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The Little Girl In YOU…Are Your “Activities” Feeding of Depleting Her?

It's the small moments....

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

WHEW! Is living on planet earth an adventure or what?! If you are paying attention there is NEVER a dull moment, N-E-V-E-R, ESPECIALLY when you are a parent! Am I right? Do I hear an “amen” my beautiful ButterflyMoms?! 😉

When I know I’m going to write a flood of very cool ideas come to me and I have the awesome gift of being able to pick any one of them. Good news/bad news. Today I’m picking a topic that has a lot of energy around it and one that we very easily discard for much “louder” or “pressing” issues, but in life oftentimes it’s the little things you neglect that over time do the most damage….or, give you the most joy!!!

I have ALWAYS LOVED BOOKS!!!! I love the way they feel, smell, look and even the way they sound (when you open them)! I often “joke” that I would love for a natural disaster to happen where I would still have food, heat, safety, electricity but that we could not go out for a month or two so I could just read and read and read…you know, just like with clothes that we buy because one day we will fit into them….we buy books with the intention of one day reading them. When I was little I used to save all the money I could to buy Scholastic books. Buy three and get the cute kitten poster….:)! I would sometimes not even eat lunch at school to save money for books that is how much I LOVED books! At home, at the age of 8 or so, I would spend hours and hours organize my books with the Dewey Decimal System. As an adult, when I moved back to the States from Japan I shipped 19 boxes of books…..yup, I think you get the point, MARIAAAAAAAAA LOVES BOOKS!!!! :)!

At the beginning of the school year I was given a deluge of forms offering me the opportunity to join a number of very worthy school organizations. As a working mother with lots of kids my track-record is that of over-committing and then burning out, which serves no one! Following the philosophy of “a hard head makes a soft ass” philosophy, I’ve finally learned to say, “NO!” but I’ve also learned to say “YES!” to the specific things that FILL MY SOUL.

When I saw that I could volunteer at the Placentino (elementary public school) Library…AND be able to do it when my daughter was there with her class, I thought I had won the lottery! It is only one and a half hours every other week but getting to check her and her class’ books out, speaking to the wonderful librarians, organizing books, doing projects for the library AND getting to practice my (very) rusty French with these wonderful children is PRICELESS! (Holliston, where we live offers free French Immersion and Montesorri in its public schools! How cool is that?!) The librarians think it odd that I thank them every time as I leave for giving me the gift of volunteering. It is a “simple” thing but it fills my soul and I leave soooo happy! I LOVE IT!

Another thing that is very important to me is being Portuguese, and being Portuguese to me means being able to speak Portuguese. When I was a child we used to go to Portuguese School after regular school. We did not like it but that gift my parents gave me allowed me to go on to learn a bunch more languages and that gave me a life that has been magical…even with the “icky” parts. One of the reasons I spent the entire summer in Portugal with my kids was to pass on that gift. When we got back I made the decision to sign them up for Portuguese School. The best one is at the Hudson Portuguese Club which meant driving about 40 minutes each way twice a week. “Funny” – it is the same school I used to go to as a kid. My mom used to teach there and to this day she is beloved by her former students who are now in their 40’s!!!

Teaching My Awesome Students in Portuguese School

When I got there the first day of school they had to combine the two classes because one of the teachers had just given her notice and they had not yet found a replacement….You know when you get that feeling that the universe is literally putting the spotlight on you saying, “This one is yours.” This was one of those moments. I sat on it for a couple of days, asked my life partner Doug his opinion and it still felt right. When I told the school, they were sooooo happy and now I’m soooooo happy too! It is SUCH a joy to know that I’m the second generation teaching at this school and my daughter Mialotta is the third generation involved in this wonderful heart school. It is SUCH a gift! Although it takes up a lot of time and a deep commitment, I LOVE IT! It totally fills me!

I would also love to do a bunch of other things like horseback riding, rock climbing, yoga, acting, wheel-throwing, etc but for right now the teaching Portuguese and volunteering at the Placentino library are creating win-win situations for everyone it touches. In your own life do an inventory check of your activities. Although we feel like it, there are very few “have to’s”. You are “captain of your soul, the master of  your destiny”. You hold the gun to your own head and then blame others/life/circumstance. Picture where you want to be and then take steps to begin the journey. It’s not about “the arrival”, it’s about the fun along the way. What will you do right NOW to add more fun into your life? Look around you and see what you love….start there. All your treasures are buried “there” in the NOW.(deep breath) (Really feel this.) By doing this you will “tune” into life you’ve always dreamed of. You have that power. You have that ability. Find ways to gently remind you of that every day.

Great big hugs,


PS I’m sooooo thrilled that my dream of writing a book is finally come true!!! Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire is the amazing wisdom of 21 entrepreneurial moms who are passing on their knowledge to those who don’t have time for beating around the bush! We all need to make money NOW and live our lives well NOW. This book will definitely help in a very profound way! It’s coming out at the end of January. It will be $25 but if you pre-order it now you get it for only $19.99. Of course I will autograph it for you too! J Send me an email at and I will send you the order form. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!





  1. You rock 😉

  2. Wow, good to see that you can carry the tradition on with your kids. I’m terrible with languages and so envy you your talent for them.

    Yes, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to kids.

    Love, linda

  3. I so glad that you are teaching… My daughter Serena love’s going to Portuguese School…

    As for the love of books I believe we are the same…My family calls it mom’s sickness… and fortunately enough I have passed it on to both of my daughters…
    I do have issued do when it comes to books.. and I have found out that I’m not the only one… so don’t laugh.

    I have to be first one to read the book.. to smell it to breath into it to just inhale the all to my self..

    I do my ordering from book clubs. If I see book at the books store that I want and can’t wait to order it and it’s the only one on the shelf I hide and then I ask the clerk to check the back for more… oooops.. I need to be the first to touch it..

    If you borough a book from me you need to sign it out..

    I do not sell my books nor do I give them away..they are mine….

    Now go ahead laugh at me…

    I track my books on

    Only quarter of what I have is one there.


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