Posted by: ButterflyMoms | December 31, 2010

2011? Same SHIT Different Year? What’s YOUR Plan?

“Waking up this morning, I smile.  Twenty-four brand new hours are before me.  I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.”  –Thich Nhat Hanh    

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

First one of my biggest loves in this lifetime…Today is my youngest’s birthday, Miss Isabella turns THREE today. Her spirit is such a fascinating mix of knowing and standing firm with what she wants WITH a deep sweetness/and connection to people. She is definitely an old soul and I’m soooooooo honored to be her Mama! “PARABENS BELLA-JELLA MEU AMOR!” 

We have hit a “bump”. A “blog” is technically supposed to be about 400 words. It is SUCH a passion to write that I end up writing over 1,000. It also takes me about 8-9 hours to write. The feedback I get is that you put off reading it because it’s so long and you don’t want to miss reading all of it. I hear you and my intention is to make the ButterflyMoms blog “closer” to the 400 so that we can both have more bite-size pieces for our souls. All that other energy that is left over will then naturally flow where it needs to…I will announce “where” at the end of today’s blog…a little suspense keeps things “interesting”. 


As we all stand here on the “cliff” of 2010, many of us start to check in, sort of. Unfortunately checking in for a lot of us means a fruitless act of WISHFUL THINKING. We put our (disconnected from our soul) goals on paper and then are disappointed that we don’t get the house, lose the weight, get the money, or find the soul mate. How many years have you done this, been really hopeful about making a shift and then *BOOM*, it all falls apart!

THIS YEAR you have the choice of doing it differently. How? Simply add the equation of yor soul. Here are four things you can do to help make your life more satisfying, more you in 2011!

1.   Schedule actual time (even if it’s only 15 minutes) to sit down every week and schedule three fun events that honor the kid in you. One is for you to do alone, another is for you to do with your friends/family and another for only your kids. This might sound like a big thing but one of the biggest complaints is that we don’t make enough time for the people we love. Be creative, ask for their input, even start traditions that will add more fun into your life. After about six weeks of doing this it will become a habit. It will take a lot of stress off your plate too because you have already have time set aside for meeting with the people you oftentimes feel guilty about not seeing. Guilt be gone!

 2.  Think of a place where you are really happy. Close your eyes and let yourself go there! Change your breathing. Allow your shoulders to drop. Feel your body and move around like a cat does when it is stretching. Breathe in. Breathe out. Picture it in your mind. Stay there for a while and really feel it. Breathe in. Breathe out. Know that whenever you get stressed out or need to escape you don’t need to eat, drink or even take drugs (even if they are over-the-counter), all you need is to take yourself back to your special place.

3.  Isolation is the great dream killer. If you have a goal and you keep it to yourself there is almost a 99.999999123% chance that you will never birth that dream! Why? The ego will get a hold of it and kill it. The ego is afraid of “change”. When you to others, even strangers you will find that people have an incredible compassion for others. Even these strangers want you to succeed more than your ego does. 

Feeling Safe

4. Every morning ask to see the world with new eyes. EVERY icky situation you have will completely shift if you simply see the world with a new perspective. You have the power. It’s there for you to activate ANY time you want, just bring your awareness to it. 

Big things are happening for 2011!!! YAY!!!!!!

My first book will be coming out at the end of January. It’s called Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire. If you would like to pre-order a copy please let me know. They are normally $25 but I am including a special price for ButterflyMoms for $19.99. If you buy two I will also include the shipping! This is an extremely proud and happy event for me because I’ve been trying to do it for 20 years!!!

I am also opening up my own healing practice called The Sophia Center starting January 1. If you have something in your life that you need help shifting either body-wise or life-wise I am here to help you. For the month of January I will be reducing the rate of $80 for 50 minutes to only $60 for a 50 minute session. Buy a five-pack of sessions and get another $25 off (only $275). If interested please me an email to so you can book an appointment and start the year off with someone who has your back!! It would be a total honor to work with you!

Great big honkin’ hugs,



  1. Congratulations Maria! Happy New Year!
    love kate

  2. Happy New Year ! And I wish for you and your family to have an amazing year,,,Better than any of the past !! Miss you !

    Never Stop Feeding Souls !

  3. Great reminders for all. I’m looking forward to living the life we want. Great writing once again.

  4. Good morning Maria! I am excited about working with you in 2011. I know you and what you do and bring to me is a big part of my personal success. How big is your appointment book? Love you and thank you! XO and kiss kiss kiss N

  5. -As I reader of Butterfly Mom, I am compelled to think about the life of “Butterflies” I admit I like to think of myself as “the Catepillar” Not just because of the “rapidly growing body” :), that’s another 55 year old woman issue – but because of the feeding and growing part of the life cycle. In addition to having a healthy appetite for fabulous gourmet menus, I tend to feed off the knowledge and experience that comes from many years of trial and error, failures and successes, great love and overwhelming loss. I feed on the positive energy of special people around me. Maria is one of those people. I feel as if I have shed my skin many times over the years, each time revealing another layer of my true self…and look forward with great anticipation to the next phase, the transformation phase when I become a PUPA! Perhaps many of the women reading Butterfly moms are already in the Chrysalis stage, almost ready to reveal and take advantage of their beautiful wings, before beginning migration to an exciting new place. I know Maria, and she can be a true source of positive energy and inspiration throughout one’s entire life cycle. Kudos Maria on your new practice!! How wonderful for all of us:)

  6. Congrats on the book, Maria!!

  7. Congrats Maria!! You have worked so hard… I am so happy for you.. what a way to start off the new year!!


  8. Congrats on the book and congrats on the new healing center! I applaud all your hard work and dedication. I read your writings regularly but I don`t always give you feedback.
    I have enjoyed reading your webpage many times this year. I am inspired about your realizations as a mother and as a professional woman! I applaud all your strength and the best is yet to come.

  9. Maria- I send you a huge hug across the miles. Congratulations on all your achievements and adventures. You radiate energy every day and in so many ways. May 2011 be a fabulous year for you and your family.
    Love, K

  10. I can’t wait to read your book! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    Love, Linda D.

  11. Maria,
    You never cease to amaze me… I can’t wait to read your book ( memories of the summer retreat) and how exciting to hear about the Sophia Center!
    Can’t wait to catch-up and hear all of the news.

    Also, great suggestions for New Years resolutions!
    Love, cath xoxo

  12. Hi Maria, I’m so glad to hear the news, you will do great! I do believe in positive energy it’s what everyone needs to get through life and accept all that one is going through. We all need to be positive because there is always a door that opens when one is closed. Being a true person to yourself and to others makes also for a happier person and a better place to be. I will use your advise and go that special place in my mind when things get tooo hectic, which it’s about every other day. LOL…Thanks again Maria, I truly enjoy your blogs…Also I would LOVE to get one of your books…..

  13. Some thoughts on the topic: Where do you see yourself?
    In many discussions I have heard that 2010 was an exciting and special year for many people.

    * For me, too.
    There was much to understand, much to learn, be too much going on and to start many new things.I have to experience beautiful and intense and exciting moments and have the opportunity availed to test my ability to relax and enjoy it. In the quiet time “between the years” I have dealt with all the very good and important moments of the past year and created a personal gratitude list.
    ;-))) And my list has grown very long and would definitely beyond the scope of this paper. ;-)))

    *Only this:
    I am very grateful for all the good thoughts and feelings that gave me this year.
    I am especially grateful for all the human encounters and touch, the fertilization and the confidence that I could perceive and feel.
    I am very grateful for all the experiences that make you understand and know me and look forward to all that is (quite independently of the year).
    Thank you read here and find my thoughts worth.

    *My advice:
    • Enjoy every moment with all the sensory experiences that it offers you.
    Every moment is unique and precious – and fleeting.
    NOW is the time to make your life better and better.
    • Fill your mind with good content
    Your thoughts become words and actions – regardless in which year, when or where they are thought.
    The contents of your thoughts (positive or negative) will find an appropriate sounding board and thereby make your life better (and better).
    • Place your attention on all the good feelings that can be felt within you.
    Give yourself and your well-being of time and attention.
    Relax for you!
    Good feelings that spread in You are the best insurance for a comfortable life.
    Be brave!
    Take everything that happens for you and look at it from different angles.
    Each event has positive and negative sides.
    Find out for yourself which view is the best for you.
    Go your own way and stand to you and to your decisions – even if it means sometimes going against the current.
    Everything is changing – at any moment – and only you put in your skin and you have every second of the election to make a good decision.

    * Trust and love!
    Trust and love are forces that keep your world in motion.
    Trust yourself and your perception and love you and what you do. CHANGE what you can not love and let go of what you do not appear trustworthy.
    Align yourself to your feelings and let them trust and love the guide as his.
    Finally, I would still give you an Indian proverb along the way that I have distorted the year a bit and edited:
    “All the flowers that will bloom in 2011 are already invested in its seed and present”.
    PS: I hope my thoughts and suggestions I was able to pass many people on the blog ButterflyMoms something positive for the year 2011.

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