Posted by: ButterflyMoms | October 29, 2010

Life has a “funny” way of feeding your soul….especially when you least expect it!

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

I feel compelled to start today’s blog with a cute give-us-perspective story. It’s a total mommy story! I put my two youngest in the bathtub and as I got to the doorway of the bathroom and slipped on something wet on the floor. My youngest started giggling. When I took off her diaper off earlier Isabella went to the corner and peed there! (sigh) Only with our kids can we start giggling together over almost breaking my neck by slipping on urine!!! It’s all about how you look at the situation, don’t cha think? 😉

We are all full into fall and that what I’m noticing is that we are deep into “BUSY”.  For me at least my heart cries out for things I want to do. Some of the things that have popped up are, wanting to go to visit a museum, wanting to hang out with heart friends or even getting a massage. As summer ends we enter the hustle and bustle of autumn’s ushering the new school year. We begin to mindlessly “fall” into schedules, feeding our souls less. It gets darker. Might be Mother Earth telling us to sleep more but instead, for me, at least, I’m sleeping less. Pushing the envelope more and more.  Fighting the “tired” feeling because I feel like after my kids go to bed if I go too all I have left is my never ending to do list. I stay up and watch a movie or read or eat….oh, who am I kidding, it’s not “or eat”, it’s “and eat”. I feel empty in many ways as a person because I have fallen into that whole again. You know the one. It’s the one you have fallen into, especially as a Mom, a million times and you still “go there” even when you realize what it does to you and your family. (deep breath – “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”)

We tend to categorize our lives as either a success or failure. Most of us think it’s all going well or totally sucks. Very few of us stay even on that. Just as I thought things were “sucking” I noticed the universe sent me some wonderful angels. I’d like to share three interactions that touched my heart this week.

I had a showing to do for my company Brick House Realty in Marlborough, MA and on my way home I go through Southborough. There is a little playground by the water I always pass but have never stopped at. Well, I had my too youngest with me (my bathtub babes from the story above 😉 and since it was soooooooo unseasonably warm I thought it would be awesome to let them run free! It also took me back to our summer when we went to the park almost EVERY day and how we had gotten away from that  back here stateside. I met the most AMAZING woman. Her name is Suzanne and she lives in Ashland. She had had a similar calling to the park as I had. We hit it off like fireworks. It felt sooooo sensational to connect with her. I started speaking to her about Sophia and she listen with an open heart. I long for opportunities to speak about her life and not her death and I got that chance from Suzanne. It filled my heart with such joy! She felt the same thing. Before we “accidently” ran into each other we were both feeling empty we both left feeling FULL! I LOVE how if you allow yourself the room the world is always ready to offer you solutions of LOVE! YAY WORLD!!!

Secondly, today I just got off the phone with a wonderful woman Adrienne from Arlington. She is looking at one of my listing and we quickly got on the subject to spirituality, Mama lessons, etc. I nearly fell of my chair when I mentioned my blog and she said, “NO WAY! I was feeling really down last week and found your blog. It made me feel so much better! You’re ‘her’?!” Now how cool is that? The world is always working in “mysterious” ways -that means ways we have not figured out the why but trust that EVERY, EVERY, EVERYTHING is working in divine order! Think about it NOTHING can happen in a vacuum. Everything is connected to everything else. There is always a cause and an effect (even when your five sense don’t pick it up!!!) HEY I JUST HAD A MOMENT OF INSPIRATION! WHAT DO YOU THINK…. “Which came first, cause or effect?” Ok, reaching a bit? But think about it isn’t a cause just an effect of something else???? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm….

Finally, a few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a young woman who was crying in the airport. (I highly suggest going back to that blog. It might deeply help you on your journey.) Well out of the blue she wrote to me today. I had given her my card at the airport in case she needed something. She was all alone with an infant and too many carry-ons on her way to missing her flight to NY from Miami and then flying to Russia!!! (WITH AN INFANT!!!) YIKES!

This is the email Anastasia sent me today… Hi, it’s me – crying girl with a cutest baby boy from the Miami airport.) Thank you very much for helping me out. I’ll always remember you! I feel so grateful for your support and help. I’m so lucky I met you at the right place at the right time!) We got in New York on time and I caught my flight to Russia thanks to you and that nice lady at the register- she did a great job and got me a ticket at the very last minute – I actually had to run to get on my air plain on time. Now I’m in Russia, Omsk, with my family and friends. Hope you got on time at the wedding. Wish y’all doing well happy and healthy.     -Anastasia

When I got this I just cried and cried because I felt sooooooooo much love for having stood up for LOVE that day, not caring what others thought. It still feels so powerful. It is an example of being in one’s power! In your own life when do you feel POWERFUL? Look for those moments when you are in your zone!!!!

Thank you again for allowing me to write to your heart. My hope is that you have had a DELICIOUS BUFFET for your soul!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you have visited ButterflyMoms today! I graciously invite you to come every Friday to partake in the yummies for your soul. Together we are all making our lives flow better and that affects everyone around us. We are all making the world a better place one life lesson at a time!

Great big hugs,


PS Only three more months until my book comes out! It’s called “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Top experts share strategies for success. ”  I will keep you posted! New York Times Best Sellers list here I come!!! 😉


  1. Maria,

    I love the picture of your daughter. She looks so serene… and very, very happy. A reflection of all that you do for her — being a great Mom. Would love to meet your kids someday — and you meet my son too!

    Linda D.

    • Funny thing is she is one of my BIGGEST enforcers/charismatic leaders!!! I do love that photo though!!! She is also a HUGE artist! She would LOVE to meet you Linda and see your amazing work!!! She is got up at the crack of dawn this a.m. and is sitting in front of me still drawing. When I want to ground her I don’t take away TV I take away art. Deep.

  2. You Not only feed my soul but when i read your blogs…Its like you hold my heart in your hands and protect it with your Heart !! It’s a warmth that travels thru to your children…I Miss you !!


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