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View of Lisboa, Portugal


As we are nearing the summer my heart is filled with deep gratitude. For me, it has been an incredible summer of letting go, working through stuff I thought I had to hold on to and making room for how amazing can fit into my life. It has been a summer of Awareness and Connection! I have done more opening up and less judging myself/others, thus I’ve been flooded with “new” energy. (It is actually MY energy that I was putting into places I did not want to “grow” but it had become a habit. I saw it and called my energy back to me. YAY!)

In the last three months my life has totally opened up! It started with…I don’t even really remember exactly because I’m soooooo “swimming” IN THE “NOW”. All I know is I finished my first year of Energy Medicine, got a spectacular life coach, started a success team and was asked to start writing in the ButterflyMoms blog 15 minutes a day…the simmering (all loose ends with no common connection). Then out of the blue my brother Pedro and his wife Beth who had JUST moved to Chicago (aka OPRAH’s TOWN) asked me to be a Godmother to little Kaia. While there, I went to the Oprah Studios (on my birthday 🙂 ) and “it” ALL clicked something spiritually for me. I had been working on a bunch of stuff separately but it was at that point I could TASTE MY DREAM. I let go of the guards that pulled me back whenever I wanted to say to people, “I am a best-selling author.” “I am the fire that ignites people’s souls!” “I am on the Oprah Show.” “I AM the change I want to see.” Those guards have become very small this summer. I have taken much of my power back…and by doing so attracted some incredible SHIFT in these last three months.

Famous Portuguese Icon....Fernando Pessoa

That is when THE OPRAH SHOW called and said they were interested in hearing more about something I sent in. That is when seven friends emailed me the link to the contest to have your own talk show (and by putting my fears aside we all got almost a dozen newspaper articles and over 30,000 votes in 11 days)! That is when THE OPRAH SHOW called again in Portugal and asked me for more video footage and said that OPRAH herself with other top producers would be watching it. That is when ButterflyMom’s blog  audience grew to over 200 a day average.

Yesterday we celebrated getting 500 ButterflyMoms as members of our Facebook group! The touching emails I get from Moms (and Dads) who read our blog and whose lives have shifted because we are all connected to this amazing, fun adventure called BUTTERFLYMOMS!!! It’s ALL sooooooooo sooooooooo sooooooooo amazing!

The latest amazing SHIFT is that after twenty years of wanting to write a book, just yesterday, something literally fell into my lap! It came sooooo suddenly that I almost did not see it for what it was! Through a contact I used to know in San Francisco, I’ve been asked to do co-author a book on being a Mompreneur, one of my very favorite (and core) subjects!!!! Many years ago I worked with Jack Canfield helping him edit his Chicken Soup for the Soul books and his book The Aladdin Factor (I’m actually in the acknowledgement list in that one 😉 ) Now this book is similar just a different publisher, who I knew a long time ago when I lived in beautiful San Francisco, just that 20 moms will be each writing a chapter. When the publisher found out that I was interested in the project she made an exception and now there are 21 authors for that book! How cool is that?! (It looks absolutely amazing by the way! Really high integrity factor going on here!)

At the Oceanario in Lisboa....Spectacular!

And just like that I’m going to have a published book! I AM AN AUTHOR!!!!!!!! BOOM! It did not look like I thought it would but letting go of the LAND OF SHOULD is part of the process. It evokes the GO WITH THE FLOW clause 😉 It will be coming out at the end of January! BOOM!

Gentle reminder, dear ButterflyMoms, that if you are reading this YOU are a part of this story! You are a part of the magic. If you are hearing/feeling/seeing/reading this then you can do the same thing. It is not “LUCK” it is all about ENERGY and calling yours back! I’m thinking about doing a workshop about this topic this fall. If many are interested I might even do it via phone. Speak out if you want to get some help with you shift…I did not do it alone and you don’t have to either! :)!

Great big hugs,



ButterflyMoms Founder….thank you beautiful Sophia!


PPS Feel FREE to share the love…


  1. Great Maria, I’m sooo happy for you. You deserve to have your dreams come true! I can’t wait to read the book. I will be one of the 1st to be out there to purchase it as soon as its out. CONGRAD’s MARIAAAAA!!!!

  2. Way to go Maria!!!!!
    I learn something new bout you all the time!
    I have done webinars with Jack Cantfield….great wisdom!!! He didn’t reach his goals in the beginning, but he did not let that stop him!
    I is all about never giving up!!!!
    I started going after my dream of helping the school lunches…along with growing Pure Intentions and continuing my studies….. i hope i can do it all…i know i can!

  3. YEAHHHHHHH – I am so excited for you and so inspired by you! YES – I would love to be a part of a class you do in the fall! You inspire so many of us, thank you for that!!!!!


  4. Count me in for your class. Can’t wait. I also know of an amazing location for it, and you know exactly where…

  5. Wonderful news, Mariaaaaa! You continue to be an inspiration!

  6. I want to be a part of the class toooooooo!!

  7. I’m very happy for you Maria. The Butterfly is such an appropriate symbol for a soul, such as yours, who is developing a deeper sense of spirituality, self, sharing and love.

    It’s been said that the little children will bring us to God.

    As Mothers, we are GIVEN THE GIFT of being able to fully love our children and also be taught through everyday experiences by our children.

    We learn to be the soft shoulder, the hugger, the feeder, the wiper of all things, the encourager, the discliplinarian and the one who sets our own Little Butterflies free to learn as we are learning even now.

    I’m now 55 years young. I’ve been very fortunate to be the Mother of five – now grown – children. I still learn from them each time I’m lucky enough to encounter them.

    I become more humble each day that I’m here and very grateful for the Loving Creator that has allowed me to develop my soul through my Motherhood.

    Continued success to you Maria – your children and Doug are your most valuable gifts.

  8. Maria,

    You are such an inspiration. I have really enjoyed these blogs–I have felt like I am on your exciting life adventure, right by your side this whole summer.

    Much love,


  9. Congratulations on the book!

    • Thanks for reaching out beautiful Susannah! I really appreciate it!

  10. 😉 proud of you Babe, lets have tea when you get home, can’t wait to hear all about your journey.

    • Sending you lots of love as you transition back to the States! DEFINITELY TEA!

      • Hello my favorite author!
        Thank you very much! get to the soul and the heart to a unit that I’d like. My inspiration has to let you be my wonderful author of the beautiful butterfly mom. I find that world class.

        Please do not faint remembrance of me and I am an important part of the spiritual magic. Magic …
        I hear, feel, see and try to follow step by step trains your mind. Only there is a dear little difference between us I do not have that particular word game and have to write my thoughts down constantly.
        That you can really good.
        I can do the same in my visual art and allow my mind to go and play in the higher self and to draw from there the spirtuelle force. To visualize art.
        All visual to scribble on paper and then move into the third dimension. Is it class.
        Destiny has led us both together. Author of a book outlining his ideas in words. An artist and mother of two sweet girl tries to represent all things visually so that the viewer gets a new awareness in everyday life. Of course, I also try to show reality in my art tie.

        A grand meeting together between the arts and literature.
        I love you baby.

  11. I’m so excited for you in the present and for the future. You’re always so full of positive energy that it bares to say like attracts like.

    Positive attracts the positive so keep on keepin’ on! You have a whole network of people who love and admire you, and we will cheer you on your journey as you cheer us on in ours.


  12. I don’t know what to say Maria. Don’t change stick with it. You have everyone’s support, you are a true inspirational guide and I love you my dear friend! Janelle

  13. I want to be part of your workshop. Count me in

  14. Congratulations! You contain everything you need for joy within you. I’m glad to see you’re unpacking it!

  15. Love it!!!

  16. I love everything about it…un bacio

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