Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 18, 2010


Find Happiness Tucked Between the Moments

Fitting in is one of the key factors as we are growing up. Being a mom puts a whole new dynamic on the term because we have other souls in the mix to protect and teach. I have recently experienced the “icky” feeling of being rejected from a group of mommies. It can send you right back to feeling like you are not “enough”just like you did when you were in junior high or high school. (breathe) :)! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

In a moment’s notice how you feel about the whole day can go south, very south and your mind starts trying to protect you by “figuring out” what is wrong with them or how you can avoid being hurt again.  This is a pattern many of us are familiar with because that is all we knew. Here is another pattern I recently read for my coursework that has helped me. It comes from the book “Anatomy of the Spirirt” by the wonderful Caroline Myss. You attract what you need to into your life depending on what you are sending out. She gives the example that was very similar to mine and says that if you get forced out of a job or group it is because it’s in your highest good to move on, partner!  We, as human beings don’t like change and we tend to “cling” a bit longer than necessary to situations that no longer serve us. It is NOT about the group of people liking or not liking or us being enough or not being enough. It is about energy and it’s time to move on. Think about how much energy you have put (can we say “wasted”) over the years “thinking” about why those people rejected you. It is like burning your energy dollars for the day, every day.

Today, make a fresh start! Part of why Mamas are so tired is that we give our energy to places that don’t reciprocate the energy back. It’s time to call back your energy! It’s done in simple ways that will have you feeling more grounded and happy. Tomorrow we will talk about how to do that…

Great big hugs ButterflyMoms!





  1. As an “older” mom, I always felt a bit on the outside with many other parents. Ultimately, I decided it didn’t matter. I would fit where and when it felt good for me and in the best interest of my girls. The rest didn’t matter. I could take the bits of support where they came – trying to leave judgment of myself and others behind. I am comfortable in my own skin and content with my own choices as a parent. I can evaluate suggestions and shared experiences from my own perspective and decide what to try while acknowledging that others’ choices may be the right path for them. Peace dear Maria. You are a blessing to have in my life.

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