Posted by: ButterflyMoms | July 15, 2010


Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms!!!

Connecting with the pople we LOVE!!!

Most of us take the complex ability of being to SPEAK for granted but it is SUCH an incredible gift, just ask those who do not have it. What most people do not realize is that speaking only works because of hearing. The two are so linked that if you were to lose your ability to hear, you would begin to lose your speech. When you speak, your hearing is a monitoring system, a feedback system for what you say. We have all experienced saying something and then a moment later saying “What did I say?” or “Did that come out of my mouth?”

When we are learning a “new” language, one that our brain is not familiar with the sounds, even if we say the word perfectly, it FEELS ODD. It’s because in that system of learning this new sound is not familiar to your “ears” so it rejects it as not correct. Remembering this as you are learning a new language will help you greatly because it’s one of the simple “obstacles” most people don’t see but it slows them down – just like in life!

Yesterday’s main post was about OBSTACLES, things that keep our ButterflyMoms’ SOULS silent and in the background. That kind of life is one we would all HATE to live because it’s one that FEELS EMPTY. Think about it, NO SOUL, NO LIFE! The more you can create a life where your soul is easily heard, the more you will LOVE YOUR LIFE because YOUR SOUL is YOUR LIFE! 😉

If you combine the example above about hearing you see that FEEDBACK is KEY in your life and in this blog. Last month we had over 3,000 visitors and we are on track for that happening this month too. As the writer of this blog, I want to serve your best and highest good. It is challenging to do so without any FEEDBACK. Just like with the amazing art of SPEAKING, the system only works when the HEARING is working, otherwise it all breaks down.

For ButterflyMoms to grow and serve your core needs of providing the best quality SOUL FOOD WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK/SUGGESTIONS/COMMENTS. We have created a wonderful FREE community where we have the chance to connect with our TRUE selves through baby steps (pun, although accidental, intended). This is a two-way street beautiful ButterflyMoms. You will find that if you put yourself out there it will help you in AMAZING WAYS that you cannot see right now because you are connecting to what works in your life.

However you have come to this blog, you have attracted something that is completely dedicated to YOUR HAPPINESS and that of other ButtterflyMommies out there! Add your FLAVOR to the mix so that we all MOVE FORWARD IN GIGGLY JOY!

Great big hugs,



PS Please post this blog wherever you can so we can get the word out to other ButterflyMoms who don’t realize there is a whole world of support out there. MWAH!


  1. Hi again: I read every single blog post of yours!! Keep writing. 🙂 My only feedback is in the actual format of the blog. I also follow Lenore’s Free Range Kids blog and she has a great format for a blog. It has several tabs with background information and it is easy to scroll down and read all of the posts written over the past several weeks. I have had trouble searching your blog and finding posts written in the past. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Your writing is wondeful. It seems to feed your soul. Continue on and continue to walk the walk.

  3. That’s some great stuff you’ve shared, thank you!

    I’m glad Doug sent me the invite to your blog.

    Keep writing, I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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