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Dear ButterflyMoms,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately because I have been feeling a little guilty for not writing in the past week every day as I had. My journey started off with the simple goal of writing my ButterflyMoms series of books about how to feed your Mommy soul. (An interesting side note is that a LOT of ButterflyDads come here to feed their souls too!!!)  Friends suggested I write 15 minutes a day. It turned to 2 hours a day of wonderful soul food for the 2,000 people who came to the site every month!!!!


In the last few weeks I’ve been involved in the Oprah’s contest – she is looking for a talk show host for her new network Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). A few years back she had a launch of another network she started called Oxygen, which had shows geared towards women. One of the shows was called Ka-Ching, it was about women and money. I made it through three rounds of interviews and was in the top three of getting the host position. Never heard of the show? Well, that’s because I did not get the job ;)!

When I started writing consistently two months ago, I had no idea that the path would unfold this way. It is a WONDERFUL reminder that until we EMBARK ON OUR JOURNEY we won’t see the magic that can only be seen from inside. Start yours and you will see that it is better than any vampire thriller because it’s YOUR adventure!

On this adventure as the Beatle’s song goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends”! I found out about this adventure from seven friends who don’t even know each other but kept sending me emails saying some version of, “THIS IS SO YOU!” When the universe sends us OMENS like this pay attention! The whole trip was in a way effortless. I’m noticing that it was hard for me to write EFFORTLESS just now because my “immigrant-you gotta work hard to get anything in this life-brain” is STRUGGLING with things being effortless. Good life lesson. Things that are in alignment with you always seem effortless even when it’s hard work because ALIGNMENT FEELS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! This whole thing FELT (and FEELS) GOOD! LOOK FOR THINGS IN YOUR LIFE THAT FEED YOUR SOUL NOT THE HOLE THAT YOU FEEL. Allow me to say that again, LOOK FOR THINGS IN YOUR LIFE THAT FEED YOUR SOUL NOT THE HOLE THAT YOU FEEL. The hole you feel is from you not being in your alignment. NO ONE else has your answers. Be brave enough to hear yourself out. You have the answers for you. Be kind to yourself. HAPPINESS IS BEING YOU!!!!!! Nothing else will EVER fill  your soul!

I want to send a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to everyone who is responsible for taking me THIS FAR on this AMAZING OPRAH ADVENTURE! Although we are the underdog because we started almost 2 months AFTER many others, and in 11 days we have over 30,000 votes – I did not do it alone!  When I announced this heart mission, people, some who even barely knew me rose to the occasion! Here are just a few examples…

– AnneMary helped with amazing moral and technical support. She was absolutely AMAZING all the way through!

– Audrey in Vermont, is going through chemo and still made it her project to reach out to her friends and vote as many times a day as she could.

– Rebecca in Holliston through a Click Wine Party and had three laptops running for 2 hours!

– Hugo (my rockstar cousin –literally) told me to post it on all his fan sites and encouraged me even when he was dealing with shoulder surgery.

– Debbie lives in France and cannot vote but sent it to all her friends in the States!

– Amy helped me send notices to reporters about this adventure!

– Natalia who was there for moral support during the filming and helped spread the word to vote!

– Raquel (my mommy) who watched almost every single video to see how they compare to mine….:)! Obrigada Maezinha.

– Angela called me from Los Angeles to offer her support and let me know that she thought I did have, “It!” YAY!!!

– Heather who kept checking in with positive emails and calls. She also voted and voted and voted!

– Christopher voted for me a gazillion times because he loves his Mama :)!

– Laurie who sent it from work to all her counterparts in various other States and got them to vote and spread the word too!

– Claudinor (my dad) who turned me onto a Portuguese media contact he had.

– Corinne got right on the bandwagon and took it on as her own mission. She babysat for hours so I could edit the video without distraction!

– Doug understood that this was something that was going to disrupt our lives but was willing to go with that!

– Esperanca (Tia Planta) is a childhood friend I had not seen in decades but when she heard what I was doing she quietly reached out to her network with a huge heart plea!

-Bunny voted and voted and voted. She sent me encouraging emails throughout especially at the end!

-David (Benny) who played voting games with me. It was the first time we had connected in 20 years. It was awesome…btw he kicked my butt! 😉

– Joanne inspired me with her energy and passion. She emailed me almost every day to keep me motivated!

– Denise is a nurse in NY and put up the site on her work computer so that whenever anyone walked by during their shift with some time they would continuously vote!

– Al sent posted it on his Facebook and to his gazillion contacts!

– Kathleen in Ohio, took time out of her crazy schedule to vote and vote and vote and to get others psyched about the adventure too!

– Adalino sent it all over the country to his amazing list of Portuguese contacts!

– Jeff came through with an amazing solution of where I could film. He also filmed a portion of it without my knowledge and gave me some amazing shots!

– Nancy kept me grounded and reminded me of any pitfalls before they became an issue!

– Pat sent me strategic advice and voted like a madwoman!

– Eddy offered to lend me his camcorder and left a fabu comment on the Oprah site!

– Mary and Sharon who spread the word to the families of The Respite Center in Hopkinton where Sophia was so lovingly treated!

– Maria from Scotland sent me her prayers to help me on my quest. She also spread the word through her network and sent me amazing motivational emails…..

– Cathi who was very instrumental morally from the start. She spread the word and kept checking in and leaving posts! What a rockstar, just like her son Noel!

and there were many, many more. THANK YOU!…….that’s a lot of LOVE people! 🙂

In only 11 days WE accomplished the following….

= Got over 30,000 votes in about 11 days of voting.

= Inspired four other people to throw their hat in the ring.

= Increased traffic to the ButterflyMoms. com blog to over 200 people/day.

= We had articles written about us in the:

– Holliston Net News

-Holliston Reporter

-Ashland TAB

-Metrowest Daily News

-Holliston TAB

-O Journal (a very cool Portuguese/American paper)

-The Boston Globe (it now looks like it will come out sometime this week instead of last Saturday).

Now the OWN project is out of my hands. TRUST is part of the journey. Even it ends here for this leg of the journey OH WHAT a fun ride it’s been! Thank you for the memories! Share yours with the rest of us! Together we can INSPIRE each other into HAPPINESS!!!

Great big hugs,



(writing to you from Lisboa, Portugal – where I was born!)




  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Good luck Maria. Fingers and toes crossed for you, even though your efforts have already been a success

  2. Mariaaa,

    You rock and we are so blessed to have you and your insight! I truly believe that YOU will achieve ALL of your dreams!!!!!


  3. Thinking of you!

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