Posted by: ButterflyMoms | October 8, 2010

Trading Grace For “That”…

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I’m thrilled that my second year of my energy medicine school starts next week! There is a LOT of reading involved in the course which makes it even more powerful. One of the required readings is work by the incredible Byron Katie. In case you have not heard of her she is amazing. Her work is based on four simple questions she calls THE WORK. At first it seems too simple but it is incredibly POWERFUL!

One of my mentors, the beautiful Kathryn Prum from Simmons College School of Management first introduced me to her but I was not open to really hearing the message (back in the late 1900’s 😉 ) Last year I ran across Katie’s work again, this time on YouTube, so I decided to try something interesting. While I was cleaning out my basement I took down my laptop and played motivational YouTube videos. (I love using technology for spiritual growth like here! LOVE IT!) Katie has a lot of good ones. I have been studying “self-help/motivational” materials for a VERY long time and she is some of the best because it is so simple yet incredibly deep.

Because I know we all lead FULL lives, I’m including a FREE video from YouTube here for you to see what I mean about her work. She has a lot online that are free and they are all good but for today this one is the best for us right now because it is SUCH a serious topic.

In this one she does not CLEARLY state the four questions but you see the results. There are 3 parts. I had only listened to the first one until today. The first video is enough but you also can give yourself the gift of the others if you wish. They will most definitely help you feed your ButterflyMoms soul by making room in your life for your mind to stop being so “dramatic”.

Our minds are mostly about fear and doing this work allows your mind to serve you instead of being the one to guide you into a life of fear. This is the most perfect example for that…..I hope you grab your most favorite hot beverage and listen to this…

Great big hugs my loves!



PS Still don’t have my computer after a week so much of my technology is slowed down. No photos again this week. Sorry about that. Thanks for bearign with me. As always please keep reminding your friends to read ButterflyMoms. We are shifting the energy on this planet into a planet of Grace and Love….You are a part of this fun movement! YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now tell your friends!


Talk to you again next Friday!


  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    Another one to follow along these lines would be Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

    90% of what we fear never happens. Here’s another link:

    Have a beautiful day!

  2. just wanted to let you know i read your post. can’t write more because my computer is gonna go out in a sec!
    Have a good week,

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