Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 14, 2010


Our New England home from 1870

We live in a great house that was built in 1870 so it has a lot of very cool nooks and crannies :). I’m actually writing to you today from one of those cool places! Yup, it’s true! In my daughters’ bedroom there are two closets, one of them is what we call the Harry Potter closet because that is exactly what it looks like. It runs the whole length of the room, and has two built-in shelving units and a very long clothes bar for hanging clothes. It’s huge! Why am I writing from in here you may ask? Well, since I’ve started writing this blog on a daily basis things have greatly shifted for me. You know, stuff like the Oprah Show calling me!! (YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) I still think that is sooooooooo amazing! But I digress. 

A very large SHIFT started when I LET GO of Farmville. (For those who are not familiar with Farmville it is a game on Facebook.) I had not realized, really realized, that it was taking me slowly away from my life in such a way that I was literally sacrificing sleep and time with my kids to “tend to my imaginary farm”. It comes soooo innocently. The little digital puppies and baby animals are sooooooo CUTE. It was only a matter of time before I got really hooked because I was using it to escape the ICKY parts of my day….you know that nasty TO DO LIST that never seems to END! Ya, that!

My fantabulous coach suggested that I stop playing for a week and I said, “Sure, no problem.” She said that was not the reaction she wanted so how about I just BLOW UP the game. ‘WHAT!? You mean like destroy it?” I said in shock. She responded with, “Now that, that response is what I was looking for! Yes, destroy it.” Well I got my computer guy out there within the next hour and he destroyed all my virtual puppies, chickens, Japanese pagoda (it was a very cool farm ;)), adobe, cows, barns, crops, etc. You know what? I did not miss it one bit. Not at all, plus I started attracting some very cool life events!

"Vovo" comes to the help!

That got me thinking. What else am I holding on to in my life that is not serving me and my goal to BE THE FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLES’ SOULS? The answer came, but I did not want to hear it. It’s my stuff. I am drowning in “STUFF”. Oh yes, yes, “STUFF”, just like Farmville, can be very INNOCENT looking at first, a cute handbag here, a turkey fryer for Father’s day over there and pretty soon the show HOARDERS is calling you because your youngest offspring ratted you out. 😉

So I started with my fridge as I wrote about in yesterday’s blog entry. It was soooooooo wonderfully cathartic that all week I had planned to spend this weekend “doing” the girls’ bedroom. They have soooooooo many clothes (think four girls) from NEWBORN to Size 10 – (you see I like to plan ahead – my oldest girl is only 6! 😉 Even though my mom came to help yesterday (THANKS MAEZINHA!!!) for four hours, and I also worked for four hours today, and we packed up SEVEN trash bags full of clothes to give away, I still have another closet in there room to go through! Oh, there is no way it’s going to happen today, dear ButterflyMoms, but it was from this spot that I wanted to write today’s blog so I could be IN THE MOMENT in every sense of the word. It’s like writing from within the lesson! Pretty cool! I love that I have the ability to unleash my creativity here in the ButterflyMoms blog! Thank you for giving me that glorious gift! WOW, this feels FABULOUS!

So back to “STUFF”. I have the need to start getting rid of mine. People buy stuff to fill holes they feel in themselves. I want to by whole-y NOT hole-y 😉 (there’s that creativity running amok again! 😉 I will continue following my instinct after I’m done with the girls’ bedroom – I KNOW MY closet is next. It is not as bad as there’s so hopefully it will go a lot faster! There is only one of me, but being pregnant five times in five years does make things on your body SHIFT a bit too….the other day didn’t we talk about great shifts happening?! Well now we know where part of that shift happened, right? 😉

Check in with yourself. After reading this how do you feel about the items in your____________ (fill in the blank for YOU). See if you get inspired to donate some of your items too!

Thanks for coming by today and FEEDING YOUR SOUL! Come back EVERY DAY and bring a friend! We are now almost up to 800 people a week reading this blog! OH YA!!!! THANK YOU! I hope you feel the LOVE!!!!

Great BIG hugs!



PS There is a great online site called It allows people to ask for OR give away stuff they don’t want FOR FREE. There are groups all over the world. If there is not one in your area start one. It basically runs itself and is an amazing way to keep things out of landfills and bond a community! I will be putting the bags of clothes up there for MOMS and DADS who need and/or want them. Another step towards making the world a BETTER place!  YAY!!!!!!


  1. Great post Maria. Any more details on the Oprah call? AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I’ll admit to feeling a bit of wonder and envy: wondering what great thing I’ll do that will inspire Oprah to call me and envy for you having already done your own inspiring thing. I’m also feeling a struggle between “being enough” (just now, just as I am) without always striving to do more, be more, achieve more and a desire to live life largely, which often expresses itself as doing more, being more, accomplishing more. Interested to hear your thoughts on this if it inspires you. Love ya!

    • Hey Beautiful Debbie!
      Wow! Got two responses today (out of almost 100 people who came to the site yesterday) and one was from England and yours from France! How coolio!!!! I actually wrote that post TWICE because I had to leave the closet a couple of times for the kids and the last time I left, the battery died with nothing saved of the written blog. Ahhhhh, just meant it needed to be re-written in a better form and I thin it was! :)! The wonder and envy you feel are AWESOME road signs for you! First kudos for sharing your feelings. Feelings trapped inside STIFFLE and KILL US but on the outside they are an invaluable resource on your fantastical journey. The answer is simple! I attracted Oprah because I am learning how to be more and more authentically me! This could be a VERY long response but will keep it brief, promise. Go with your feelings of “being enough”. YOU COME FROM the same, same, same energy as made Mount Tamalpais and Sausalito and the Marin Headlands!!! If you want to reach Oprah, make sure it’s your gut’s dream too and just do less. When you are constantly filling your space/head/world with STUFF (more to do’s) you are blocking our your intuition and your soul’s messages. So today, go do less and listen and feel more. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I soooooooooo LOVE YOU!
      Great big hugs,

    • Hi Debbie,
      You have struck a cord with me in your post! The goal is to love your life just they way that it is, with all the parts of it, and all that it is. BUT it is not wrong to have goals and to want to be more and do more. You just must always stay connected to your ‘true self’ and make sure that you are being more and doing more for YOU, not for some ideal you have of what you should be, or what someone else wants of you. I always ask myself – am I being true to myself? Is this really MY hearts desire or is this something I am putting on myself because of wordly influences???

      Great questions to ponder this morning!!


  2. Hi Darling, your blog hit a cord today! Last week I throw out excise books I have kept since high school, what ‘s that all about? And you know I haven’t missed them at all 😉 Keep writing, you are FAB.

    • Hello Beautiful Karen,
      Thanks for writing all the way from the UK!!! It is a huge honor that with all you have going on that you check in to get your soul fed along with other ButterflyMoms! Now that’s AB FAB! 😉 Thanks too for sharing that article about the sewing cafe in Paris. I posted it on the ButterflyMoms Facebook page to be able to share it with everyone.
      Sending you lots and lots of love!

  3. Great work this weekend cleaning out the girls clothes. Along those lines, let’s walk the walk and finally have our yard sale this weekend. We’ll make it a fun family thing. I’m very proud of you and the work you’re doing. It’s great that you are following your dream.

  4. We were on the same wave length yesterday, though my project was the toy room – pulled about 5 BOXES of toys out to donate! It feels good to see organization and no clutter – very freeing!

    • FANTASTIC beautiful Joanne! How good does that feel, even today, two days after you did it? When you do something deep like that it lasts for a very long time, unlike chocolate, for example, which just leaves you wanting more…and oftentimes feeling guilty, or worse bloated….For those who don’t know what bloating feels like after eating chocolate just did not eat enough to get to that point. I definitely have! :]

  5. Hey neighbor- great post! You have motivated me a bit towards my goal of owning my own home someday. I have many steps to go but will not give up!
    I also have to get more on wordpress too but how do you know what to write about all the time- I don’t seem to have that gift?
    Well you’re definitely putting that fire under my bottom- going to log on right now!!

    • Hello Beautiful Janine! I LOVE that you were reminded of your motivation mojo here! 😉 The gift of writing is an easy one! Just remember that is does not come FROM you. It just comes THROUGH YOU! I’m just the faucet and the more I keep my channels clean (by being authentic) the more the message comes focused!

      How’s that?!


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