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The treasures of the universe are right under our noses. Those of us who like to travel do so because it gives us the ability to see ourselves more clearly.  When we travel to different place we get out of our routines and given the rare opportunity to travel without many of our ASSUMPTIONs and SHOULDs. We see more of our core. One of the biggest missed resources, are the people right under our noses.  We oftentimes get enamored by some big author or star but it’s those people under our noses that carry the most treasure for our hearts. The most magical ones are the ones that most people do not notice if they are moving too fast. I think you know what I mean. If you live mostly in your head you can travel at WARP 3 light speed which SEEMS pretty fast but when you live mostly in your soul you don’t need to travel anywhere because you just think it and you are already there. (SIDENOTE: Can you imagine if housework were like that – that is a working mother’s wet dream!!!!! 😉 ) 

Our beautiful ButterflyMoms... Nancy Senior


Today I would like to share with you someone who is very special to me. Someone whose heart is one of the biggest ones I know. When I first met her she intimidated me. I could not “figure” her out. That was because I was “processing” her through my head, not my heart. It is my deep honor today to nominate Nancy Ellen Senior as the very first RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE AWARD. I asked take the “boring” out of how most “bio’s” are written and write about her SELF as if her life were a roadmap. Could she share some of the points that stand out for her as major gifts/lessons/aha’s. If she could give a gift to all mothers, what would that gift be? My Beautiful ButterflyMoms, it is my deepest honor to present to you, THE Magnificent NANCY ELLEN SENIOR (sound the trumpets)!!!!!!!!!!

A BIO by Nancy Ellen Senior 🙂

I start by feeling what it feels like to be honored.  An honor with someone I love and loves me back is such a big part of my life.  It leads me right into what an honor Life is.  I have had my share of the bad, the sad and the ugly and can still say “Yes, living is an honor.”   If I didn’t have my battle scars I could still feel that this Life is an honor and that is what I most wish all Mom’s got as a gift if they don’t already have it.  Life is an Honor.  That could be all I need to say in my Bio.

I didn’t always think that in those curious times of doubt and pain.  I don’t always think it now but that is in times of being outside of my core.  I don’t travel there very often anymore.

So now there is this interesting request for a map of my life.  I am getting out my crayons and markers; rulers and scissors, oh and glue too.

Nancy as a little girl

The journey began when my Mom said yes to my Dad.  Another child?  Okay.  We will call her Nancy Ellen, sort of after her grandmother, sort of from a name I heard in the park one day.  “And well, Red, we are running out of names as we birth our 8th child.”  So my map includes 7 sisters and 3 brothers.

One of the places on my map is when I was stopped along the way because I was not encouraged and not allowed to be me.  Those you can see colored in gray.  I cut them out of my life but recently glued them back in.  It is hard to know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been.   The trick is not to stay in those gray-dingy places and that is another gift I would love to see all Mom’s open, the gift of not getting stuck in those old dank places, keep moving forward.

Next there is a place marked with sadness, sorrow, confusion, anger and a bit of black, blue and blood.  I have never been able to cut out of my Life map entirely the times when violence reigned down on me though I was able to get off that highway and change directions.  But it is like having pebbles in your tires, not doing any harm but you can hear them.  Well, I just bought myself new tires and there are no more pebbles.  I got them at the FORGIVENESS STORE. 

The place that is seemingly the most dense in my Life map is when I battled breast cancer.  My son was only 13.  I think to every Mom I don’t need to say more.  Leaving my child behind was not an option.  It was the most painful experience ever to see the fear in his young, beautiful eyes.  It was the power I needed to get us through it.

In that “forest” I found the gift of FORGIVENESS.  All these years later I am still turning pages in that book to learn what it is and what it is not.   I am giving my Self the gift every person should receive, FORGIVENESS of oneself.  This is a map separate from the others.  I am putting it in the pocket over my heart.           

The thing I most want to not have in my knapsack as I continue to travel is doubt.  The mileage I can get out my life sinks to a big low when I am carrying doubt with me.   So without doubt I submit this bio of my life.  Here is what I love to share.  We all have a map with all the places we have been.  Some of mine I ran through, I may or may not want to go back.  There are places I have no idea how I got to and places I have no idea how I got out of.  I am a silly, excited girl when I think about the places on my map I have yet to go.  I have CHOICE when I pack my AWARENESS and that allows me the power to change the roads I take and even take others with me from time to time.  So without doubt I am keeping my crayons and markers, scissors and glue, adding in a compass in case I decide (on purpose) to get “lost”.  The little girl inside of me continues to like it best when my feet are bare and whenever I get a cut, it is a gentle reminder of how I am always healing.

Nancy and some of her sisters. She is one of eight "kids"!

Nancy Ellen Senior is a full-spectrum healer who has a wonderful blog. You can receive more of Nancy’s musings and wisdom at

Great big hugs,



PS Special prayer requests go out to ELLIOTT from our blog a few weeks back who just had open heart surgery. Our good wishes and love are you with you beautiful Elliott! I hope you are reading this and know that you have made the world a better place by simply following your heart.

PPS Second special prayer request to the beautiful people of Japan, especially the mothers, who are unable to find food or water for their kids. May all of us find several moments today and for many days to send them as much LOVE LOVE LOVE as we each know how. Our heart goes out to you!!!!!!!

PPPS “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” Book sales were great last week! My friends got together and sold five more books which was AWESOME! Please take a moment today to support someone’s heart work and add a little more to your own life! It is an example of 21 women who are successful at making money their own way so they can still have time for their kids. People really love the book because it’s ACTUALLY USEFUL!! There are three ways you can buy it.

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  1. Great blog Maria and my hat is off to Nancy … beautiful writing … best wishes for Elliot and a speedy recovery!! Many blessings and prayers for Japan. Today while walking in the woods my mind wanted to yell out what are we doing to our Mother Earth? We’re moving at warped speed with no regard for her. Build it bigger the more destructive it is. Blessings and prayers for you Mother Earth …

  2. 🙂
    …and i liked your Mt. Nosemore & Sky photo!!!

  3. AND I have the honor to call both Nancy and Maria my kindred spirits and members of my chosen tribe, What inspiration!! Grace to everyone in Japan and our whole planet because we are all affected by this earthquake.
    Hug everyone a little longer, Speedy recovery to Elliot!!! Love, Vicki

  4. When Maria called me with the news it took my breathe away. To be honored by Maria is the honor. It was delicious to do the task she gave me, I loved that I didn’t stress, attached no outcome to it and when I hit Send I was quickly off doing something else. Thank you Maria for that part too, giving me the opportunity of a big challenge and then to see how much I have grown and learned and travelled. I highly recommend that everyone take a moment to write a bio. Imagine you have 15 minutes left of the 24 hour deadline and then put on paper whatever comes out. No filtering, no editing (not much that is). It is an excellent way of checking your compass and seeing where you really are on your Life Map. Keeping Elliot in my heart. It will be cool to hear his update. XO Nancy

  5. 1. The treasures of the universe right under our noses. I think maybe not a bad idea to take a certain empathy to be able to achieve. The inner nature happens to like to travel to take valuable events for life to be able to. At certain moments, one does not need to travel because it is already present in the soul.

    In my inner “heart (there are also pockets of the soul) and other unfathomable” many stories of several years are combined. Small and large treasures of everyday life are found there, treasures that I could discover in my life. to go through life with an open mind to see, smell, hear, feel … to take part in the life in itself, helps.

    A bit of humor and empathy always bring some light into the unfathomable, and may already know, a little smile, change the world. The world has changed, my dearest friend Mary, who I mention in many stories and has always supported me to this day with all my heart forever – and will do so again and again.

    2. With heart and love her way she goes ahead, and touched me with it and impressed with how open they are coming my way and how these values ​​are actually alive. And then she sent me just so their story … their story, which has seen her with her beloved family, the woman who has given a lot in life and deep love has set the first course.

    A special woman, she showed me what it means to love, to be successful and how easy is a call within a loving family to make or just a nice to be together. And how important love is here – yes, love. A woman who fascinated me with their humility and their affection. For this I am eternally grateful – thank you, my dear, for the gift you are to the world!

    3. I just want to move to a place where life is pleasant situations. I live and move around like in a place where there is harmony and warmth. I would never cut out important things from my life. and that I would only do that if there is no value for me. I’m trying to mentally your topics and writing that more and happens to be not my thing. But I am trying to allocate my thoughts, although I’m not writing for the talented. My talent is always in the creative field and are my strengths. I think each person has their own strengths and everyone should use it there, what you have mastered best.

  6. ** For Japan…Dear Maria, My sincere sympathy comes from the deepest heart for all children and adults with your little family. You are now safe at first completely lost in your pain. But maybe it’s a small consolation for you: I am absolutely sure that in the final minutes angel with children and adults, who helped to save them all yet zuschuetzen and to prevent other people are at risk….First, understand many children and adults certainly do not know what happened to him, for all who loved your little family very safe….You will now be in a world of light full of love, happiness and security…Do not forget us. The divine and therefore his love is universal.

    PS: I will now include all children and adults in my loving prayers. So that you are no longer afraid and have to live through their pain must not. I am sending you a lot of power, light and love! The angels are with you!


    Please help all find their way to and to be strong. Most of you can live again and be happy! See your in the right direction!

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