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I’m trying not to start off saying “WOW!”again but YOU have been SOOOOOOOO AMAZING that I just can’t stand it….(so I’m writing this sitting down! 😉 ) Yesterday was AGAIN another day that 200 people came to feed their souls at OUR BUTTERFLYMOMS blog buffet!!! YAY!!!!! The feedback that I’m getting is that those who come LOVE it, it’s just a matter of getting people to CUT THROUGH the “NOISE”, “SHOULDs” and “HAVE TOs” of their day long enough to CONNECT HERE to the ButterflyMoms blog.

I ask that you leave comments at the end of the blog because otherwise it’s like I’m writing in the dark. It sometimes takes hours to write them and with a 2, 4, 6 and 15 year old in tow that is a lot of fending off. Your comments really help me so please reach out so we can complete the energetic circle of light that has been created! And a little AWARENESS INTUITION that just came up for me…. If you are not connecting by writing in something that feeds your soul, than most likely you are also not connecting to the things in your life that FEED YOU or CONNECT YOU. No judgment – just think about it and see how that FEELS FOR YOU. We live in a “feeling universe” but in a “cover-up-your-true-feelings society”. I’m learning more and more HOW to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE THE FEELING UNIVERSE! 😉

My mom with her two oldest, me and my brother João in Hudson, MA about a year after we immigrated to the States 🙂

So, yesterday’s blog felt AWESOME to write and then I hit a bunch of “technical difficulties beyond my control” and POOF three hours went by! YIKES! Ok, so today let’s see it we can get a good flow going energetically all the way around. That is my intention! I’m proceeding with gusto! 🙂

The word that kept coming up for me yesterday (and that I promised to write about today at the end of yesterday’s blog) is INSPIRATION. It is SUCH A POWERFUL WORD! I took the liberty of looking it up for us. The word, or some form of it, is at least over a thousand years old….think about that for a second. The fact that human beings have been saying it for that long is amazing. There are many definitions and word derivations that are interesting so I’ve include two of them below for you to explore, if you wish. Being CURIOUS and EXPLORING are forms of PLAYING!!! If you want to get jiggy with it knock yourself out (translation, if you want to play with the info have at it)….

Lucia Zambrini “The word comes from Late Latin ispiratio, -onis (Late Latin started approximately in the third century; before that Latin used words such as inflatus or instinctus in their metaphorical meanings to express the concept of inspiration). In its turn this word derives from the past participle of the verb inspirare, «to blow into or upon; to breath into» formed by the verb spirare «to breath» with probably an onomatopeic origin, and the preposition in, that in composition, connected with a verb of motion, conveys the idea of motion, direction, or inclination into or to a place or a thing. In 1308 Dante used the variant inspirazione referring to suggestion, prompting; by 1560 it also meant creative power. ”

Encarta World Dictionary Inspire—[14th century. Via Old French enspirer, from Latin inspirare, from spirare, ‘to breathe’ (source of English SPIRIT).”


My favorite translation from all that I read about the word INSPIRATION is how Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite people on this planet, describes it, TO BE IN SPIRIT, CONNECTED TO YOUR SOURCE. So when we say someone or something is “INSPIRING”, what that means is that they help YOU by connecting to the BEST and HIGHEST part of you. When I do energy healings on people, I let them know when we first meet that there is one VERY important point to remember, that I’m not “doing” the healing. Contrary to popular belief, NO ONE CAN HEAL YOU. NO ONE has that power over you! YUP, it’s “twoo”! It’s a version of “you can lead a horse to water, BUT….” The lesson is in the “BUT” part of that equation. I’m just simply bringing that person energy to areas that are not “FULL”. I am offering his/her body the chance to take it in, if that is what it chooses. That is the good news and bad news. You are in control of you, YOU HAVE THE POWER. With great power comes great responsibility! There is no one else to BLAME for your life. Not the father who abused you, not the guy who killed your child, not the mother who did not love you, not the boss who abuses you. It is your life and all these things are there as feedback for how you are feeling inside. It is about AWARENESS but most of us make it about SELF-WORTH. YOU ARE FROM SOURCE. I AM FROM SOURCE. EVERYONE YOU KNOW IS FROM SOURCE. You are always safe! I need to devote more time to this subject and today is not that day. Know that this information is all being shared with you because you are ready to start processing it. If a piece is too big, take it out, cut it into smaller pieces and try again, that is all part of the journey! Enjoy it!

This belief that we have CHOICE is a hard concept for some to get because we, as people, have for many, many, many, many generations bought into the SAVE AND BLAME GAME: He did this to her so then she did that to them so they did the other to him…….and so on. We have long bought into the “someone” is going to come and “save” me. Not to get on the Christian train like yesterday but it looks like my intuition just bought a ticket so pack your bags y’all we are going on this ride! 😉 One of the basic premises of Christianity is that Jesus will come again to save us all. As children our “PRINCE” in shining armor is going to come to our emotional rescue. (Thanks to Mick Jagger for his contribution to today’s BFM blog). In politics we pick people to “lead” and sometimes even “save” us. Once we find that person we (as a society) CHECK OUT. People who don’t check out and start asking for ACCOUNTABILITY are attacked because those who are not open to AWARENESS cannot “see” why someone else would “cause trouble”. Because they don’t understand, they attack what is not in ALIGNMENT with where they are in their journey. It’s as simple as if they knew better they would do better, even with something like this.

Me and my two oldest, Christophino and Mialottie-Ishkabootie in Porto Portugal

Once people have their leader picked out (whether they like person or not) most people then to check out and don’t check in again. This is a “dangerous” aspect of human beings because oftentimes their level of AWARENESS is off and things have to get to some very dark places for AWARENESS to be turned back on! EVERYTHING in NATURE is based on accountability. Let me repeat that again, EVERYTHING IN NATURE IS BASED ON ACCOUNTABILITY, EVERYTHING! Anything that does not have accountability goes haywire. If too many lions are born and there is not enough food then they don’t reproduce and/or some die. There are endless examples of how nature has accountability because NATURE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE. EVERY ACTION/EVENT REVERBERATES throughout everything around it in perfect balance. There is NO action that happens in a vacuum. We as humans seem to forget that, especially when the action in question 1. Inconveniences us.   2. Involves money or more money than we wanted to spend. (DEEP BREATH. AGAIN.) We are not here to judge or fix right now. We are building up our AWARENESS muscles. AWARENESS WILL SET YOU FREE!

We are hitting upon a time in our history where we have taken what is and put together combination of chemicals that separately are harmless but together create a consequence that the human mind cannot possibly think through. My beautiful husband Douglas told me the other day that EVERY piece of plastic that was EVER made that has not been burned is still somewhere on the planet. EVERY plastic bag, Tupperware our moms had, toys from cereal boxes, EVERYTHING. WOW! (Bring BREATH. BRING AWARENESS.) In the movie, ALIENS (the 2nd one 😉 ), Ripley, the strong main character, who just happens to be a woman! YAY!!!!, comments about the “aliens” to the Burke, the character who represents runaway capitalism…

Aliens Poster

Burke: This is so nuts. I mean, listen – listen to what you’re saying. It’s paranoid delusion. How – It’s really sad. It’s pathetic.
Ripley: You know, Burke…You don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.

When Burke gets confronted (the light shines on him) he begins to attack the source of light because he is out of alignment with Ripley’s truths. His alignment is with money. Alignment to JUST money brings forth un-alignment with other areas in your life. Ripley is speaking from an authentic place, so she is invincible, even if everyone around her had not been on her side. Initially, the others were not on her side but their AWARENESS GREW and once the lights were on, it was all over for darkness/un-alignment.

I lived in NYC when I was a flight attendant (yes I’ve lived many lifetimes in this one! 😉 I shared a one bedroom flat with thirteen other flight attendants (we were never all there at the same time ;). (Too bad they did not have reality TV back then! ;)!) Like many people in NY we had cockroaches. What I learned is that cockroaches don’t like the light. If they are in the dark they thrive, the second you add light they disperse. Think of this when you are confronted with darkness and you will get to a point that even when you are meditating in the dark there is a light, a light that has always been there but you had not noticed, these are some of the gifts that AWARENESS brings us!

I could keep writing all day so I will continue on this subject tomorrow. Come back for you daily dose of food for your beautiful SOUL!

Adeus my BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLYMOMS!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Great big hugs,


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  1. Awareness and 100% Responsibility for ourselves – it is empowering!!!!!

  2. Hey there- great read- you are inspiring me to add to my blog too. I feel guilty not adding content as often as I could because of work, toddler, work, cleaning. OK, running after the toddler part I don’t feel that guilty:)
    But I am writing a good to-do list and adding more blog content, more jewelry made in new colors and maybe even a walk in the park! Thanks!

    Have a great summer

  3. Your blog reminds me so much of the book I’m reading now. I bought a year ago, but am just now reading it. “Eat, pray, love”. The book is so much about self searching. If you have not read it, I recommend it.

  4. Comment comment comment! 🙂 Very true topic there, Miss Thang. Thanks for bringing it up and out for us to think about.

    I can’t wait until we’re neighbors! It’s going to be wonderful. And it’s through my awareness that I got there, you know!

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