Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 4, 2010

One of Life’s Biggest Questions…TO “GO THROUGH” or “STAY STUCK”!

"Tiny" Moments Add Up To Make YOUR LIFE 🙂

Sometimes we are so used to mediocrity that when PURE (you can fill any of these or make up your own) LOVE, JOY, TRUST, ALIGNMENT comes your way, it initially seems overwhelming, almost like too much oxygen. STAY WITH IT because this FEELING is simply a sign that you are crossing the two boundaries, FROM MEDIOCRITY TO ALIGNMENT. I was reminded of that yesterday with that MAGICAL phone call from THE Oprah Show! :)!!!! When it comes your way although it may initially take you off guard, get your bearings and embrace it! KNOW you deserve it! When you get the chance to ALIGN with YOUR DREAMS JUST SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, it’s VERY important to know what “ALIGNMENT” means because it’s one of the KEY “ingredients” in a happy life. Alignment, it’s not just for chiropractors anymore! 😉 Each one of us comes to play this human game on Earth with a set of specific skills. Just like someone who wants bigger or stronger muscles can only do it by using weights. In order to grow these talents we are put THROUGH life events, some of which are not very pleasant in the moment. Breath with me here…We are talking about being on either side (either giving or receiving) incest, rape, beating, cheating, abandonment, killing, lying, stealing, hitting…..Keep breathing…..These are some of the most intense “weights” in our game of life. They are meant to build our spiritual abilities but for many of us we get stuck in the MEMORY of the event. That is the beginning of the CYCLE OF PAIN and “UN-ALIGNMENT”. The more you distance yourself from your true self, your alignment, the more pain you will have. It gets to the point where the re-hashing of that event in your mind over and over ends up causing you MORE PAIN that the event ever did! Think about that! Let that sink in. How does that feel for you?

When I was in my early twenties I was raped by a man I knew. After the rape I was felt confused with ICKINESS that goes on after the event. “Was it my fault?” “What does this make me?” “Why was I there?” “What could I have done to prevent it?” and the big one for me was “What would people say about me if they found out?” These questions tend to focus our sails into a HOLDING PATTERN or even a TURN BACK INTO THE STORM (again and again and again). The event happened ONCE for a short time but thanks to our ability of recalling the event again and again we are through into that ICKINESS again and again. Because it feels so uncomfortable we want to shut down our ICKY feelings. When we SHUT DOWN OUR FEELINGS we diminish our communication with the universe and we move AWAY from OUR JOY.

The universe is here to do what we ask it to do. Most of us have never sat down to notice how the world really works. The bottom line is that in any event we are either MOVING THROUGH or GETTING STUCK. What will you choose for your life’s moments today? First step is in NOTICING. Start there and see how that feels even when it’s ICKY. There is always a messy past the ICKY. You just have to face the ICKY and see what it has come to show you.

Much love and kindness to yourself today!



PS Yesterday we beat our record of the day before by almost double!!!!!!!!! Thank you for coming back and spreading the word! Yesterday we had 162 ButterflyMoms flutter by! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

PPS Please let it be known that I wrote this blog today with glorious screaming children all around me so it there are moments where I skip a thought I was actually skipping a thought in real life too! 😉

PPPS I just re-wrote the blog from this a.m. because it was so disconnected. It feels more in alignment with what I wanted to say now. J


  1. Congratulations for the phone call From The Oprah Show. Just knowing someone in my town talked to them is amazing!!
    This post was moving too. Great advice!

  2. I bet we’ll be seeing you on Oprah soon!

  3. Maria, your insight and blunt, clear honesty is truly a gift to those of us reading your blog! Thank you for that! And let us all know when you are planning to be on Oprah, please!

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