Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 15, 2010


I thought long and hard before I decided to write today’s blog, but so many ButterflyMoms have been asking me how I unlocked myself that I could not just ignore their requests for sharing what worked for me. I tried so many things over the years because I felt like my life was racing by and I was just paying bills but not REALLY living my life. Most everything I found was just a BAND-AID solution. I’m talking at least 20 years of searching here! Finally last year one of my good friends invited me to an open house at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. I was skeptical, especially of the name. Energy school? What the hell is that?! Because of who asked me I agreed to go and it has opened up my life! I have found myself, the real me. When I write now you can see that, that is who is coming out. In my class is there are people from five different States! Doctors, attorneys, moms, dads, mechanics, authors, teachers, massage therapists…it is a mishmash of humanity coming together to learn! Below is the information for tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s June 15th’s) Open House. They will have another in August if you can’t make this one! If you have questions feel free to contact me directly. I highly, highly, highly recommend this program because I see how much happiness it brings people when they find themselves! YAY!!!!!!!! :)!!!! I can promise you one thing….You will only regret NOT going! 🙂

Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine Open House

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Solstice Healing Arts Center, 163 Main St, Suite 6, Medway, MA

Description:  Experience what it is really like in the program! We welcome you to join us at an open house and experience exactly what it will be like as a student in the school. Whether you are serious or just curious about enrolling in this life changing program, the open house will answer all your questions. Led by the founder and director, Rhys Thomas himself, and his head teacher Lisa Campion, you will walk through a mini version of a day in the school, experiencing each aspect of the program.You will also have an opportunity to hear from current students and graduates about their experiences and breakthroughs.If the idea of taking a huge step forward in personal development AND becoming a Full Spectrum Energy Medicine Practitioner is calling you, you owe it to yourself to take the next step in finding out more!

PS Tell them Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sent you! 🙂 Have fun exploring the world!


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