Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 16, 2010

My AARP Invitation!….More Proof that the Universe has a Sense of Humor!

Our wonderful computer guru Sam came over tonight to do a little emergency “surgery” on Doug’s iphone. After he was finised he helped me update the time zone setting on ButterflyMoms which was set to Siberia ;). We started talking about time zones and daylight savings and Arizona came up. One of us (probably me) made a comment about their not celebrating Martin Luther King Day and Doug, who reads newspapers like I eat good sushi, said oh they changed that in 1988 so they could hold the Superbowl there…..To this Sam responds, “Oh, that was before I was born.” EVERYTHING IN THE ROOM STOOD STILL……”W-W-W-H-A-T?!” Turns out that he was born in 1989, THE SAME YEAR I GRADUATED FROM BOSTON COLLEGE! (as you can see it really affected me because I’m was writing it in all caps!!! ;))

! First I get an invitation to join AARP for my 43rd birthday two weeks ago, and now this! OK, (deep, cleansing breath!) after things hit us that we did not expect, it’s how we react and HOW we store the memory of the even that propels us forward or holds us back. This just happened so I’m giving it to you LIVE and FRESH so you can see what it really feels like to get back into alignment when the world throws you what looks like a curve ball.

First step is to acknowledge your reaction and how you are feeling. So for me, wow, I felt like I was connecting with someone on an equal basis and just realized I’m TWICE as old as he is! (sound of screeching car ;)) WOW! Keep breathing! Your breath will set you free! :)!

Second step is to ask, “What do I have to learn from this interaction or from making this realization?” “What has this come to teach me?” At first no answers come, and to be honest I start feeling a bit silly because I’m sitting here on my laptop waiting for universe/my subconscious/God/Buddha/my Guardian Angel(s), basically,whoever is answering, to answer. When I let go, the answer comes very softly at first, and when I invite it in, it begins to build in color and the story unfolds before me. The answer in this situation, for me, is simple. I’ve been working on getting the Oprah Show a 3 minute video. It’s something important to me and I’ve spent a lot of time on it (both productive and worry energy too). The message that just came to me was that I have lots of experience, in this case, two decades worth that I’m not acknowledging. Having this interaction is like a grounding, gently reminding me that I’m prepared for whatever adventures await. Living in the land of “what if’s” and/or fear does not serve our highest good. Period.

The third step is to review what the answer is. Try it on and see if it fits. NOW, here is a caviat….if it’s a very big lesson you may have received the “right” meaning but it might not fit for you because it’s could just be too much for you to handle at that moment in time. Wherever you are is where you are “supposed” to be, so just let it go. Look for a meaning that fits YOU right where you are NOW. When you do, it feels wonderful. You feel seen, heard and understood. The universe is always talking to you, ready to guide you to your highest good. I invite you leave space in your day each day this week to start hearing your intuition, because, simply put, that is how we are guided.

Remember to come back tomorrow to feed your soul and invite some friends to come along too! The more the merrier, truly!

Great big hugs,





  1. Age is a funny thing.

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