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Dearest ButterflyMoms,

WOW! WOW! WOW! Yesterday was another day of OVER 200 ButterflyMoms coming to partake in our wonderful feast of words for your soul! We are close to 1500 for the week y’all! WOW! THAT BREAKS ALL OUR PRIOR RECORDS! LEAVES THEM IN THE DUST! WHEW WHO!!! Energetically this is such a glorious thing because the more people come the more we help shift our world into a better place! YAY! Thank you for ALL YOU do to help spread the word about ButterflyMoms! It makes me tear up writing this because I’m sooooo humbled (and delighted) that I get to serve in this VERY magical way! Since my mission is to be the FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLE’S SOULS, I want to see you find your true self which is the only way to see you truly happy! It fuels my writing to know that my words can help feed your soul. WOW!

If you find ButterflyMoms useful leave your comments below, tell your friends and join our group on Facebook (Butterfly Moms) or Twitter (mybutterflymoms). It helps motivate my writing so that I channel source energy from a purer place. The more you show up the stronger the “signal”. It’s like we all have antennas and the more of us that SHOW UP, the better the signal, the better reception we all get! YAY! TRUE WIN-WIN!!!!!!!!

It’s a wonderful ride and I’m honored that we are all sharing in it together. Feel free to post your questions and topics too! The more feedback, the more we get to the heart of the matter….NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!

Look on the INSIDE....that is WHERE YOU will find YOUR "HAPPY"!


Most of us who are experiencing the incredible journey of being a HUMAN BEING realize somewhere along the way that they have lost track of WHO THEY REALLY ARE. The breadcrumbs you left to mark the trail have long been eaten. Many of us feel lost. We try “this” and then “that” and then more of “this”, but that deep, uncomfortable empty hole at our core only wants one thing, the “missing” piece that COMPLETES you! (Makes me think of the movie JERRY MAGUIRE when he says, “YOU COMPLETE ME.” Really he should have been talking to a mirror because that is the only way you are truly completed….but I digress 😉 )

Regardless of where you are (or where you think you are not) in your life, you can “find” this piece BECAUSE this piece never left you. YUP! Read that again, this “piece” which is really just the “COMPLETE” YOU NEVER LEFT! The TRUE YOU has ALWAYS been there. The LIE is that “IT” is outside you, that you need to go find, buy, be more, look, learn, think, plan, steal, study, negotiate, barter, sacrifice, trick, work harder, etc. POPPYCOCK! You will find millions of people who have failed to find themselves because they were looking in the WRONG DIRECTION. They were looking for answers on the OUTSIDE instead of INSIDE. (DEEP BREATH HERE – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ON THE INSIDE, YESSSSS! THE ANSWERS ARE ON THE INSIDE!!!! DEEP BREATH AGAIN! – in tomorrow’s blog you will know why! 😉 )

So when you watch, The Princess Bride (one of my fav movies) and you hear the following dialogue you will have a different perspective now 😉

Buttercup: You mock my pain!
Westley: Life is pain! Anyone who says different is trying to sell you something.

SIDENOTE: Reading about history especially from many different sources helps us see why things are the way they are today. Treat yourself by going to the library or going online and reading about something that interests you. Let your intuition guide you. You will find information that will help you unlock what you could not unlock without more information. Have fun, be open minded and let go of expectations. What happens then is a trip!!!! (and no airplane needed….unless that is what you desire, of course!)


Ok, but why and how did it “de-evolve” that way? In the book THE SECRET they shared ONE of the universal laws that can help you get to happiness, the law of attraction. In the movie/book they talk about how some people trying to keep this particular universal law a secret so that could control others and basically get their money. That is how it was for a long time. In the Catholic Church, for example, they set up rules where THE ONLY WAY to CONNECT to “God” was to go through the church itself. They made laws/rules of what “sins” were and if you committed them you had to PAY, literally pay money. On one of my amazing tours of Rome I found out that noblemen and those with wealth would even PRE-PAY for sins they knew they were going to commit so they did not have to bother doing it after! HELLO? WHAT?!  

The masses for thousands of years were living at the level of chakra one where it is all about basic survival and tribal mentality. You learned how to be from watching your parents and they learned from watching their parents and so on and so on. Under these conditions it is very easy to control people with FEAR, even just the hint of it.

The world before the Christians came was pagan. I know that word, “pagan” scares a lot of people but if you study the history there was a time when Christianity did not exist and people honored the simple things around them like the moon, the earth, the ocean, the seasons. In a way we are coming back to that same basic way of living again. Many of us now realize that we have a DIRECT CONNECTION to source, whether you call yours God, Earth Mother, Allah, Buddah, Christ, Goddess, Shiva,….it does not matter. What matters is that YOU CONNECT to YOUR SOURCE for that is where YOUR INSPIRATION comes from! (DEEP BREATH and read that last line over again.)

Tomorrow we will talk about INSPIRATION and how you can better connect to that part of you that has been invisible! GOOD STUFF ALL FOR YOU and YOUR AWESOME SOUL!!!!!!

Great big hugs,


PS  Gentle reminder to write in your gratitude journal today because it FEELS GOOD! Over time you can go back and read some of your entries and that will also give you more energy to uncover YOU! You can also feel free to what you are grateful for here in the comment section below.


  1. Thanks for writing. Looking forward to tomorrows.

  2. My husband just saw me reading your post for today and said “are you enjoying your daily dose of guilty pleasure?” Well yes I am. Actually he was just playing around with me because he himself is one of the most positive people I have ever met. If you ask him how he is he responds “if I were any better, I’d be twins!”

    I very recently found your blog and love it! Thank you for all the positive energy you send out through your writing. By the way, I live in Holliston so I hope to meet you in person some time soon! Peace, Lori

    • Thanks beautiful Lori for reaching out! It’s comments like yours that help motivate me and others! NICE JOB raising the energy bar my dear! YAY LORI!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to come back and write something any time you wish! I love reading what you wrote too!

  3. Loved reading you blog. You really give a person inspiration! I will definately be reading your blogs from now on. Thanks Maria you are one in a million.

    • Everyone you meet beautiful Vina is a reflection of you so all those words you wrote are about you! Isn’t that cool?! Makes you not want to have a fight with anyone, eh?! 😉 Please keep writing your comments. It helps motivate me and the other ButtterflyMoms out there to truly CONNECT! Beijinhos!

  4. Maria, I just recently started reading your truly amazing words. I found you via a mutual friend (Big Al…need I say more!) After a few rough years, I’m finally digging out and finding myself again. I know all I’ve thought I was missing is within me…just been having trouble digging it back out. You are an inspiration, and I really enjoying reading what you have to say. Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

  5. Aaaahhhh…you bring up such an important topic today. We spend so much time trying to set up our outer world in a way that will bring a sense of wholeness and joy to our inner world. But we have it backwards!!!!! We must first connect to who we are inside, to our inner world, to our core values and what makes us who we are, and then we are to align our outer world to support our inner world – and THEN we will find that sense of oneness, joy, “wholeness”! I LOVE this journey called life and all that it teaches us! Love you Mariaaaaa!!!!!

  6. I have the same sentiments as Joanne who wrote above me.

    Find that one thing that inspires you everyday and you are on your way!

    Love you too, Mariaaaa!

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