Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 9, 2010


Whatever is on your schedule to do today take a moment to ground yourself. Once you are in it trying to shift might be a bit more complicated. Remember to breathe deeply. Remember to remember that you are made from the same elements that are in the stars and the oceans. You come from great beauty. Most of us forget that and get “stuck” in the thoughts of the memories of the ickies we have experienced. Those were experiences meant to teach not to hurt. The hurt is simply a sign that you are looping the thought of the experience. In other words thinking about it again and again and again thinking that you can change something. Ask what it came to teach you and breathe through the lesson. Welcome it. You are always safe. I repeat, YOU are always safe! Now go out there and have some fun! Don’t make me repeat that too sistah-friend! Go out there and have a blast!!!


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