case wanting a happy, meaningful life) and then letting go. When your mind starts to wander GENTLY (Do not judge your behavior) bring it back. “Life” is the same way. When your life starts to wander GENTLY bring it back. Tomorrow I will write more about this topic because it is incredibly important!

In the meantime take wonderful care of yourself! Your children are learning how to treat themselves by WATCHING how you treat yourself!Red, Mama, Mia and Olivia

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