Posted by: ButterflyMoms | July 31, 2010

CONNECTING AGAIN…(AND a call from THE Oprah Show!)

Now this is a Park!!!! Parque das Conchas - Lisboa, Portugal!


Have you missed ButterflyMoms? 😉  I’ve missed YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! It seems like forever and at the same time like just yesterday. I stopped writing two weeks ago because I was spending so much time trying to get online. I had a really bad connection, EFFORTING all the way! It was taking time away from my kids, family, friends and vacation. Sometimes it took me more than 8 hours to download the content I had written with photos for ONE posting onto the ButterflyMoms site! It was very stressful and of course I took it mostly from MY sleeping time – when the kids were asleep. After a while I got a “little” cranky. Who wants to be cranky when they are surrounded by beauty, sun, history, good food and summer in Portugal?! No one, that’s who! 😉

So why am I writing now? Well great that you should ask! Check out how the universe works….Most of you know that when I started writing daily for ButterflyMoms it was like I put on HUGE antennas out into the world and immediately STUFF started SHIFTING! The biggest was that I got a call from an Oprah Show producer about being ON the show! (A big “ZOWIE” with cartwheels!!!!!!) That dream had laid dormant (cocooning) because of motherhood and life in general (you know the drill! ;)) While I was talking to the producer he went to the ButterflyMoms site and checked it out! I was soooo thrilled!!! I sent them what he requested (some more information and a headshot). He said he would pitch it to the other producers and if were good enough they’d be in touch. It’s the ‘ole “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” 😉 An amazing thing happened! Instead of worrying like I was culturally taught to do ;), I let go of the OUTCOME! (deep breath – really feel this) Just being asked was AMAZING! I basked in how cool it was and took BEING PRESENT all in! (That is a VERY important part of the recipe y’all! – You are not truly LIVING if you are not IN THE PRESENT! Living in the PAST is called REMINISING. Living in the FUTURE is called HOPING. Being in the NOW is called LIVING!)

Look up "Fernando Pessoa" on Wikepedia...Amazing Portuguese writer. Here is his statue. They sell Cuban cigars right next door! 😉

Energetically what was happening is that I was sending out wonderful energy and the results just kept pouring in…Next thing I know seven friends, who don’t know each other at all, sent me emails about an Oprah contest for people who want their OWN SHOW. I resisted at first but then it gets pretty CRAZY-OBVIOUS that this is definitely an OMEN when people just kept emailing me that “this is so you”! I decided to confront fear and go for it! But how? I asked friends for help and together we created a rockin’ video entry that got over 30,000 votes in about 11 days! Soooooooo many ButterflyMoms and Dads spread it to their friends, put up posters, took it work, posted it, and voted as many times as they could! We got into six publications including the Boston Globe and Middlesex News and a call from one of major news stations who wanted to do a story. It was simply AMAZING and HUMBLING! I had made plans to spend the summer in Portugal with my girls (as I had done as a child) and decided to go even though I had not heard back from the contest – they were supposed to have an answer by beginning of July…. always follow your heart 🙂

Always follow your heart, huh? Ok, that is all cool and dandy but the heart also gets restless! When I think about all the time I spent on “boyfriends” over the years, morphing into who they wanted me to be so that I would be loved! Let’s just say I wish I had learned my lesson FASTER! 😉 Everything takes its time. Sometimes we try to force things to happen quicker but just like with growing a veggie garden or making a baby, everything has its “GERMINATION” time. 😉 I was again reminded to “let go” and “trust”. Like many others, that is not exactly the message I picked up from my childhood. It is a very important one though, very important! If you are focusing on what you don’t have, more of that will come to you. It’s actually more like, the more you focus on something, the more you only SEE THAT and the “stuff” that you DO WANT virtually disappears. “WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, YOU SEE MORE OF”….Think about what you like/love/are passionate about. Keep a gratitude journal and write about those things in there. I promise you, you will start SEEING SHIFTS, BIG and small! Stay with it! Invite your friends to join in! Have fun with it!

Six o'clock tea anyone? In front of Castelo Sao Jorge (St. George's Castle)

EVERYTHING you do is leading you somewhere! EVERYTHING! Most of us want to do what we are SUPPOSED to do AND THEN “when”:

-the bills are paid

-I win the lottery

-I get promoted

-I get in shape

-I get a better job

-The kids are older

-The house is paid down

-I pay off my student loans

-I lose weight

-I pay off my credit cards

-I pay for the kids’ college

-I retire…..

THEN! YES! THEN I WILL be happy and do the things I love!……..Rrrrrrrrrrrrright, like that’s how it works! YOU KNOW that’s now how it works but that is how we think when we fall into that HOLE of DESPAIR, mostly seeing the “empty” of our lives and not the “FULLNESS”! See your passions! Talk about them! Dream about them! Write about them! Seek them out and you will see them EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Weeks go by………(tick tock tick tock) Ok, so I was getting restless. I LOVE being here in Portugal and was having (and am having) a GREAT time! It’s just that I wanted to know about the OWN SHOW contest. The expectation was that we would hear by early June. There had been no further announcements and I just wanted to know either way if I was one of the top 40. Again I decided to LET IT GO. Just TRUST that whatever answer would come would come in the right time and that IN THE NOW I would concentrate on TRULY BEING HERE! SOAKING IT ALL IN! I’m on a budget here but I’m having wonderful fun just seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling the TOTAL EXPERIENCE of BEING in PORTUGAL! The time I stopped writing here was about re-connecting with that!

Well, two days ago I got a call from my studly husband Doug saying that THE OPRAH SHOW had called again! I had put it out of my mind so it totally caught me off guard. The same producer who had called a couple of months ago called again and asked me to send him a new video of the letter I had sent in describing an Oprah episode that had GREATLY helped me from giving up on life when my baby girl Sophia suddenly died in my arms. Each time I tell the story about the show I still cry and get goose bumps. It was VERY powerful show! The producer also said….(drum roll) that Oprah will be watching the clip herself!!!! WOW! NO PRESSURE PEOPLE! He apologized that he needed it by the next day but that he would be editing it. I just needed to send him footage. “PSHAHHHH!!! Not a problem I said hanging up.”

Almost immediately things started going “not as I expected/wished”. It was sooooo much stuff going “wrong” that my (very Catholic) aunt was asking the sky if there was a witch up there. “I certainly hope so,” I responded “because we need all the help we can get!” 😉 The biggest obstacle was the internet connection. My connection was VERY weak and to download each video was going to take almost 9 hours! YIKES! The pressure was building! At first I EFFORTED BIG TIME, but at some point I just LET IT GO, not with frustration but with knowing that I had done the best I could and that my BEST AND HIGHEST GOOD was on its way!


The solution came in the form of a neighbor who heard from another neighbor, who heard from another neighbor who heard from his wife that “D. Olga’s-niece-who-is-visiting-from-America” was having trouble connecting to the internet! IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!! YES IT DOES! The simple solution was that he gave me his security code and I now have a FABULOUS internet connection! With the new connection I was able to send the biggest file in 14 minutes, instead of 9 hours and I can also download my ButterflyMoms blog faster too which means I can write again! YAY!!!!!!!!

I know I wrote a lot today but there are soooo many lessons popping up! Savor your lessons. Most of us get mad at ours but see what happens when you BEFRIEND YOUR LESSONS! They are here to SERVE YOU!

Great big hugs,


PS Oh and the producer also told me that for the Oprah contest they have not picked their final 40 yet. Practice saying this more in your life: “If it serves my best and highest good, then it will happen at the perfect time.” :)!

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  1. How FABULOUS!!!! Lots of white light coming your way from me to you about OPRAH! Denise

  2. wonderful, magical and inspirational, Maria! I love the mantra! Peace!!

  3. Maria,

    I was so happy to read this post. How magical that you are spending the summer in Portugal with your beautiful children.
    Everything that you wrote is so true. My birth father always told me to keep a ‘gratitude journal’. You’ve inspired me to resume that practice. Enjoy the rest of your time in your lovely homeland.
    Big Hugs! Heidi

  4. I love you Mariaaaaaa!

  5. Wow! What an inspirational writer you are. Thanks for sharing and uplifting with your words 🙂

    Letting go can be the hardest thing. Good for you!

  6. It is soooo great to hear from you!!!!!! I am so thrilled that you are back on-line.

    Yes, yes, yes…focus on the present…focus on the now…be grateful.

  7. Great news!

  8. I just could not read this fast enough….. and my head is swimming with the list of people I am sending it to. I love you Mariaaaaa.
    XOXOXO Nancy

  9. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS Maria. I’ve misserd you. XOXO

  10. There was never s doubt in my mind that you would not get there!
    When you dream and believe from the heart….it happens!!!!
    Great job!
    Miss your face!
    Heslth and Happiness,
    Cous aka Michelle!

  11. Congratulations, Maria. You are an inspiration. My intention is that Oprah personally selects your video as one of her favorites!

  12. Thanks for writing again. Your words have been very helpful today. Great work.

  13. Great job, Maria! I hope to see you at the retreat.
    Love ya,


  14. What a beautiful post my friend!

  15. Fantastico! Estas a caminhar em linha recta…Miss
    you all

  16. Maria,
    You rock!! I am PRAYING for you girl!! I know your dream is going to come true!! Continue to enjoy your summer in Portugal – what great memories you are creating for your girls!! Much love, Sarah

  17. Yea- ButterflyMoms is back in full swing!!! Great to hear about your summer fun and Oprah adventure! How are the girls enjoying their new surrounding? Sending you a big hug across the ocean!!!XO

  18. Oprah is gonna Love you! Thanks for posting. Beijinhos!

  19. I second that, Oprah IS going to love YOU!

  20. I so miss and missed you~ I will send as much O’s way as I am able… XOXOXO C

  21. Love it!

    • Thanks beautiful Ana…I did make it! Thanks for the love! :)!

  22. Maria you are an inspiration to all mothers. I can’t wait to see you. Beijos

    • Thank you for supporting me in my dreams beautiful Suzette! YOU ROCK! :)! What a difference a summer makes! 🙂

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  24. How very awesome that I did indeed make it onto The Oprah Winfrey Show!!!! Thank you for all of your good thoughts and love! It truly makes a difference!

    Great big hugs,

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