Posted by: ButterflyMoms | May 29, 2010

OPRAH(‘s Very Good-Looking and Oh-So-Smart Producers)….Can You Hear Me?

Today is my 43rd birthday! WHEW WHO!!!!!!!!!! I’m in Chicago at the Sheraton overlooking the river as the sun rises and I write today’s blog. I’m here because tomorrow I have the deep honor of becoming my beautiful little niece’, Kaia Marie’s GODMOTHER!

Today is very different than others days and not only because I don’t have the pitter patter of little feet all around me but because I have a new mission, a deep-rooted one, for which I will need your help! Feel like going on a fun adventure with me? Are you up for some fun?

Being Bold With One's Goal Is Key! I Feel This Goal With Every Fiber of My Being!

Here is my bold statement…

(drum roll please) With EVERY fiber of my being, I can see myself FINALLY being on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a GUEST SPEAKER before she ends her show ends next year!

How this came to be… This has been brewing for two decades. I have had a deep calling within me, almost a knowing that this would happen but it never seemed like the right time or that I had something of value to share.  Well, yesterday was my AHA DAY! I did not just have one moment it was THE WHOLE DAY!

We started in NY where we left the kiddies with their amazing Aunt Di in Long Island and we flew to Chicago in the wee hours of the morning. We did not rent a car but took the train. SIDENOTE: Any time you can take public transportation do so. YES, it slows down your day and what you can get done but that is the whole point. When you slow down to take notice you live a richer live because you get to actually SAVOR what is going on. It’s that cheesy (but true) saying that works so well, “The PRESENT is the present!”

As soon as I landed something in me shifted (it was not a thinking thing but more of a feeling that arose from within). I began to take it all in by being present. I noticed that what people where doing around me related to my own life as I shifted from my usual default of JUDGEMENT to that of asking, “What can I learn from this?” I was open to it, even the ICKY stuff that came up. Once I did I kept having to (gently) remind myself that NOT JUDGING goes for me too. Too often we judge ourselves. We are downright cruel. Hear this! YOU WILL NEVER FEEL COMPLETE WHEN YOU JUDGE YOURSELF. (take a deep breath) (feel that statement deep inside) (take another breath) If you are hearing these little “I-know-but-needed-to-be-gently-reminded”s than you have asked the universe for help and this is one way that you can receive the answers you have been seeking. Spiritual growth is contagious! Once someone around you SHIFTS it affects you (and everyone around them) directly because it has the potential to remind us that we came from spirit! We are made of the SAME things are the most beautiful scenes nature has to offer.  Remember that you come from that and are conected to that for you to access whenever you desire. The challenge is to get out of our own ways. We over think and try to control. Just let it go. When you get intuition hits act on them. If you do not know what an intuition hit is start noticing how things feel. Stay with it even when they feel ICKY. You are always safe! The pain comes from being out of alignment with your joy. Truly! Get back to YOUR joy and watch how your ICKIES go BYE-BYE!

I have seen Oprah live only once at the Simmons Conference in Boston a few years back. In person she exudes a peace that is not apparent (to me) from watching her on TV. My goal for the last two decades is to not only be ON the Oprah Show but to also be on her speed dial. I don’t even know if the woman carries a phone but when that goal came to me in my 20’s that is what came. 😉

Oprah has literally saved my life twice. Once from drowning and again when the doctor told me that my baby Sophia was dead. Come back tomorrow for some more insight…

I ask that you take this as an invitiation to help me on my quest for my dreams. Share this site. Ask people if they know:

-Any publishers/book agents

-Any of Oprah’s producers

-Any way to get ON the Oprah Show

-Any ButterflyMoms who could use this site

Think it of it as if you were on a reality show and this is a fun contest to see how far you can go even if right now you don’t think you know anyone. Just ask and expand your space in the world. The laws of attraction will help you to get closer to your loves too! It’s a fun win-win! This is going to be our BEST YEAR! Today is truly my BIRTH day!!!!!!!!!

Great big hugs,




  1. I wish I could help you with my connections, but alas I don’t have any! I’m along for the ride, and will support you any way I can! GO Mariaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Thanks beautiful Maureen for showing up! This is a magnificent journey that gives me the amazing excuse of being able to connect to people I would normally not be able to because I’m too “busy”!!! This is much better than “busy”!!!! LOVE YOU!


  2. Maria, you WILL be on Oprah on day. I know it. I don’t know how you would get in touch with the show but try and try hard. Even if she asks you a question in the audience that will count. You must have sent her a letter or two or three right? You my friend are brave, bold and inspirational and I have always said this I am SO proud to be your friend. With all that you have going on, if I came to you today with a problem or issue you would find a way to help and that…is unique and wonderful and hard to find. That’s what you are hon, you are “Hard to find”. I love you…from Gary, Janelle and Emily.

  3. Milu (Maria),
    I have so much pride and admiration for the person you have become. Your spirit and energy have guided you from childhood. As you know and I believe as well. “Ask and you shall receive.” Oprah’s friend Gail has a radio talk show and if we find a way to call in and share your goal/purpose the message will be passed along.
    I wish you all the best on your Birthday and send you all my hope, faith and determination as you accomplish your goal. I know you will achieve sucess.

  4. You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you, then you meet one person, then your life is changed forever !! Maria life has made us cross paths again with no specific reason….You are making a difference !

  5. You are my OPRAH!

  6. How fitting….

    I wanted to share a little but about my cousin Vanessa and her sweet daughter Hillary.

    My beautiful Cousin Vanessa gave birth to her second child Hillary at age 29. Only a few months later on Dec. 16th… Dear little Hillary died of S.I.D.S.. Shortly after her untimely death, Vanessa was diagnosed with breast cancer. She found a lump in her Brest years before and never thought anything of it due to her young age. Vanessa fought her illness hard going through chemo, radiation and double mastectomy. In her remission, she gave birth to a third child… Another daughter Avery Gold. Shortly after Averys birth the cancer came back, this time it had spread. Vanessa was getting weaker yet her sense of humor, faith in God and memory if her Late baby Hillary kept her spirits high. The miracle of this message…. Beautiful Vanessa(Vanessa means Butterfly) passed away EXACTLY 6 years TO THE DAY that Hillary died. Coincidence???? I believe it was DESTINY of a “True Butterfly Mom”

    RIP together forever Vanessa and Hillary!!

  7. Keep those “yes to life” juices flowing, Maria. I know things will fall into place. You have the power girl! and you are a true inspiration and don’t you forget it!

    Your HTP sister,

    Linda D.

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