Posted by: ButterflyMoms | February 25, 2011

The Magic of Elliott Spreads…

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

You’ll never guess who called me last night!? Our beautiful ELLIOTT from last week’s post! I wish I had the technology know-how to take the message from my cell’s VM and transfer it here but for now I think you will get a kick out of me transcribing what his sweet voice said…”Hello Maria this is Elliott. I just wanted to call you and tell you that I read your blog and it was a very nice blog and I was reading the comments. It was very sweet. I guess it does make a difference, you know, encounters like that. As I mentioned it makes ripples and it affects people and those people affect other people. I told my wife about it and she was very pleased. She was very, very pleased. Anyway, I hope to speak to you again and perhaps see you at Starbucks (chuckling) and continue or conversation. You take care and thank you very much, bye-bye.”

It just gives me goosebumps to hear that message again this morning. WOW! It seriously feels like touching MAGIC and the only way to touch magic is to BE PRESENT. If you chase it or try to grab it *POOF* it disappears. The blog last week was one of THE highest rated ButterflyMoms post so far. It touched a nerve in people. It contains what we all seek, L-O-V-E, True Love. To truly LOVE one needs to be fully present. In that moment, Elliott, my daughter Mialotta and I were FULLY IN THE PRESENT HAVING FUN, and that rippled to the baristas behind the counter, and then to all the ButterflyMoms who rippled it to….you let us know!

LOVE is contagious! It’s fun! Many of us  spend hours thinking about the fear of not having enough money or time but how much time do we spend being present with our LOVE. Love for and of anything around you. Many of us cannot access this without realizing this point so we, especially in AMERICA, we hoard. Oh yes we do. Someone observed to me that American garages are filled with sports equipment from every sport you can imagine but do the people really use it, well, no, not most of us but we keep the stuff because….I have been writing ButterflyMoms long enough to know that you can fill in your own answer. YOU KNOW THAT TOO! Each of us has our own answers, we just need to be in the present moment and open to hearing them. Oftentimes we pay others  A WHOLE LOT of money to either confirm what we already know or cover up what we desperately don’t want others to “find” out.

My Four Living Children in Newport for a Day Trip...Did you notice the words above Christopher's head?

Allow me to save you some time and heartache, most people, on some level, think they are either “NOT ENOUGH” or “TOO MUCH”. Some can even feel both things about different parts of their lives. 🙂 When you feel this way and you don’t address it in the present, you will live life in the LAND OF SHOULD filling it up with as much STUFF as you can to find THAT ONE THING THAT WILL FILL YOUR EMPTINESS.

The magic of Elliott has continued growing I wonder where it will take you next…

Great big honkin’ hugs sishtah- friends! (and those brothas from anotha motha who faithfully read ButterflyMoms EVERY Friday! I see you!),



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

PS We BUTTERFLYMOMS have won our FIRST AWARD!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! (standing ovation!!!) We won the “IRRESISTIBLY BRILLIANT BLOG AWARD given by Rev. Melissa Bennett who writes the blog “Pen, Paper, Prayer”.This is our very first blog award and I am so thankful to Rev. Melissa for thinking of us. In the spirit of generosity, I have also been asked to confer this award upon ten blogs and authors whose work inspires and moves me. Next week I will post our top 10 list. If you have suggestions post them below so that we can promote people who are living their passions! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FEELS AWESOME!….like touching magic 😉

PPS  It has been three weeks since my BIG DREAM got delivered to me, the book I helped write called “Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire”!!! I sold FOUR books last week which was much better and zero last week. If you have been meaning to buy yours please do right now! My goal is to sell at least 300 in 2011. The people who have read it love it. I sign every book and wrap it with lots of love! You never know what magic comes to you when you create magic for others! To order now go to

Here is where the books have gone to ButterflyMoms…



Sacramento 1


Ashland 1

Holliston 6

Hudson 4

Medway 1

Worcester 2

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Wien, Austria  2


Rome, Italy     3

When you buy a book you represent your area. Let’s see where all the ButterflyMoms live!!! :)! This is FUN! To buy your copy Click here now…

PPS Lots of LOVE being sent to the ButterflyMoms of Wisconsin! :)!


  1. You’ve done it again Maria. Thanks for the reminder to love and be loved!!

  2. Maria reading this post reminds me of a conversation that i had with your father one day when i was young,,he told me that everything and everybody matters…He told me ever person that we meet can change our life for the good or for bad..We must stand up for what is right and good….Ripple Effect !!! Imagine if he and my dad were never friends ?? What would of happen to me and school ??
    Where would I’ve been in my life…I thank my father and mother for a lot,,,but i was blessed having your father as my Angel when i was to young to stand up for my self at the school..
    Ripple Effect hits home with me !! Footprints on our Soul and in our Hearts

  3. Wow! Maria!!! The story, the words, the all of it. I have the chills and it warms my heart at the same time. You are so inspiring. Most importantly, you toss huge bundles of hope.

  4. 1.I can not say often enough yet. For several months the sky gives me almost daily messages of love. I carry a deep gratitude in my heart and I am pleased to be able to make some of the messages here accessible to a particular person. His deep love and wisdom allows me time and again to fulfill my connection with everything and to find out how much I am guided in all my being and doing. You are also the one who gives me time and again notes, where my road goes and how I can devote my life to a deeper meaning. I thank all my heart.

    2.The meaning of every life, in my opinion, something very personal and individual. It reveals itself to me most likely in small moments where I realize: “It’s good, what you’re doing – that you’re in the world” – but also in pursuit of those moments.
    The meaning of life is for me is to spread love and joy and life itself, for the most beautiful to me is that I can give love and joy.

    3.From birth I’m at the river of love, I’m as pure love and trust in this world. It’s kind to be our natural state of love and trust. I trust that I am a loved one. Apart from my karma and other learning tasks, I’m really full of love and trust in this world and this trust has paid off for me. I am still here and you could say it is all right. And yet there is always a little something in the background.

    4. Well. I could not breathe without hope? The hope is one of the foundations of life like the breath of my being human. My hope is a force within me, which may prove stronger than despair and fatigue, a force that inspires and drives me and take the next necessary step can be.
    I hope I get a loved one: their appreciation, an amiable look, a kind word or for inspiration, creativity and joy can grow the power of my hope.

  5. ** Just a nice little story. The girl with green eyes!
    Wonderful and clean it is as I do, the life she knows very well
    I know she is helping the light should that be so for ever?
    We speak for many months … and here begins our story!
    The girl with green eyes gives me faith,
    a happiness in this world that keeps two people together.
    We often look back to go late in the universe, in the night
    we go the way the so many couples, the gloss of the unit
    and the power of our hearts has made it one.
    The girl with green eyes gives me faith,
    a happiness in this world that keeps two people together.
    Now, yes now we are one unit, now we both know that life is
    wonderful, the happiness is now, you can ask it already,
    It can already tell the thoughts, and all the happiness out of life
    and believe me the girl with green eyes.

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