Posted by: ButterflyMoms | November 25, 2010


Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I usually write on Fridays but I could not let Thanksgiving go by without reaching out to you, so this week I’m writing on Thursday just this special week! :)!

Soooooooooooooooooo, here we all are on Thanksgiving and we all KNOW what we are SUPPOSED to “do”, or rather what this holiday is “supposed” to be about, but when it all comes down to it, we all have VERY SPECIFIC ideas of what it SHOULD look like. Who SHOULD be there. Who SHOULDN’T be there.  Where it SHOULD be. Who SHOULD cook. What kind of mood people are SUPPOSED to be in. Who SHOULD host. Who SHOULD cook what.  I myself fell into this human “trap” this year. To make matters worse I found myself telling others about my SHOULD. For this I got sympathy. I got to feel RIGHT. But what did I really GET? What does that transmit out into the world for both me and the person who is sympathizing with me? What we were actually doing is simply tuning into “bottom-feeder” energy by turning away from the most powerful force in the world, LOVE.  You cannot attract the FABULOUS life you want by sending out those kinds of silly SHOULD vibes! With awareness comes choice. Where you are in your life right now is a result of all the choices you have made, especially the choice of how you let LOVE seep into your world.

Even on Thanksgiving, or maybe I can say, ESPECIALLY on Thanksgiving we notice things that we might not. Instead of your SHOULDS not lining up how about today you see if you can find ALL THE LOVE AROUND YOU….in the people, in the food, in the details, in nature, in the bonds, in the places, in the things you don’t notice that are around you every minute of every day. I invite you to tune into the universe’s LOVE “station” today and see how your life unfolds.


Great big hugs,



PS What would help some of you even more is if you sent a few friends this to read and you worked on it together especially on THANKSGIVING! Remember birds of a feather (no pun intended)….not everyone will be open but for those who are you are gifting them the gift of themselves. There “ain’t” nothin’ bettah than that!


  1. Thanks for the post! My favorite phrase is, “I am potty trained. I don’t SHOULD on myself and I will thank you not to SHOULD on me!” Happy Thanksgiving. Linda

  2. On my way to Thanksgiving dinner I had a moment of ‘should’ but then so quickly I knew that was one of those vows I don’t have anymore. I was on my way to an afternoon of love and it was great. I am waiting for the stuffed feeling to pass but when you sit with love it is worth it. Love you Maria, your words are exactly right on!

  3. Now, I am part of a very large common name: “beautiful butterfly Momshut” and was very happy that, you are the founder KC significant celebrate the day of love and affection with me. For the many grandiose ideas are a gift of reflection and action in each area. Thank you very much you are a great soul … ILY

  4. ***The magical concept idea: The joint meeting should be a celebration of love and joy and all the time is characterized by these energies. Friendly community, susceptible to magical cooking, fertility new awareness and empathy for other cultures, are the topics. which spells and rituals in the year 2010/11 are magical particularly promising***

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    PS: I hope my writing you like and you know. I am an artist and not the author of the letter.
    With much love and greetings written .. Amore mio …Ti amo…un bacio nel vento…

  5. I love the pictures as well as your message. I remember playing with the olives myself. Such fun!! Enjoy many, many blessings, dear Maria!!!!!!!!!!

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