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Have Tea With Your Fellow ButterflyMoms EVERY Friday!

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

It feels soooooooo awesome to connect with you again today! When I sit down to write I literally do it as if we were sitting here together having an iced or hot tea (depending on your mood and location ;). It is another way I practice connecting to the universal energy that we all come from. It feels AMAZING, FAMILIAR, NURTURING, JOY-FULL, and even FUN! Thank you for your part in this wonderful formula we call ButterflyMoms!


If you have ever tried yoga (and I highly, highly, highly suggest that you do!!!) many teachers begin and end their class with the word “NAMASTE”. It is a Sanskrit word used as a greeting, but one that calls your BEST and HIGHEST good, as well as the BEST and HIGHEST good of the other person! Each time you greet someone you are saying, the God/Goddess/Love energy in me sees the God/Goddess/Love energy in you! “NAMASTE” calls you each back to your core essence, back into your zone! Your zone is not my zone BUT when each of us is in alignment we have true peace. In this space there is only LOVE. TRUE LOVE, not those mushy Hollywood myths that people love to mirror. 😉


For the next week either out loud or to yourself when you see someone instead of just saying “HEY” , “HI”, “HOW’S IT GOIN”, WHAT’S SHAKIN’ or HOW’S IT HANGIN’, how about you take a deep breath and say NAMASTE, even if it’s only in your mind. Think of it as a sweet, sweet alignment for your soul….it’s free and fun and is also a deep, magical gift to the others you come across in your day. 😉

Tuesday was my husband Doug’s last chemotherapy appointment for this round. He has an ornery auto-immune disease called vasculitis that has been getting our attention for the last two years. So

Give Your Ickies to the Rocks

while the last round of snow storms hit we were at Mass General in Boston getting his infusion. At the very same time my books were finally delivered. It was 308 pounds of pure DREAM  REALIZATION and its name is called Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! WOW! WOW! WOW! Dream Realization Feels Good y’all!!!!! REAL GOOD!!! 😉 The book did not come in the way I thought it would but I was open to the way it did. The result is that this New Year I got a break from putting down “WRITE A BOOK” as my new year’s resolution!!! 😉 (only took 20 years!!! 😉

For over 20 years I have dreamt about these 308 pounds. Imagined in my mind what it would feel like to finally publish my first book. I pictured what it would be like to hold it, smell it, turn the pages and autograph them for people. In those 20 years I’ve also taken lots and lots of shit and ridicule from those who did not believe in my dream. You may find it surprising that most of those people were not my enemies but actually close family and friends. Many of them love/like me but I was messing with their comfort zone of what was APPROPRIATE DREAMING and what was not. In their minds they were doing for my own good….to keep me safe ;). GENTLE REMINDER TO BREATHE HERE, LOOSEN YOUR SHOULDERS and MOVE YOUR JAW AROUND….AHHHHHHHHH! (Remember from last week’s blog to give your “ickies” to the rocks so that you can clearly see the message for you without all the crap-ola!!!! 😉

(SIDENOTE: Notice that I wrote “taken lots and lots of shit and ridicule from”. What that means to me is that I actually did let it affect me. To say it did not and that I was fully focused is a lie. I let it do the opposite of NAMASTE. I let myself (many, many, many times) fall back into the “I’m not as good as ____________________” (fill in whomever fits), especially if my ______________ (boyfriend/girlfriend/mother/cousin/grandfather/sister/uncle/dad/brother/aunt/teacher-whoever it is for you) says so. One of my favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Well, I gave my consent because I did not know that I was enough. I grew up in a VERY Portuguese home/community where acceptance is paramount.  I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “what are the neighbors going to think” At times I thought that I needed their approval in some way to feel whole, some days I still do, it’s a habit that is growing weaker ;).

Our Journey on Earth is about Learning How to FLY!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhh, my ButterflyMoms, we are our own prison guards!!! Really take this in. On “Amazing Home Makeover” (the show on ABC) there was a beautiful young man who was in college when his sister and mother died so instead of having his niece and nephews go into foster homes he quit school to take care of them. Even against huge odds he believes, “THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN STOP YOU IS YOU!” Take it in, really take that in. What does this mean for you?  I invite you to fire your guard or at the very least start giving him/her some well-deserved TIME OFF!!!) He/She has served his/her purpose and now they can also be set free! SET YOURSELF FREE!!!!!!

When you don’t have a lot of support, you have the opportunity to create your own support systems that work for you. That is what the ButterflyMoms community is to me. It is a wonderful support system for those who want to FLY!!!!!! Tap into this support and create other like systems throughout your life that allow your soul to grow and expand. It is fun to explore the possibilities. The more you question your “SHOULDs” the more you will EXPAND your JOY!

Great big honkin’ hugs to YOU!



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

PS  In continuing to follow my soul’s dreams I ask for your help to get me to my goal of selling at least 300 copies of “Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire” this year. So far I have only 11 orders…two from my mom ;)! If you feel inspired buy a book or two. I sign every book and wrap it with lots of love! You never know what magic comes to you when you create magic for others! To order now go to


  1. I will take a book – send me an order form! Love ya – Lynne

    • Hey Beautiful Lynnie,

      To order the book just go to I just sent out my first batch of orders. It felt AWESOME!!!!

      Great big hugs,

  2. I am soooooo looking forward to getting my signed copy. Don’t spend money on mailing it though, I will pick it out of your precious hands in person and take a kiss on the cheek for postage!

    I hope every Mom or child of a Mom buys a book from this most extraordinare Mom!!!

    We support so much in our hearts when there is nothing more we can do and that is huge. We pray for the people of Egypt who are looking to US for how to be a free nation. We pray still for people around the world and in our own backyard who are suffering from horrific disasters. HERE NOW we can do something more than send love and best wishes. WE can support Maria and finish her dream by buying these books from her. You know Maria is not stopping here and so you get to have a signed 1st published book of hers worth far more than the cost today.

    Be a part of her precious golden club of 308!!!!

    Maria, you inspire me!!
    Love, Nancy

  3. Thanks for inspiring all of us to be well. Your Eleanor Roosevelt quote truly hit the spot. Looking forward to getting my book in the mail. Luisa

  4. i am so happy for you that you got to see your dream come true! I had to laugh when i read that you can finally cross that off your resolution after 20 years! I know the feeling, lol. this year on MY resolution list is to write a book, and ima gonna do it!!! maybe i will mail you a copy! although writing doesn’t =publishing, but it’s a good + big first step!
    Take care, Maria! How much snow do you have there? We have NONE here!!! (but it’s been chilly though)—Celeste

  5. I am so happy for you. Is the website the only place to order or can we pick up at the Dry cleaners too?

    • Hey Beautiful Christine! Great question! You can always pick one up at Doug Sent Me Green Cleaners or Brick House Realty!!! :)! Great big hugs,

  6. 1.I am with you every time a beautiful content, in this beautiful butterfly MOMsHoodBlog. I sit here in beautiful warm cup of tea every time and try to bring my thoughts here. Of course it would be nice if we could sit together in real life and incorporate mind with plenty of comfort to allow the various issues. Sometimes I lack the right words for difficult to find the letter that I an artist (or sculptrice). and all receiving visual and I make brief notes and then I put everything into the three dimensionality. It is a kind of art enfalten to them by letter and push with the words out. The art of writing is not everyone thing but I try to give my best. Through you I learned many things and with the letter you need patience and perseverance.
    2.They are my personal thoughts travel. Just feel into yourself that you desire and what a wonderful place you want to go in your mind and in your dream. The ideal range is this place where nature is still quite original. (No technique, no cars, no houses, …) Since you’re all alone in the arm or on the lap of our Mother Earth.
    This place is here, which there is real and I have met. Fortunately, there is still a wunscherschöne place on our Universe. Maybe I’m mentally every time such a nice place to travel here and how do I connect very beautiful experiences and feelings with them. Here I find every time nice suggestions would allow my thoughts.
    My dream Paradise is here in this world with you, and it is true love and intellectual souls compounds. I can create it in my imagination from scratch. The nice thing is: The more people dream in their intellectual journeys of such wonderful places, the stronger the healing power of mother earth and the more such places produce real here in our Universe.

  7. 3.Namasté. I see you as a beautiful creature whose eternal consciousness of your body and your mind penetrate, as the light of your true self, over seems to be mine.
    I bow to the transcendental nature, before the real you, the truth is in my own self.

    A quick thought. I understand that I always and on every occasion,
    place at the right time in the right bin and that whatever happens is right –
    from then on I could be calm. Today I called the ‘trust’ man.

  8. 4. A book was to write and is your biggest dream. The successful and you just perfect for me, it’s really fantastic. I think you write beautifully and I love to follow your words and all that you so comes to mind.

    You have very good ideas and everything you’ll realize what you write.
    In these 20 years you have thousands who have experienced ups and downs with, to your all your close family members and friends believed in the dream.
    Somehow you have a really nice storytelling that it feels when everything is real
    It just never you are missing the words. But as the saying goes: You are a master of writing.
    In any case, one can always tell an extraordinary development. I think it’s never too late to write another book.

    PS: You are also brave and seriously did you decide in advance to make a writing career. Respect for it, but you never know if it works well just as you would imagine. **

    • Beautiful Hilde,

      Thank you for your kind words. It REALLY helps to get them today!

      Great big hugs, Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

      Maria Salomão-Schmidt Brick House Realty Making the world a better place one home at a time!

      If you want to be inspired check this out…

       Before printing this e-mail – think if it is necessary. Think Green Baby!

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