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Enjoying the simple things with Family - Three generations on both sides pictured here!

Sometimes it seems like life if not going our way. We get bored, tired, sick, cranky, angry, feisty……etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. When you feel that way, you are getting fabulous feeback. NOTHING is ever “good” or “bad” like most of us have fallen into the habit of labeling. The key is to NOTICE what you are feeling. I wrote something about this yesterday but the message is still wanting to come out so lets continue that fabulous life lesson shall we….

There are signs guiding us EVERYWHERE we look. Sometimes we don’t like the sign so we simply ignore it. We truly think that the issue will go away, but it just shifts. The sign gets bigger. We ignore it bigger. The sign gets huge. We ignore it huge. Then comes the bohemoth sign! (enter music…DUM DUM DUHHHHM!) There is usually no ignoring this one, even for the best of us! It usually takes years to recover from it, many never do.

WHAT HAPPENED? When we get super self-absorbed in our little made-up worlds we forget to connect with what is real, our feelings. They are our compass. When you try to override the system you get ridden over  :)! (“ridden” is that even a word? Well, it is now!!! 😉 ) The universe does not discriminate. Take a look at gravity. Does not care if you are old, new, young, old, rich, poor, male, female. NOPE! It just does it’s thing. We are in the same situation. The universe works in the same way. Learn the rules and you can build the life you want. It’s that simple.

Happy, Grumpy and Smiley

We as human beings have been evolving in many different ways. Spiritually, we are all moving into a time of great learning. If you are noticing what is around you, you will most likely see that people are doing lots of “shifting”. For example, people who are doing YOGA you would never in a million years think they would. Others might be leaving a long work or marriage situation to follow another dream. People are moving to a different street, town, state or country. Notice. More people are becoming massage therapists and healers. Becoming a doctor, engineer or attorney does not have the same Uhhhhh-Ahhhh! it once had.

A HUGE shift has been how close many fathers have become to their sons and daughters as opposed to when we were growing up. At that time most dads did not know their children at all because work was the main focus. Many children who grew up in that fatherless world did not want to have the same relationship with their kids.

Moms’ roles have shifted too. In my own house, since I started writing EVERY day it fills my soul. My husband Doug has really stepped up by helping take on some of the responsibilities I had. We did not talk about it, he just started doing it. That act of love on his part makes it a lot easier to write! Because writing fills my soul, I’m much more present and joyous with him and the kids. It feels wonderful and the kids have less tantrums….imagine that!  😉

What happens when you don’t eat all day? CRANKY!!!!! Well then, WHEN was the last time you fed your soul? Hmmmm? Keep thinking. Keep thinking. If you are now going back into memories from the 1900’s, you, my dear, are STARVING!!! Your soul is STARVING!

Tomorrow we will talk about what is the best way to feed your soul. come back tomorrow for your REAL SOUL FOOD RECIPES!!!

Great big hugs,




  1. Thanks for noticing.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this for all of us…you are such an inspiration – I’m so thankful for you, BEAUTIFUL MARIA!!!

  3. Mariaaaa, I have now set you as my home page so that when I turn on my computer the first thing I can do is to read your blog post! It grounds me, it reminds me to sit up tall and straight and to take a deep breathe. You have a gift my friend! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!!!!!

  4. Well said, and you can be so tuned in. So when I feel tuned out (thinking crappy limiting thoughts) I will come back to your blog for the inspiration I need. I get so caught up in “my stuff” that I don’t often see what’s out there in front of me: the sky’s the limit as they say! Time to feed the soul, baby… everyday and everyway!

    (Nice happy picts of you and hubby and kids… well some of the kids… can’t make them happy all the time… it all comes from within, heh?)

  5. My dear Maria,
    You are doing it!!!…touching so many people with your beautiful blog! Keep on inspiring us.

    Miss you .
    Love, Cath MMMWWWAAHHH

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