Posted by: ButterflyMoms | September 20, 2010

The Journey Continues In a Different Way…

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I have missed writing to you! “Lots” has been going on, as usual ;). First, about the walk because so many of you have been asking. The walk is off for now because my contact at the Oprah Show said it would look like it was a gimmick. He said it would be like soiling Sophia’s name in their eyes. That was THE furthest thing from my intention. It broke my heart because I was so looking forward to the whole process.


Sometimes in life it’s important to pay attention to the information you are getting. I am listening more and more. I am letting it go, putting aside what people think and enjoying where I am right now. “Right now” (for me) involves being present to my children and husband, paying attention to my clients at Brick House Realty, finding fun ways to teach Portuguese to the kids at the Hudson Portuguese Club and getting back to writing for ButterflyMoms…..oh, and of course, pay attention to me and how I am doing and feeling.


Make sure that you are always at or near the top of your list. It is a VITAL part of the formula, and one of THE most forgotten ingredients!

Be kind to yourself today. What do you love about YOU? What do you love about your life? Write it down. Breathe it in. Smile about it. Breathe it in again, and again. Swim in the joy of being you and watch how cool life can get.

Sending you great big luscious hugs, (Ya, you heard me, LUSCIOUS!) 😉





  1. Keep on smiling and being you! With or without the walk your passion is incredible.

    Now, thanks to your inspiration, I’m off to enjoy where I am “right now” and to find presence in this life.

  2. Maria,
    It is so nice to hear those words…The more i read your wall and your blogs…,,the more i know your on the right path !! So Many times people forget to look inside ones self !! Thank you for the inspirational words !!

    Kiss and hugs to you and your family

    I hope this little note finds you well

  3. I am almost roflol my sweetie pie! Since yesterday afternoon I have been asking my self if I can be more aware of my happiness in every moment. I know it’s there but being aware is better! I am going to do it by using your precious words. Thank you Maria. kiss kiss kiss

  4. Hey Beautiful Maria,
    Thanks for sharing ALL of the parts of YOU. I was thinking…butterflies don’t walk they FLY. And you, dear Maria, help us all to soar and fly by sharing, feeding souls and spirits.
    Love you.

  5. Trust that your dream of the Oprah show will happen when the time is right! Maybe you need to try to get an audience ticket somehow for this last season. The contact you have may be able to arrange that. It’s a step closer. You can look them in the eyes and magic will happen. Thanks for letting me share in your journey and CHEER you on!
    🙂 April Bradt (aka Esperanca’s soul sister)

  6. Amore mio. I thank you most sincerely for this most beautiful gift in the world. And embrace you tightly. I’m speechless. I have read. I am as excited as a little girl standing in front of a Christmas tree and got lost in the beautiful world. I feel just like this little girl. So much good and beautiful all at once. Amore mio you’re a fantastic artist of the letter in each area. I love you. My mind can not absorb much more beautiful at once. I need your time to the feelings of recording process … Your Beautiful ButterflyMoms (Bestsellers)
    … For the good side must try to explain to me, but how is this going?
    to describe the beautify the words fail me. maybe … if … you’re the best I ever saw, the best that ever happened to me, the most wonderful I ever know just incredibly wonderful that I got to know you.
    your unique smile – my darling, my darling my everything. you are like a gentle wind of spring, as warm drizzle on the skin as the delicate rays of sunlight in the neck. you are so sweet unique gorgeous, incredibly tender and gentle in your think and act and feel to me that I my eyes off of you can not.

    the most beautiful smile in the world I saw in you. einfühlsahme your soul is like balm for my open wounds. you give me breath with a single breath and live a give me hope and trust in a life that seemed so lonely to me before. is up to me to have the greatest gift you could give me. you gave me courage and strength, you Hiel hold of me and gave me the security I needed for this I am eternally grateful to you, I can now stand on my own feet and can go my own way, and he’s right, a path which is good.
    show – a path on which you hand me in the – created with love .- two people, this is the truth:

    1. OH YES! Amore mio. This is magic and it is in the air!
    The moment is a condition of a gift from heaven, and additionally was of my being. Simply fantastic.

    2. I love these magical places like Vermont “title: my first Goddess at the weekend”
    It sounds very tempting and I want it and can all enjoy.

    3. I also love the passion in every way and do things that fill me, the emotions felt in every minute.

    4. My nature of the fire that ignites the souls of the people and attracts. This is some strength that has developed over time.

    5. I look at the next Friday for our next ButterflyMoms Update! I want to. Amore mio. I want to be a witness of the birth of ButterflyMoms Healing Co-op/Center. It is an honor for me to be a part of this great dream! We are a unit I ever wanted. Only together we are mighty! I love you and your Spiritual, sensual thought paths.

    amore mio un bacio nell vento ….@@

    Ps: The Beautiful ButterflyMoms blog is so great and I have to read it several times. I will list all fill with peace. Buyer madness book in January. woow I love you.
    The love of my life …

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