Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 12, 2010


Today is Sophia’s Birthday. Had she lived she would have been 5 today. Because she is the inspiration for ButterflyMoms, I wanted to reach out today to you, specifically, today and remind you of the gift of loss. The gift that loss gives you is the ability to see the value in the now. If things lasted forever they would have little value. Think about that. Most people who go through any loss say almost the same exact thing, “I wish I had”. In your own life there are many, many, many, many, many, many things that would make you thankful. You just need to know what they are, remind yourself. Savour what you have for when it is gone you will miss it. You will miss it less knowing that you lived it fully. May this serve as a gentle reminder from the universe to re-align with your passion by following the path of loving the simple things in your life.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!!!!!!! PARABENS!!!!!!!! I hope you really do the exercise above to celebrate Sophia’s birthday the way she celebrated her entire life…full of love and more love, enjoying each moment for what it is, an opportunity to connect with others through her heart.


  1. As the sun opens up the day, it brings Sophia’s love to light. Though she may not be here in the physical world, the celebration of her 5th year of exisitence is found in all the love her family has that they pass around on the planet. Let us all celebrate the 5th year of knowing Sophia, now continuing that journey up above the clouds…
    Happy Birthday Sophia!
    Happy Love to the family!

  2. Though I never was fortunate enough to meet Sophia in person, I have absolutely been amazed by her spirit that lives on in her beautiful family and all those that have been touched by her. I remember a birthday anniversary gone by when we planted a magnificent flowering plant to honor Sophia’s memory, overlooking the rolling hills of the Italian countryside, as the butterflies fluttered about us. I take a deep breath. I exhale. And I give thanks for the light in our lives that manifests itself if so many different ways every moment. Happy Birthday Sophia. Love to Sophia’s family and the extended “Sophia” community. xo

  3. Angels come into our lives and make changes to our hearts and to our minds. Thank you God for sending Sophia to love her family and have her family love her. The love continues and there will be sweet reunions one day. Live life- live everyday! It passes quickly and the real important experience is the love and care shared between us. Love to Maria, Doug, and family.

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