Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 3, 2010

Results of FINALLY Trusting Your Journey…

I’m writing to you from the tail end of one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, a Goddess weekend. A good friend invited me to an annual event where an inn keeper in VT invites the goddesses she knows to come and rejuvinate for a weekend. Even though I did not sleep many hours each night I felt like I had had a full night sleep the night before because of the energ work we were doing here. Here are some of the observations of what I did. I hope that you can do the same in your life…

1.  We did not gossip. Energetically gossiping about others is one of the strongest ways to take your energy and flush it down the toilet of life. In our world today it is epidemic so be mindful when it starts. Most of us get a temporary high when we first gossip because for a short time you align with the people around you but that is a temporary feel and what you are really doing is “donating” a lot of your energy to things that will give you no return on your emotions.

2. We surrounded ourselves with people who support us. Use your instincts for this one. Get out of the land of should and feel where you are. People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Make sure you don’t morph into what you think they want you to be. That is also a very simple way to give your energy away with no return. Surround yourself with people who support you! When you are with people who are grounded you will many times also be grounded without having to “do” anything. Simple living. What comes after that is your authentic self…..Mmmmmmmm, deliciously YOU!

3. We had no expectations. We simply went with what came. If we were hungry we ate. If we wanted to play cards we did. If we wanted to go take a nap we did. Now, I know this is a retreat and if you have little ones and/or work this might make it a little challenging but remember that each moment brings a precious opportunity to live your life the way you were put on this planet to do it. No one can do it for you. If you give up that power you will never feel true happiness, only emptiness and not-enoughness.

I’m getting to pack up the bargains I bought at the second hand store and a few other trinkets I found along the way before I go to my massage this morning! YAY!!!!!!!! If you are reading this you are in alignment. The universe is talking to you, as it always is, all you have to do is listen. It’s like being at a very loud party and trying to hear what someone is saying who just called you on your cell. The universe does not usually “scream” at you so the only other option is to create quiet, sacred moments in your day where you are fully listening. That is what (true) yoga, meditation, walking (with no headsets), are for. Have a simply fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ask that you spread the word to your friends about and that you come back often so that you can fill your soul with wonderful energy! Like fresh, cool water from a mountain stream it will re-energize you! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Please leave a comment. I would LOVE to hear from you!

    Big hugs,

  2. Heyyy Maria, I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time. I was really touched that you took the time to come and visit me before you left. It was one of my birthday highlights to laugh and cry with you!

    Love you girlfriend!

  3. That’s really great to hear how you’ve reached your “zeal point” on the gossiping thing. Good for you for turning that corner. I’ve been naturally gravitating away from this myself more and more lately — I know it has to do with our class —being our true selves.

    You are so right on about all this great advice. Need to keep hearing it… I get so caught up in anxiety ridden stuff if you know what I mean!

    I’ve always wanted to start painting portraits of women I know as Goddesses — showing their goddess within that they may be hiding (or not hiding — such as moi).

    Just started my new healing clinic one day a week in my office building on some weekends. So far I’ve done freebie intro sessions on friends and that feels good to do something connecting to others in this way.

    Missing my son though and think I will visit him this weekend up in Maine.

    Big hugs to you Maria too. Miss seeing your wonderful “nut bag” energy!


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