Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 8, 2010

Anyone Up for A QUICKIE?

EVERY person who comes into your life is there to remind you of parts of who you are. Even the ICKIES ones (not pictured here) are gifts. Treasure them!

One of the things I hear the most in my practice of helping ButterflyMoms is, “I wish life came with instructions.” Well, life does not come with instructions but it does come with something MUCH better, INSTANT FEEDBACK. Can you imagine if life did come with instructions and you had to memorize? As they say in Brooklyn, “Foh-git-about it!” 😉 This way is MUCH easier!

So when you feel stressed. Pay attention. When you feel tired. Pay attention. When you feel ICKY pay attention. Use breath. (take one now for practice 😉

If you move closer to your joy you start feeling good. If you move away from alignment you start feeling ICKY.(TAKE A BIG BREATH AND TAKE IT IN. YOU REMEMBER THINGS BETTER WHEN YOU DO THAT. We could all use a bit more O2 in our diets! ;))

And just a quick side note for those, like me, who like to think OUTSIDE the box…this means “FEEL GOOD” without having to do or put anything inside your body. If you are dependent on an outside source, well then, it’s not YOU! BE LEAD BY YOUR BLISS, not the chocolate’s!!!! 😉

Today’s post is short and sweet after yesterday’s. Sometimes we need a QUICKIE to just re-align ourselves back to our IN THE ZONE place!


Great big hugs,



PS We have had over 1,000 people come to the blog in the last 3 weeks!!! WOW! I love to hear from you! Many people write to me but do it privately and don’t post on the blog. Feel free to do what feels right to you just make sure you send me your suggestions so we help each other grow in a direction that serves. YOU are LOVE and YOU are LOVED!!


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