Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 6, 2010

How’s Your GAS????

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms!!

What helps us on our journey is to know, or be reminded, of what we already have. Today let’s talk about something that affects your days in the most profound way, ENERGY.

ENERGY is the fuel for everything you do. You can have the nicest car in the world, like a Lamborghini pictured here on the right, but without gas, over time,ย  it’s just a candidate for the junk yard. Think about that for a second. Our energy is key! It’s an obvious point, so obvious that we forget about it! Your car has several warning mechanisms. It has the gas gage that tells you how much gas you have. For some of us we ride with the WARNING: GAS ALMOST EMPTY light on because we have gotten pretty good at guesstimating how many trips we can take without having to re-fuel. Sound familiar? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mothers can go a lot longer than a car without gas, a lot longer, sometimes years. In a way I’m proud to write that. I think that’s the ego. The “I can take on the world no matter what”, part of me. The challenge is that while you are in that mode you are closing down your JUST BEING mode. This is when we start to feel STUCK and then start spiraling into our favorite defensive coping strategies like watching more TV or eating more. Sound familiar? :0)

This week use your car as a reminder that every time you check the gas you also also check in with yourself to see if you are getting enough sleep, nutritious foods, play/creative time, connecting with others who fill your soul time. If the answer is no then right then and there pull out your calendar and find a fifteen minute time slots that day that you can get to play with two of those things above. Call a heart friend. Walk your dog. On the way from picking your kids up from school take them to the park for 15 minutes. It might sound like not that big of a deal but when you do it it unleashes some serious FUN that will shift a lot of what is not working in your life! Try it. You might just LOVE it

Come back tomorrow for some more fun ENERGY information sharing!

Have fun playing in the world!

Great big hugs,




  1. Thanks for the reminder that even just 15 minutes is important- sometimes I get bogged down with thinking that it needs to be at least 2 hours to be worthwhile. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep writing!

  2. Dearest Maria-

    With all the crying and challenges that my lovely boy Eli has had in his two shorts months, I had a golden moment three days ago.

    Before I left for work (an hour drive) an 5:45 in the morning, Eli threw his arms around me and we had 20 minutes of silent MOMMY AND ELI time.

    I didn’t care if I was late. This was PURE GOLD. These 20 minutes reminded me of the infinite power and beauty of giving life and being a mommy. It filled my heart and soul and I cried huge tears all the way to work. Nothing bothered me that day. I got my gas in my “in the moment” thrill.

    Every day is not easy, but each one of these moments pays for everything else.

    I love you-


  3. I really like your insight to fill up our own tanks!
    Filling up the car requires a few minutes of quiet as the kids are strapped in their carseats- perfect time for reflection amidst the face-making necessary to produce giggles through the windows.
    Playgrounds are great spots for a surprise stop. Don’t forget to play with the kiddos! You shouldn’t be too old to have fun on a swing and on a slide.
    Keep up the great blog Ria!

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