Posted by: ButterflyMoms | June 30, 2010


Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

After a month of writing pretty much every day the last week has been a bit off. The Oprah contest has taken up a lot of the time I usually write here. I’m also leaving today for Portugal with my three little ones for the summer so these two things have side-swiped me a tad. Let me re-phrase that. I CHOSE to spend my time on other things. I wish I had more time! There are soooooo many COOL things to do in the world! I look forward to the time when I can get paid for writing because I LOVE it and wish I could do more of it.

As I am packing for a seven week adventure, I find myself constantly getting off my “zone” and into total “HALF EMPTY” mode. Every time I do something sixteen more things pop up and my heart starts to race, the kids get more annoying, I start moving more quickly, my voice gets louder… I’m going into panic mode. THE FEAR races in the form of questions…..”What am I forgeting?” “How will I get all this done?” “How much time do I have left?” “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”…you get the drift. Without AWARENESS the day turns from “BAD” to “WORSE” and most of us don’t even realize it, and that is THE SECRET, REALIZE IT!!!! It’s right there under our noses. It’s not hard to do. All we have to do is NOTICE, BREATHE and RE-FOCUS on HALF-FULL.

So for me in this situation right now, I can CHOOSE to shift back into my zone by remembering that whatever I give out I will get back. This blog today is actually more for me because I actually just had to MINDFULLY SHIFT myself back to what I want my life to look like. The direction we are “sailing” in and the ATTITUDE we are “wearing” today DIRECTLY AFFECTS the quality of our day. Today as you read this YOU have a choice. If you don’t choose,  just like with sails on a boat, you are giving the direction of your life to forces outside of yourself. So later when you hit the rocks, hard, you wonder, like in the Talking Heads song, “HOW DID I GET HERE?” You gave up your power by not noticing.

Start today. Start where you are. Let go of the control. Enjoy the steps. There is no place to “arrive”, that is a big, ugly, fat ‘ole MYTH! Don’t believe the hype my beautiful ButterflyMoms! Have fun today! Embrace your now! Use your feelings to see if you are in your zone or not! Surround yourself with people and things that you LOVE in the core of you! Do something VERY silly today. Then do it again! 😉 Notice nature. You will have so much fun and it’s a “natural” way to re-connect with yourself. When you notice nature you will notice that your breath changes, your heartrate changes. The STRESS MONSTER has a VERY hard time sticking around when you are truly NOTICING NATURE. Go outside right now wherever you are (unless you are on a plane ;)) and go Notice, Touch, Smell, Feel…maybe even TASTE! It’s always been there waiting for you to notice…. :)!

Great big hugs,



YOU can be a part of the legacy! Please help!

PS  ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!!!!!  As some of you know, I’m on an incredible journey following my life’s mission and passion, being the FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLES’ SOULS. Oprah is starting a new network and she has put out a contest to find a talkshow host. My Show Idea is called THE MARIA SHOW. I ask you to please go here :), see my video 🙂 and vote for me as many times as you can :)…

Also a really cool article was written about this journey yesterday. If you want to check it out here it is….

You can help me on my quest by:

1. VOTE for THE MARIA SHOW (as many times as you can each day until July 3)

2. SHARE with family and friends. One ButterflyMom, Rebecca, is even hosting a Wine and Click Party in honor of the cause where moms bring their laptops and vote! Sooo cool! Use your creativity. THANKS REBECCA!!!

3. POST on your FB, website, Twitter, MySpace, blog,…..

Here is the link again:

I hope you come play with the other BUTTERFLYMOMS and ME!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!



  1. I love the signboard Maria. And good for you for shifting back to consciousness. Breathe along the way as you play and travel safe to Portugal! I’ll see if I can swing a trip down. xxx

  2. So true indeed. The stress monster “stresses out” all the moms around town. Your suggestions to deal with these stresses are so helpful. I hope you live to be 200 years old and more Maria, we need you! Your friend..Janelle

  3. Going outside right now…thank you!


  5. It’s all apart of the adventure.

  6. Mariaaa, Your words are so perfect for me this morning. The stress monster has been living inside my head for the last week, but I am letting her go right now!!! Off she goes, as I go outside to take a deep breathe and to look at my children through different eyes of appreciation (that they have such strong lungs!) Have a WONDERFUL trip!!!


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