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We have this wondeful Christmas tradition of walking to get our Chritsmas tree! Another wonderful gift from living in beautifuul Holliston!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Every Friday when I sit at my computer I am met with a flood of ideas and voices all crowding each other to be heard. My first reaction is to feel overwhelmed. What happens next is critical. I have one of two choices. One, I can “stand down”, which is a cool line I picked up from watching action movies, which means I can abandon my writing, OR, two, I can choose to surrender. What do I mean by surrendering? In surrendering I simply sit back, change my breath pattern (feels like taking a big sigh, sometimes even two or three…depends on the day), and asking, much like that 70’s gameshow, “Will the real ______ please stand up.” In this case I’m asking for help from the universe to guide me to write towards “my best and highest good”.

Once I make that request I’m given only the very first part of what to write about. I surrender again as I feel my mind creep in with “helpful” suggestions. There is a place for your mind but, in writing, I find that REALLY good writing happens only when your brain serves as background information help and not the main writer. The main writing, at least for me, comes from spirit. It’s so fun for me to write, because I never know how it’s going to turn out.

About two weeks before Sophia died. This was at her first birthday party which was an incredibly magical day!

The very first time I experienced this (that I am super conscious of) was the morning I awoke after my little girl Sophia’s sudden death. As I was sleeping I started getting a stream of words  coming through. I tried to ignore it but I had a DEEP KNOWING that I would not remember it later and that it was important that it be shared. My mind was still semi-asleep as my soul guided my body downstairs to my desk and began to write as fast as I could to catch up to the words that were streaming in. Those were the words that I later read at her funeral and can be found here….

The universe is always channeling energy through you. You have sooooo many resources around you that if you STOPPED to REALIZE it you would be amazed, delighted and humbled. Today, slow down, listen to your inner voice, use your breath. Do it consciously. For some because you don’t do this very often you might get the voice of fear/judgment. That is the ego! It is only happy when it is controlling you. It can only control you if you forget that your ego is NOT YOU! Remember in the Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny cartoons when you saw the devil and the angel on the character’s shoulder? The devil is the ego. It is only happy if you are not. Here’s where most people get lost in the mix, judging or punishing the ego only makes it stronger. The only way to get rid of it is to BRING GENTLE AWARENESS to it. Realize that it is not you but your fears. Realize that when the ego is on YOUR TRUE SELF cannot be. The TREASURE of who YOU really are is buried underneath that layer of icky. This is not “good” or “bad”, it is just the reason for why your life is the way it is. All you have to do is ACTIVATE CHOICE. Is this how I want to live my life? YES, stay the same. NO, then shift to breath and awareness of the present moment, like me and my writing, you will be given only the next step. Trust in that. Sit back, activate your breath and ACTIVATE YOUR NOW! The only power we have is in the present moment. This season of gift-giving give yourself the gift of ACTIVATING YOURS.

I thank you for showing up in your own life. If you have been attracted to our wonderful ButterflyMoms blog the universe is sending you a message that your soul already knows. Create from it what you need to. About 1,000 readers come to ButterflyMoms every week to feed their souls. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community! As we all continue to celebrate this magical holiday season I wish you much AWARENESS in your life so that your pure JOY can come streaming in! MERRY EVERYTHING!

Great big hugs,


PS In this season of giving sometimes the best gifts are those that don’t cost anything. Give someone the gift of ButterflyMoms but just sending them the link…. and telling them to check out the blog section. Feed your friends’ and family’s souls for free! :)!

PPS Please help me support my dream, the one Sophia helped me push forward. After so much struggling and excuses, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo thrilled that my dream of writing a book is finally come true!!! It’s been TWENTY YEARS in the making!!!! Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire is the amazing wisdom of 21 entrepreneurial moms who are passing on their knowledge to those who don’t have time for beating around the bush! We all need to make money NOW and live our lives well NOW. This book will definitely help in a very profound way! It’s coming out at the end of January. It will be $25 but if you pre-order it now you get it for only $19.99. Of course I will autograph it for you too! J Send me an email at and I will send you the order form. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!


  1. I just want to tell you how much reading your stuff has really inspired and ignited a fire inside of me..I want you to never Stop !! You are so good for the soul and i will never ever let you slip out of my radar again…People like you and your family are the kind of friends we need more of ! Maybe we should start another Walk out ! Life is important !!
    Miss you !!

    • Beautiful Rei Alberto, we are definitely birds of a feather! YOU GET IT! You suck every little morsel out of life. You see things others can walk by a zillion times and not notice. You have a radar for living life juicy…. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!!!!

    • ♥ ♥ ♥ Diese wertvollen Woerter von dir beruehen mein Herz seit Wochen.
      Ich bin so gut für die Seele, und du wirst niemals lassen dass ich aus deinem Radar entschlüpfte… Leute wie mich und meine Familie sind eine Art von Freunden, die wir brauchen mehr! Grossartig…Ich vermisse dich…♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Well done, Milu
    Touched my soul.
    Peace & Love always

  3. Well written as always. Thanks for following your dreams and for always keeping our Sophia in our hearts.

  4. Thank you for yet another inspiring post! U have a way of shaking up my psyche and… well.. I really needed to hear those words today 🙂 Merry Everything to you too! 🙂

  5. I have also experienced the writing euphoria when spirit sends you passionate messages of comfort, hope and love! I’ve been writing lyrics to piano music that have held me together through leaving an abusive marriage and finding there is a way to peace. The music is what has tapped me into this stream of incredible healing energy. I’ll unlock my site myspaceapril4peace if you want to check out “If You Believe” which is the one that comforted me the most.
    The other one “Free to Fly” has come with incredible coincidences that still leave me just in awe of the wonders of the universe. My hope is that someday these songs will help others. Nice to connect with someone who gets it!
    Love and light , April

  6. I loved reading yours and Doug’s letters about Sophia. Very inspiring!

    May you all have a great Christmas!

    Love, Linda D.

    • Thanks beautiful Linda!!!!!!! You are an inspiration to me!

  7. ♥♥♥ I prefer the strongest force in the world. The love in us, to love ourselves, love for other people, all living beings, with nature … it’s there … and shows us the way, if we make us of it, if we trust the love that the what is good, and if we love and surrender to the life … full of confidence … no matter, what … the love helps us, strengthens us, makes us act and see … my sincere love for you…Hilde ♥♥♥

    Topic: Your angel or devil you?
    1. We draw from the Scriptures, the knowledge about the nature of angels and their adversary, the devil, and its importance to human existence.
    Without the influence of heavenly and hellish beings, man escaped while being punished, but he could gain no merit. Negativity he expected when he has a deaf ear to the language of angels. Detailed meaning and effect of prayer is demonstrated.

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥2. Topic: My empathetic and caring words for the dear little angel Sophia:
    Her love for her child is the strongest experience for parents. Only this love is important and it is for the child to be adopted, the most important experience and loved. Every moment is infinitely precious.
    This is the greatest gift, because if we look into our hearts and are very quiet there is so much goodness, love and joy. Also, we are accepted with every breath and worn. We can do these incredible magical experience of life. Every moment we live is a great miracle.
    The little angel Sophia enjoyed her life. She was born of love and love has passed on to other people. There is no reason to doubt that it will continue loved and supported by these great, infinite goodness that is within us and around us.
    PS: This is my precious words that touch my heart for weeks. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. 3.Thema: How do I want to live my life. Your questions are the key to a fulfilled life.
    Prerequisite for a fulfilling life is that we free ourselves from the shackles of the past (what one should do and what not, how to live and how not to what is right and wrong, etc.) and ask questions like: What will I? Who am I? What is important to me?
    We need to become first aware of the negative experiences and messages of our past influence us today and prevent us from leading a life as we would like. We must be clear about what we want, what dreams and desires we have and what is important to us.
    For this knowledge we get through the questions we encourage us to deal with our past, our wishes and needs and our future. Through questions, we embark on a journey to us and our future that can change our lives positively. Our responses include a timetable, a draft of a new life.
    Let us remember:
    The point is not what has made our education from us.
    It depends on what we do from what we have noticed.

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