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Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

On my way driving home from doing one of my favorite things on this planet, teaching Portuguese to the most fabulous kids at the Hudson Portuguese Club in Hudson, I stopped at Starbucks to get my hot chocolate fix. Freezing cold nights feel much better with a sweet hot chocolate warming my hands and my taste buds! I stopped at the one in Marlborough. There is something very magical there. This time I came across a beautiful man named Elliott. I asked for my order, “Hot chocolate, no whip, no foam….extra side of LOVE.” I LOVE saying that because it WAKES people up. They almost always repeat what I said to see if it’s true, and then they TAKE A DEEP BREATH, SMILE and you can see them CONNECT to the present. I’ve been doing it for years. I LOVE doing that, IGNITING THEIR SOULS!

Warming My Hands and My Heart

Well, Elliott, a dashing “young” man in his seventies???, overheard and made a comment about how LOVELY that request was. I knew right then and there that he needed one of my great, big, bear hugs. I asked and of course with all that love flowing on that frigid cold night he was powerless to say “no”. 😉 We sat down and talked for a few precious moments. We were both fully present. He talked about his wife and how even after decades of marriage every day he felt like she was his Valentine. He said he knew it sounded corny but he felt it deep in his heart. If you looked into his eyes you knew it to be true. I shared my story about how Sophia led me to ButterflyMoms and invited him to come read it with the rest of us every Friday. I know he is not a Mom but it just felt right.

One of the most beautiful things about this is that my seven year old daughter Mialotta was with me and was a witness to this simple connection between two “strangers”.  Why do I put STRANGERS in quotes? Well, all of us our connected by the same life force that helps spring *POP* out of winter every year, that whispers to a blade of grass to grow, grow, grow. There is no “to do” list to worry about or run ragged TRYING to keep up with, it just happens, naturally, effortlessly, always on its schedule. This intelligent life force, no matter WHAT you call it, exists. Each person on this planet is part of that. YOU are connected to EVERYONE! What Mialotta and I experienced with Elliott was magical because it felt like we were totally coming from that core connection, even as “strangers”. I felt as if I had known him forever………. 😉 So, Elliott, if you did decide to come to ButterflyMoms this week for a visit, I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and hope that we share many more of them!

Look For YOUR Elliott this whatever form he shows up!

So this week Beautiful ButterflyMoms, keep an eye out for YOUR Elliott this week. The ONLY way to see them is to BE IN THE PRESENT. LIVE (even if it’s just a few moments) IN YOUR PRESENT.

Great big honkin’ hugs to YOU!



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

ButterflyMoms Founder, Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

PS  It has been two weeks since my dream got delivered to me, the book I helped write called “Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire”!!! I sold ZERO books last week which was a little disheartening. If you have been meaning to buy yours please do! My goal is to sell at least 300 in 2011. The people who have read it love it. I sign every book and wrap it with lots of love! You never know what magic comes to you when you create magic for others! To order now go to

Here is where the books have gone to ButterflyMoms…



Sacramento 1


Holliston 5

Hudson 4

Worcester 2

New York

Long Island 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Wien, Austria  2


Rome, Italy     3

When you buy a book you represent your area. Let’s see where all the ButterflyMoms live!!! :)! This is FUN!


  1. This is such an excellent way to celebrate today. I love love this post! I am on the lookout for my Elliott. Thank you Maria for reminding me to open my eyes even more today. “Oh Elliott, where are you?” And an ‘extra side of Love’! Of course that would come from you. I can just see the eyes opening wide when people hear those words. Thank you so much Maria! I’ll be having an extra side of love with that please. XO Nancy

    • Good Morning Beautiful Nancy!
      Thank you for being the first one to post a comment this week beautiful Nancy! You inspire me!
      Great big hugs,

    • Beautiful Nancy, I thought I had replied to your message but don’t see it. Thank you for always being if not the first one on Fridays, one of the VERY first ones to read ButterflyMoms! I’m deeply honored….and tickled pink!!! LOVE YOU! Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Thanks for the reminder of living in the Present moment. We just don’t do enough of that. As always, great writing. Love you…….

    • Beautiful Doug,
      One of THE biggest lessons we learned from Sophia was to WALK THE WALK. Sometimes I feel like I’m crawling but these people who keep POPPING into my life are WONDERFUL reminders of how much LOVE there is in the world!!!
      LOVE YOU!

  3. Maria,
    I can just picture you ordering hot chocolate with an extra side of love. That’s the beauty of you. Elliot may not realize it but he met an angel that day through you and Sophia. I am so inspired by this story that today when I get my ice coffee I’m going to order it with an exra side of love!!!
    Thank you for this!!!
    Love ou

    • Beautiful Sandy,
      How was your iced coffee my dear? Was it good for you??? 😉
      Great big hugs,

  4. thank you for sharing what my heart feels aLOT! there are so very many people that just expand when you just smile at them…and to have a conversation with them seems to make their day, when, in fact, it makes yours! small example…the young bagger at shaw’s just arriving at work seemed to be bursting…he ran over to me in the parking lot (he hadn’t clocked in yet…) and started to expound on what my feelings were on the beautiful day we were having. as we exchanged the joy of sunshine, and life, he wanted me to know that his crocuses had bloomed!!!! he was so very excited…and little did he know that, with that small exclamation, he allowed a piece of my heart to bloom! something that had been so burdened with some very unpleasant happenings was overshadowed by the “sunshine” in his joy! so thank you for reminding ME to be open to others, just as much as i want to give!
    God’s blessings for inspiring all of us, maria.

    • Beautiful Tarasia!!!!!!!!!
      Two weeks in a row you are writing! Soooooooo wonderful! My dream is that Elliott does come check this out and sees how his being in the world is creating joy in the world. Ahhhhh I love this contagious LOVE! SOOOOOO SWEET!!!!
      Love you!

  5. You Make me feel so full of life,,,Your like a breath of the cleanest air !! Your Just Simply Amazing !!

    God Bless all Of us !!

    • Thank you beautiful Albert for being such a loyal supporter of ButterflyMoms! I’m truly honored!

    • I agree Al, she is amazing!! ❤

  6. Beautiful story, and beautiful new picture Maria!!!!!!!

  7. Wow Maria – you arealways so positive! I’m now inspired and promise to order an extra side of love w/ my hot chocolate or coffee next time and see how it plays out. I’d love to be able to make someone smile a little extra wide. Brighten two days at once…

  8. Maria,
    This story is so inspirational. I’m ordering my coffee with an extra side of LOVE from now on…this story brought a smile and a special kind of glimmer to my day. Making me realize no matter how difficult things can be… life is good!! You are amazing! Thank you 🙂 Peace and Love

  9. Maria, Maria, Maria:

    You have a radiance that literally spills out of you. It encompasses your being, your writing, your very spirit. Keep on living and showing the rest of us the light!


  10. Thanks Maria, I love reading your blogs, thank you for sharing and for being in the present. Great reminders for me to remember the important things in life and not get side tracked by the small stuff.

  11. This dear human (you) that the universe has sent me, reassured me once, because I really liked it on its way to you with a cup of hot chocolate to warm my hands and again invade irgenwelche things to tell. After I had warmed up and was able to relax, I wondered whether I would go with me the way to my heart. And I did! This human (you) has had the qualities of true love and true love proposed to me this way. I have to guide, to find their way into my heart.
    I think the greatest gift I can get from someone is that he sees me, listen to me, understands me and touched me in my heart.
    The greatest gift I can give another person is to see him to listen to him, understand him and touch him in his heart of hearts ..
    If this is successful, I have a feeling that we met actually.

    PS: Valentin is the day when people express their love – as if we could not do every day … the people we love to say, to write to show that it IS so … and also to recognize and feel that the opposite is love … But maybe it’s just the effect on the collective, so may protect the St. Valentine our love and our loved ones … ♥
    Well, Elliott, I’m a natural middle-aged woman and artist and I have special encounter a person who has sent me the universe. This meeting has developed into a stunning relationship in various fields.
    I sat down teaglich front of the computer and we talked a lot of valuable subjects that gave us somehow connected for eternity. This human has so much precious love, goodness, and a high degree of empathy for other people.

    And it is good that this human is here – on this earth! He carries so much valuable contributions to the world. He enriched the lives of so many. He’s just a person with special qualities. I appreciate and admire this because it is so rare in this world.
    We are both fully present in your daily computer. I talked to this human and I have half a year ago met here internet. As it twists and turns and there is a special relationship with these people. First and foremost, I’ve never known how to make love lives or feels right. Through these people I got to know the highlight of the intense love and add even further.
    After four years of my marriage and separation with a new beautiful relationship with these people, I felt again the feelings Froehlickeit and the glory came. If we are together every day, I felt he was my Valentine forever. Everything comes from my deepest heart. We knew from the beginning that is true love and when we look in the eye. Then we know we are in Valentine this year.
    I would like to inform ButterflyMoms blog because it is a very beautiful relationship between two people love each other from the deepest heart and hold together in difficult times. And their souls have found for eternity.

  12. Touching and inspiring! That is the true way to make a difference in this world, one smile at a time, one hugh, one Elliot. Keep spreading the love 😉

  13. Hi Maria! Today my blog was awarded the “Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award” and as part of my receiving this award I have been asked to “pay it forward” by bestowing this award on ten of my favorite blogs. I have chosen you! I have renamed the award “The Irresistibly Brilliant Blog Award” and am so happy to share it with you. I look forward to each of your posts! To learn more about the award and how you can also “Pay It Forward” check out today’s post:

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