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Mischief Comes in All Ages...My 90 year old Great Uncle and his Girlfriend!

There is a¬† wonderful scene in the movie Mr. Gregorian’s Wonder Emporium where a little boy walks by a glass wall where an accountant is working under piles of papers. I cannot remember it exactly but the interaction goes something like this…The little boy grabs a big notepad and writes, “DO YOU PLAY CHECKERS?” The accountant takes his notepad and writes, “I USED TO WHEN I WAS A KID.” The child writes, “DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?” The response, “CAN’T PLAY. HAVE TO WORK.” The child quickly responds, “HOW ABOUT WHEN YOU STOP WORKING?” The accountant responds, “I NEVER STOP WORKING.” The child responds, “OH.” Puts his head down and walks away.

This is SUCH an awesome message for adults wrapped up in a “kid’s” movie!!! It is BRILLIANT! Something happens to most of us where we think to be an “adult” and be “responsible” you have to be serious!!!! Know what I say to that?! BE SERIOUS!!! Are you joking?! You should be! ūüėČ

In the photo above is my 90 year old great-uncle Antonio who was born in a small village in Portugal. My kids call him Bevou (short for great grandfather because fits that role in their lives). His life’s story is simply amazing! He never did anything worth writing about in the papers, he¬†never attended one day of schooling, he never learned to drive or read¬†yet he has such a deep, deep wisdom that is such a part of him that he does not even see it as being special. To see his gift one needs to step back and really be aware. Those is a RUSH or BUSY will miss the beautiful gifts that are our beloved Bevou. The way he lives his life is one of the reasons I stay as grounded as I am. I took him to the grocery once and noticed that he shopped the perimeter of the store getting mostly vegetables, then fruits, then fish,¬†then meat and dairy. He only went into the middle of the store to get rice. A month later I was watching a TV program where they were taking about how this was the NEW way to stay healthy because all the processed foods are in the middle. Well, our Bevou has been doing that all his life!

In the photo he is sitting with his live-in girlfriend Fran. She does not speak Portuguese and he does not speak English but somehow they get along.¬†Even at 90,¬†Bevou¬†is still full of laughter and very mischievous. It is that sense of fun¬†through which Fran and Bevou communicate with each other. Everyone is dumbfounded how that works but it does.¬†Now if they can do it NOT speaking the same “language” then where in¬†your life can you build bonds to others who help¬†unleash the¬†LOVE that is all around you!¬†

FUN MISSION:¬† Here’s a fun little¬†mischievous thing I do that makes me smile and giggle at the same time!

Every time I order a magazine subscription for myself or someone else¬† before the first name I put: “BEAUTIFUL” or to my husband who loves REAL SIMPLE magazine, I wrote “SEXY”. Put whatever word fits best and will get a smile! It is absolutely thrilling to get a magazine every month and be surprised every month when you the To the Beautiful Maria! It feels great and always makes me smile! Try it!

If you have your own tips let us know! Together we can all create a lot of “beautiful” mischief!!!

Great big hugs,


PS Find simple ways to add mischief to your today!


  1. Mariaaaa…I LOVE reading your blog every day!!!! You are such a wise and wonderful woman with so many talents!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!!!!! Love, Fellow Butterflymom – Joanne

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