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It’s ANTI-AMERICAN to Have a Small Refrigerator… BUT LITTLE FRIDGE = BIG LIFE!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I am super excited today! I hardly slept! Yet another article came out about our Oprah adventure! It’s in the Business Section of the Boston Globe.  I’m only in there for a short, non-descript two paragraphs, but as least I’m thankful my name showed up. :)!

Checking in with myself I’m finding that I’m riding today’s roller coaster of WHAT-IF LAND with its terrifying highs of “What if I make the first cut?” and the earth-shattering lows of “What if I don’t make it?” Yes, even though I write the ButterflyMoms blog, I am only human 😉

Potting Training in Portugal....A Great Mommy Grounding Reminder!

I found out (from reading the article) that they will most likely announce the finalists today, at least the top five from the votes. Ahhhhhhhhhh, being in the moment right now is a challenge because I keep slipping into the Land of What-If! In this state I tend to start eating or watching more TV or some other behavior that brings me OUT OF MY ZONE, the land of everyone’s “HOLE-Y-NESS”. Again, when I bring AWARENESS to it, (meaning I observe without judging me or the situation), I don’t need to do anything else, it just goes away. STRESS, is not real. Repeat after me, STRESS is NOT REAL but its side effects are! Pay attention to what your body is telling you, instead of getting angry at the symptoms. Look for the cause! Plus, in my case, it also helps to be potty training a two year old while all this is going on! Nothing like baby “peepies” and “poopies” to bring you back to earth! :)!!! Thanks Isabella! 😉 (DEEP BREATHS EVERYONE) :)!!!!

As I sit here writing in my Aunt’s home I am surrounded by my family’s history. They moved here to Alameda das Linhas Torres (how’s that for a street name ;)) in the Lumiar section of Lisboa WAY before I was even born. At the time this street was the Hollywood section of the era and there were many film companies here. The rest was all fabulous farming estates that have now been replaced by high-rise apartment buildings. One thing that has not changed here is how people shop for food! Ahhhh the food here……………..YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

In the US, we buy in bulk, even if we think we don’t, we do compared to Europe. In the US, we buy food that will last a long time because we have set up society where we buy a lot at once, that is why we have enormous fridges…and oftentimes another fridge in the garage or basement – am I right?! No judging, just noticing and then asking, “Is this how I want to live my life.” (deep breath here just for fun) 😉

Your Fridge is the Gateway to your Life! It says a lot of about how you LIVE your life, or don't. This is our Mame's fridge in Portugal! The perfect size for LOVE!

If we really thought about it we would realize that for “normal” food to last a long time, “they” need to do something to it for that to happen. We are sooooo busy that we don’t think we just mindlessly buy a week or two or three’s worth of food. Here, people have small refrigerators. By “here” I mean most of the world. 😉 The result is that the food here is AMAZINGLY FRESH! The best example is tomatoes. My aunt made me a tomato salad that was sooooo good I asked her what salad dressing she had used. She said “just salt”! WHAT! JUST SALT?! Needless to say I eat it at EVERY meal! It is sooooooo yummy! I’ve even been secretly scheming about how to bring a case of it back! 😉 (Just kidding US Department of Agriculture! 😉

The title of today’s blog is about re-looking at life from what we assume is PERMANENT. Having a large fridge means you probably have a life that involves more food that is genetically modified and processes so it can last longer and be more resistant to travel. According to the Department of Energy, refrigerators tend to use the most electricity in a house. Even if you have a big fridge I ask that you consider pretending you have a little one and live like our cousins do around the world. Here we go food shopping every day or every other day and it’s actually FUN because we are in and out. If we all did this the quality of our food would dramatically change….and then maybe we could all enjoy those magical tomatoes with a pinch of salt! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! HEAVEN!!!

Great big hugs,


PS   I had no idea that yesterday’s toys topic would have such a huge response! I will write more about that topic soon because there is a lot more to write about.

PPS  Please keep the comments coming. We have about 100 people a day who consistently read our ButterflyMoms blog, but only a small number of people write. Please leave your comments. It helps the quality of the blog and increases the energy that makes it a even better place for us to feed our souls daily!

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PPPPS If you want to read today’s Boston Globe article go to….



  1. Maria I so agree with you. We have two refrigerators in our home, but where I grew up in Trinidad we had the tiniest fridge and still do! We “made market” or went to the open market in other words every week and when we ran out of food, we would go to the “food stalls” to get fresh vegetables. The veggies were really small because they were organic……
    Living in the first world can be so much fun, wonderful and amazing but it can be intimidating as well given all the energy you have to put out to sustain your life.

  2. Hi Mariiiiaaaaaaa!
    One thing about shopping a few times a week here in the U.S. The stuff in the grocery stores are modified so that they stay fresh there for more than it would/should in its natural state. In the summer, we can grow our own or take advantage of the wonderful farmers markets available (and they are great). In the winter, though, we’re kinda stuck because, maybe I’m a cynic, but even the “organic” stuff in the stores I think have been treated to last longer on the shelves.

  3. I am also potty training a 2-year old and you are so right, it helps keep me in the present moment because if I miss the “Mama!!” then there is an accident to clean.

    As for the food shopping, I always have as my goal for the fridge to be nearly empty each week when I go shopping 🙂 Doesn’t always happen but it does help reduce over-buying food.

  4. I have made it a personal goal to reduce (or at least try to) the amount of processed food I buy. It’s not easy to do here in the US. Our supermarkets are huge and packed with processed foods. It’s so much easier to run into a small corner store than it is to trek through the parking lot and aisle upon aisle in a super-sized supermarket and then hang out in a check-out line for 15 minutes. It almost compels me to make the trip worthwhile by buying as much as I possibly can in one trip!

  5. Let’s live it.

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