Posted by: ButterflyMoms | August 8, 2010

End of Summer “BLUES”….YOUR Last SUMMER?

Slidding through Summer

Dear ButterflyMoms,

Yesterday we had almost 200 people alone come read the site, that means about 800 people this week have read BUTTERFLYMOMS! WOW! It is magnificent that we are feeding sooooo many beautiful ButterflyMoms! Thank you for reaching out to your friends and helping them get the stuff that inspires them to life a happier life! YOU ROCK!

Well, today is Sunday, August 8 and we are rounding out the end of summer. Before we get to the end, however, it would be wonderful to take some pause and BRING AWARENESS to YOUR SUMMER. (Take a DEEP BREATH… another. Remember that BREATHING IS FREE and HELPS GROUND YOU MORE THAN ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE. USE WHAT YOU GOT! OFTEN! It can make a HUGE difference in your life!) You have three more weeks of SUMMER. What have you been putting off that will make this one of THE most memorable summers? What if this were your last summer ever? That is where I want you to come from because if you think that this is “just another summer” than you place NO value on it.

Our version of the Von Trapp family summer!

If this were YOUR LAST SUMMER, you have three weeks, what would you do? Now for most of us the answer POPS right in (even if it’s a long answer, the images start showing up for you because you asked and that is how things work in this world) but most of us reject it(the answer) because it is…..

1.  Too hard – Can’t envision it

2.  Not convenient

3.  Impossible  – can’t see how it’s done

4.  Not the right time

5.  Too complicated

6.  Too expensive

7. (Write your own here if you wish)

Outdoor cafe in Portugal 🙂 HEAVEN

Think of this exercise as mirroring what you do in most areas of your precious life, and by following this path of behavior it oftentimes keeps you stuck. You have indeed been ASKING many of  THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, the challenge has been the way you are processing the ALLOWING what feels good, into your life. Your brain is blocking your intuition from speaking to you. Your INTUITION is the VOICE OF YOUR SOUL. Remember there is no JUDGING here. Judging just focuses your energy on what you DON’T WANT. Bring AWARENESS into the situation. If you are BLOCKING YOURSELF simply notice it. Just ask, “ARE THOSE THE RESULTS I WANT?” No judging.

Let me give you an example. A friend of mine is a single mom of three kids. She was dating a man who was UNAVAILABLE. There was lots of drama (which simply means she was GIVING LOTS OF ENERGY but not RECEIVING ENERGY) but this is what she allowed because she was afraid to be alone. (It’s the ole,  “somethin’ is better than nothin’.”) Again, this is not “GOOD” or “BAD”. It is about CHOICE about what you want your life to look like. Ask yourself if that is the life you CHOOSE to live. If it is continue. If it is not, then SHIFT in whatever way gives you the ENERGY CHOICES you want. The more you create situations in your life that FEED YOUR SOUL, the more energy you have to listen to your soul and CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. And just so we are clear. This is NOT an EXTRA exercise to add to your life. You have always been creating your life….you have just been doing it without AWARENESS.

Forming Childhood Memories of Summer Fun

Add AWARENESS and you will be amazed at how easy it is for your life to start SHIFTING INTO THE HAPPY YOU! It is THE best recipe you could ever “MAKE”! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DEEP BREATH!) Grab your journal or a piece of paper and start writing/drawing/doodling YOUR ANSWERS for what would make this one of THE most memorable summers for YOU? Take the judgements and obstacles out, let your soul in. In the movie, The Lion King, the wise Rafiki (means “friend” in Swahili) says, “IT IS TIME.” If you are reading this blog, if out of all that you could be doing or reading you are here RIGHT NOW reading this information, for you, dear ButterflyMom, IT IS TIME! The universe is always communicating with us. Grab a pen now and let the child in you help guide you to your life of purpose. Remember to share what you find with us. Every little building or stumbling block is part of the journey! Be kind. Have fun. Start now! GO!

Great big hugs,



PS Here is the link to send to your friends, give them a dinner party for the soul! MWAH!


  1. Your right, it IS time. Great writing.

  2. My daydream (visualization) involved a plentiful, yet simple picnic spread… out on a blanket, in mild summer weather… the breeze rustling through the leaves.

    Our weather has been stuck in the 90s and 100s – making this daydream impossible. Which is when I realized I was homesick for new england.

    At first, I was thinking what a dumb thing – a picnic – to make this the best summer ever. But then I realized it wasn’t about the picnic as much as the feeling and where it was. Interesting!


    • Notice how your brain jumped right in there and JUDGED the “picnic”. In this case it led you to a different truth – that it was more than the picnic but still. Be aware of how kind you are to yourself.

    • How are you feeling about this NOW?

  3. Thank you for inspiring me to leave the suburbs and take my two boys on an adventure into the city! Fabulous post.

    • WOW ANNIE! That is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome that you did that!!!! How did it feel to you? to your boys?

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