Posted by: ButterflyMoms | September 24, 2010

What is “Working” In Your Life?

What is “Working” In Your Life?

Life offers full spectrum living! There are 360 degrees worth of options, like a huge circle worth of living. Everyone has those 360 degrees. Your life right now is based on what section of those degrees you CHOOSE to live in. I use that word “CHOOSE” because right now many of us are on automatic pilot with our lives and we don’t even realize it because we are making choices but they are within the small section we live in. So instead of living in the 360 degrees we are living in only 90 or 40 or even 10 degrees. How does this happen?

Most of us were “taught” from our family that the world consists only of one small sliver of that pie. We have very rarely questioned that world because everyone around us SEEMS to be living in that section too. We see that there are people outside that section, who live vastly different lives but we say they do that BECAUSE…..BECAUSE they had different circumstances, talents, support, abilities. “If I only won the lottery,” we say to ourselves that would solve everything. (Funny thing is that most of us who say this don’t even play the lottery! 😉 )

Today’s ButterflyMoms blog is a gentle reminder that will rock your world in the most wonderful way. You don’t need to win the freakin’ lottery because, baby, YOU are the lottery. For some of us just knowing that there is another huge section of the pie that we are not living in is enough for now. If that is the case then “swim” in that possibility that there is a huge, wonderful world that you shut yourself off to by habit but by doing so you have also cut out your connection with joy, ability and possibility. Ok, that was a bit too spiritual even for me so let me simplify. You have the wonderful gift of a whole full spectrum life, all 360 degrees already with you. You just were not given the “permission” to play with them until now.

You have just stepped into AWARENESS! Congratulations! The world will never be the same again…(enter evil laugh) 😉 Actually if you are feeling a little fear that is awesome because that shows you how over-protective your brain/mind have been all these years. We are just talking about a concept here not going to the moon…you see? Go with the feeling. Don’t squish feelings. Let it speak to you just as you do little children. Sometimes what they have to say is actually VERY important information but you have to be willing to give value to them without being consumed by it.

Bottom line is that we are SOULS who are having a BODY EXPERIENCE. For some reason when we enter planet earth (especially in America) many of us seem to think that if we IGNORE the soul side than we will live forever! So this becomes our pattern for dealing with things…..we ignore and hope it will go away. How’s that workin’ for ya?

Great big hugs,



My goal is to write every Friday (at least). I have found that now that we are back to school mode I need to carve out time to write and Friday mornings are the time I will dedicate to ButterflyMoms all over the world just like you! LOVE YOU! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!


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