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Life Lesson 1,486: LEARN ASK FOR HELP!

Thank you Leslie Santos-Terras for this beautiful photo of her daughters! THIS PHOTO SAYS IT ALL!

Heartfelt Greetings ButterflyMoms Community,

This is Helen Bannigan here, writing a “guest blog” this week.  I come to you as a fellow fan and friend of ButterflyMoms founder, Maria Salomão-Schmidt, to ask for your help on behalf of Maria and her family.

I have known Maria for – egads – about 20 years now and we have shared our joys and sorrows throughout our respective journeys.  I’ve been enraptured to witness the miracles revealing themselves as Maria reaches out to so many people through ButterflyMoms:  touching lives, uplifting spirits, and “igniting souls” (as per Maria’s life mission – “being the fire that ignites people’s souls”).

The Salomão-Schmidt family is going through some very challenging financial difficulties – temporary and eventually surmountable – but currently the source of much worry and heartache. As Maria and I were discussing options, solutions, I suggested writing to the ButterflyMoms community to ask for help. Maria’s immediate thought was “I’m not sure if that’s appropriate”. My immediate thought was “I can’t think of anything more appropriate”.

Maria is a rare soul that strives to be receptive to the many lessons that life has to offer. As Maria has touched so many of you in unique and wonderful ways, I hope you will join me in helping Maria accept the gift of Charity. This is a tough one, as it requires telling the ego to take a hike (“what will people think”?) and living in a state of humility. I believe that Maria is up to the task ;  )

The Salomão-Schmidt Family 🙂

Some of you may know that ButterflyMoms was created to honor the spirit of her baby girl, Sophia, who is now with the angels, taken to them at the ripe young age of 13 months.  This community has allowed Maria to keep aligned with her life purpose and to keep connected to beautiful Sophia – something for which Maria is profoundly grateful.

Aside from supporting 4 kids (including alimony payments), the family is struggling with Doug’s (Maria’s husband) prednisone and chemo treatments for an auto-immune disease and the effects of that, being unjustly sued by a former business partner in their dry cleaning business, dealing with the fallout from the sub-prime crisis in their real estate business, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We have conveniently set up a PayPal option here on this page to donate to the Salomão-Schmidt family in their time of need.  You may also send a check directly to Maria Salomão-Schmidt to: 783 Washington Street, Holliston, MA 01746.


If donating money doesn’t feel right to you at this moment, please consider helping spread the word on one of the families many efforts to support their lovely family – all initiatives that were lovingly created in their tireless effort to make the world a better place and champion a sense of civility and community:

Here’s how you can also help:

1.  The Book…. ”Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire” is discounted to $19.99 for ButterflyMoms (down from $25).  You’ll find Maria’s passion and insight wonderful food for the entrepreneurial soul – buy a copy and recommend to your online friends. Click here to buy, and post the link on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.: 


2.  Healing…. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from some soulful shifting, either body-wise or life-wise, Maria can help. Awesome discounts here too, and life-changing results. Email Maria for details:

3.  A Home…. Brick House Realty is the main way Maria and Doug support their family. It’s an entrepreneurial venture she’s been doing for 10 years. She started it because she saw that a lot of real estate did not involve any heart or soul, and of course Maria is all about that and more. If you, or someone you know, is looking for “just the right” home in MA (or elsewhere, Maria can refer you to an agent), email:

4.  Dry Cleaning…. Maria and Doug own “Doug Sent Me Cleaners” (catchy name, eh?) at 783 Washington Street in downtown Holliston, right on Route 16. They are the only green cleaners in town and the price is right.  In line with their value-system, they offer a family-safe product at a good price. Email Doug or Maria at:


With loving kindness and gratitude to you all,

Helen Bannigan

One of the original ButterflyMoms

Rome, Italy


  1. Thank you so much Helen for all your warm heartfelt words. Lots of love to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Thank you, Helen for letting us know what is going on. I had no idea that things are so tough right now for such a wonderful family!! I send prayers and healing thoughts to Maria, Doug and their beautiful family! I will do whatever else I can to help. I know from experience that it can be difficult to ask for help, but it gives your friends the opportunity to help. Much love, Bunny 🙂

  3. Thanks Helen for letting us know how we can help Maria and her family. And thanks Maria for being willing to let us know. Here’s to big(ger) business success and lots of help in the meantime from all of us who love you!


  4. Helen and Maria,
    The first PayPal link isn’t working — or at least takes me to the same link for buying the book. Just thought you should know. I’ll put a card in the mail tomorrow!

    • Hello Beautiful Debbie,

      Thanks for letting us know. I have updated the link so it now works.

      Great big hugs,

  5. ** ♥ ♥ ♥
    My dear friend Mary, I look forward butterflymoms beautiful book in which I am an important part. I think Mary’s passion and a great insight wonderful food forentrepreneurial spirit. I like you***♥ ♥ ♥

    Living in Spiritual Community from the power of motherhood

    @ We want to live the holy truth of our souls entrusted to us with each other and combine our unique gifts for the good of the whole together. True community requires courage from the heart to connect with each other and again to dare trust.
    The community is our choice of family, home and homeland, the place where we live together in truth, love, freedom and devotion, so that it can increase the feeling of familiarity, security, respected, and acceptance. We live our lives at all levels of our being aware of the many circles of power.
    Feelings as messages from the soul to show us the path of self development and to the self-realization.
    We live in conscious union with Mother Earth and all beings, and open ourselves to the sacred wisdom that they carry.
    We have chosen a simple life with nature. We are on a spiritual / mental and spiritual search and do not addictive.
    Our community site is very alcohol-and drug-free
    and whole-house tobacco-free.

    @ It is our deep need each other and open to all beings,
    to deal with true and loving.
    It is our heart’s desire to live together from the various circles of power and to respect the special gifts of the individual and valuing.
    In dealing with each other we want all-round care and diligence, empathy and compassion, vitality and zest for life and the liberating power of the smile and laughter.
    If we live in truth, love and devotion to each other
    grows out of commitment and responsibility real trust.
    In order to forge a common community, it needs the ability to self-conscious perception of all stakeholders and clarity about their own abilities and weaknesses, dreams and fears, intentions, and prevention.
    difficulties and problems we want to get conscious and grateful as opportunities and challenges to grow and take advantage of the power of the parties for the benefit of the whole.
    We are aware that we are mirrors for each other
    to perceive ourselves completely.
    Customs, festivals and celebrations in everyday life and for all seasons: an opportunity for us life in all forms aware of the power of the parties to celebrate: with songs, dances, making music, stories, games, feast, fire and much more

    It is our heartfelt wish all the common area of concern
    – After appropriate common advice –
    in the circle in sincere and effective agreement with each other
    to decide for the good of the whole.
    The right to vote are all related to community people.
    To use the power of flow is important to us
    jointly to ensure proper respect and tempo.
    Possible emerging health complaints to be resolved primarily in order to be truly capable of making decisions together on the appropriate level of connected power. Appeals to decisions required in addition to requiring a detailed justification
    and the demonstration of a different way.
    Decisions that affect only a part of it;
    are thus found from these people together.
    @ In the absence of it requires the mutual connection behavior
    so neces-sary decisions even from a distance can be made in confidence with each other. If it is not possible to include the absence in the decision-making must not be postponed decisions
    taken by the local community who remained for the benefit of the whole.
    I hope that’s all right…see you later…@@@

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