Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 21, 2010

Asking For Help On My OPRAH ODYSSEY…

Christopher and HIS Butterfly, Sophia!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Thank you for all the great feedback and connection from yesterday’s powerful blog, true SOUL SUSTENANCE! 🙂

Today’s blog is going to be very different from the rest because I need your help. For the last four weeks I have been writing this wonderful ButterflyMoms blog EVERY day. It has allowed me to practice connecting to MY “ZONE”. By being with MY alignment, I have manifested getting closer to my goals of writing my ButterflyMoms book series AND even being called by THE Oprah Winfrey Show!!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking in when you do, and leaving your feedback. We are now up to 100 visitors/day (and with no porn) ;), not bad, eh?

Tomorrow will be the 4th anniversary of Sophia’s death. (breathe deeply) Some of you may not realize that the reason ButterflyMoms was born is because of our beloved Sophia. Here’s the short version of the “WHY” of ButterflyMoms….When Sophia was born she had Downs Syndrome. It was such a huge shock to us. We were totally ignorant. We were scared about what his meant for her…and for us. The magic began right from the beginning! (BTW, just because it was “magical” does not mean it was “PRETTY” 😉 ) To us Sophia did not look like us at all, instead she looked more like an Asian football player, but when Christopher, her “big” brother who was 9, saw her he count not take his eyes off of her. He gently touched her hand and said, “Awwwww, she looks like a BUTTERFLY!” We liked his version better than ours! Ever since then, Sophia became THE BUTTERFLY!!!! She died suddenly a month after her first birthday, June 22, 2006. (breathe deeply again).

Mama and her inspiration.....SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s just a date but the death of child can either kill your soul or make it soar. The only way I can still be Sophia’s mommy is to spread what she was all about, and that is simply, LOVE!!! Because she had Downs she had NO EGO. She was all about LOVE! The lucky thirteen months I got to hold and breastfeed and snuggle and kiss and squeeze and nuzzle and sleep with her are some of my most precious moments! I am grateful that I did see her as a gift even before her death, and loved her fully. One time I was on my way to work and remember looking over at her smiling at me. I suddenly but down my computer bag and decided that I was going to take a few hours “off” to just play with her. I listened to my instinct that day even when it did not make financial “sense”. When she died I had no regrets about the past, only about the future where I could no longer touch her, smell her, hear her, see her, cuddle her and hold her.(breathe again deeply)

It’s hitting me hard today so I’m choosing to direct my attention to moving forward with the gifts she has brought into my life so I can continue being the FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLES’ SOUL! This is where I need your help, please,…Today, when I just feel like crawling into a ball I’m choosing to focus on how many people I can help by following my joy. After I finish writing I’m going to work on taking five hours of video footage into 3 minutes so I can submit it to the contest for the next talkshow host on Oprah’s new network, OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network). I am not familiar at all with the software but as Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream!” and right now I’m a great example of IGNORANCE ON FIRE!!! With that in mind I hope to get it done by tonight or at the latest tomorrow.

Mialotta and Sophia Hanging out on Mama and Papa's Bed - Good Times! 🙂

Once it’s submitted I need YOUR help….Are you ready for this?…..I need to get as close to 2 MILLION votes for the video by Saturday night! YUP I SAID 2 MILLION!!! I KNOW it’s a long shot but this is an adventure we can all enjoy, no calories, nothing to buy, just something you can do to make someone’s heart dream come true. Please warn your troops my friends we are about to embark on a very cool adventure!

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me and Sophia! LOVE TO YOU!!!!!

Great big hugs,



PS I will put it up here when it’s ready. Please send the love vibes and watch for the magic that comes your way today!

PPS My love goes out to the beautiful Nancy Barton and her family as she prepares to enter the other side. I will miss you dearest friend. YOU are soooooooooooooo loved!

Angel SOPHIA...A Gift to All of Us! Remember to Open YOUR gift!


  1. Thank you Beautiful Maria, for once again giving that gentle nudge in the right direction. You’re in my thoughts and prayers today.

  2. I am so so so lucky to have known Sophia! I am thankful everyday thatI got to know her while she was here! We miss you Sophia but know you are looking over all of us!

  3. Maria,
    My heart is with you today!!! Do you know how many lives you have touched and will continue to touch?? You are beautiful and your little Sophia was so blessed to have you as her mommy.
    I will start to spread the word, go after that DREAM!

  4. Maria,
    You brought tears to my eyes for the eloquence of your message. How very inspiring of you to turn this sadness into what you already have and for the dreams to make a bigger impression on all of us! I would surely watch TV to see you there! I wish you all the best in getting those 2 MILLION! If you believe it, you can do it!

    Love, Heather

  5. Oh marvelous, Maria. I met you a day or two before Sophia was born. I still remember our conversation sitting on the couch in my living room, and I also remember my total surprise to get a call from you a few days later, saying, “sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. I was busy giving birth.” I didn’t even know you were pregnant!
    But more deeply etched in my memory, my heart and my soul was the email you sent out the day Sophia died, and the grief you so openly shared at her wake. It was as if your heart had been torn from within you, and yet, even in those moments of intense grief, you asked each of us there to spread love and hope in the world. I don’t remember the exact words, but I remember the message, and it has inspired me many times since then.
    Sophia lives on through you, and through those of us that you have inspired because of her. The world is a better place because she was here, because you are here, and because you both will are together still in so many ways.
    Be at peace, dear friend, Sophia, your butterfly is landing on beautiful flowers and pollinating love every where she flies!

  6. Reading this, I’m brought back to the day I was driving home from the tree-planting on what would have been Sophia’s second birthday. I felt a tickle on my leg, under my skirt, and when I pulled over to the side of the road and gingerly picked up my skirt to see what it was, I saw a caterpillar, on its way to becoming a butterfly, of course.

    Before I could start the car again, a man stopped in back of me and came over to see if I was OK. On his shirt: the Caterpillar truck logo.

    Sophia’s spirit is everywhere, and she will keep soaring and reminding us of our BEST selves.

  7. Dearest Maria, my thoughts and love are with you today and especially tomorrow. You have an army of loving friends holding your hand and holding you up whenever you need some extra support. I’ll vote for your video and pass on the word for more votes. Be kind to yourself this week as you dive into more creativity and celebrate Sophia, who I know you already celebrate each day. With much love, Debbie

  8. Maria-
    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. You are a powerful example, and I know you are making Sophia proud! Although I never met her, I feel like I have gotten to know her thru this blog and you. God bless you!

  9. My dearest Maria, heart sister, there are no words which adequately express how much you are loved by me. I will never forget your journey with little Sophia, the suffering and the joy merged into one beautiful butterfly soul. What I can express is that we have choice; to surrender to the darkness of our grief or to transmute that pain into a light so bright that it draws others out of their own dark place. You chose to be a light. Arms around you, my friend.

  10. Thank you for opening your heart here and telling the story of Sophia. I doubt it was easy. Such a sweet soul. I wish I had met her. Let us know when you need help with the video and I will get as many people as I can to help.

  11. Dear Maria,
    There have been many times your smile, your kind words, your e-mails, your hugs, your honesty on how it feels, your tears, your love, and just your being there has been a blessing to me as I have gone through the death of my son Greg. I have not yet made it to the second anniversary yet, never mind the 4th. I wish you wonderful memories, strength, the support you need, and love to get through the day. Celebrate how wonderfully Sophia touched all who knew her, and how you continue to carry that on for her by touching so many people in so many ways. You make a difference Maria!! Love, Wendy

  12. I love you Maria !! Good Blees all of us and i will prey for you as always !!

  13. Mariaaa!
    Thank you!
    Love, love, love

  14. Maria: My thoughts are with you. Peace, love and strength. — Susannah

  15. I can’t stop crying after reading your blog. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hear that losing a child is the worse of anything. I can only imagine. Please know that you’re touching many lives with your blog. Keep it up. May peace be with you on this hard day. xoxo

    • Beautiful Luisa! I love what you do to make our world a better place. The work you do with our Portuguese community is amazing! I want you to know that EVERY time I get an email from you I send you love back because I really appreciate the love you give out. Thanks for reading ButterflyMoms. Sophia is my heart and I hope her life and death have inspired you to live a more LUISA LIFE!!!!! I’m your fan!!! Live big sweetie pie!

  16. Maria,

    You sure know how to bring tears to my eyes everytime you talk about your dear departed little one. I’m so glad you are sharing your experience with the world.

    I’ll be voting for you!!!!!!

    Love you,

    Linda D.

    • Thank you beautiful Linda! I love how you reached out to me today! It means soooooooooo much to me! THANK YOU!


  17. Beautiful Maria,
    Love to you, your family and your little angel Sophia. How manys lives she has touched in just a short time with us. What a beautiful soul!!! Her mom is just as beautiful!!!
    I will send out your message to as many people as I can think of.
    This will happen!!!
    Love you

  18. Concerteza. Eu estou comtigo!
    Vi a Mia ontem com a tua mae. Esta linda!

  19. Tens to o meu apoio!
    deus te ajude a realizar os teus sonhos
    Vi a Mia e a tua mae ontem. adorei.

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