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Which Glasses Did You CHOOSE This Morning?

Happy Friday Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Am I the only one noticing a rather large amount of UNUSUAL events going on around us? Each day we get up we put on our “glasses”, sometimes we put on rose-colored glasses, other times the ones that see everything is unfair. There is an endless option of glasses to choose from. The interesting thing is that most of us don’t even CONSCIOUSLY remember that we have that choice. We just let our brains, luck, whatever side of the bed we woke up on, determine how we CHOOSE TO SEE OUR DAY. How we see our day determines what information we filter in, and what information we filter out. A bunch of these days strung together equal a “phase” in our life and a bunch of phases equals a lifetime.

What are you doing with YOUR lifetime? I know it’s no shock to you but even if a doctor has told you, you only have ____________ moments left to live, NONE OF US REALLY KNOWS how long we have left. It could be short or it could be long. How have you been doing with the moments you have? How have the glasses you have chosen to put on in your morning affected your life’s direction? Be kind with your answer. This does not mean lie to yourself or sugar-coat, rather it means to be honest and gentle.

This human being thing is not as easy as it may seem. There is a whole lotta pain and hardship on this planet, a whole lot. Seems like if you look at what is going on there are some cataclysmic events going on all over the world happening VERY CLOSE to each other. There is definitely a MAJOR SHIFT afoot! You don’t have to be psychic to see that! What will you do with that information? Will it close or open you?

I find that everything that is COMING AT ME in life is a lot easier to process if I’m in a frame of mind of being kind and gentle with how I’m doing. If I make an “icky” choice I get both “good” and “bad” consequences, but if I’m kind and gentle with myself I get to MOVE ON from the experience. On the other hand if I judge and punish my choice then part of the “bonus” with this option is that I get stuck in that one choice. I get to replay it over and over and over again. Seems silly when I CALL IT OUT like this doesn’t it? I don’t know why I do this but awareness brings light to the situation. With the glasses I just realized I could put on (instead of the ones that automatically put on without thinking) I see this lesson. It is time to stop and LET GO, for without LETTING GO I don’t have SPACE TO EMBRACE all the MAGIC, ADVENTURES and LOVE of our ABUNDANT UNIVERSE!!! OK ABUNDANCE COME AND GET ME! I’ve decided to stop playing hard to get! 😉 How about you? 😉


Great big hugs,



The Beautiful Maria Amelia...What an Incredible Soul!

PS Today’s ButterflyMoms is dedicated to the BEAUTIFUL people of Portugal, the land of my birth and of my ancestors. There is some heavy-duty financial instability, the prime minister literally quit yesterday and the government is on the verge of collapsing. A special love prayer goes out to my beautiful Aunt Maria Amelia who has worked hard all her life and now lives on a pension that is so ridiculously low that even though the cost of living is basically the same as here in the States, you could not pay your monthly phone bill with how little she lives on. My heart goes out to her and the other amazing people of Portugal.  I ask you for your prayers and good vibrations. May our good energy bring them much solace!

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  1. Thanks for the eye opener. You have written again in a way that should make everyone pause and realize what they have, but also to really really appreciate it.

  2. Love this…. see the good in all!

  3. Be positive (In memory of Tommy Weaver who passed 1 year ago at the tender age of 18)

  4. Love it! A great reminder that we put on the glasses of our choice; and only we get to change them, clean them, even take them off. Thanks Maria! Perfect thoughts and words for my day. Going for the glass cleaner right now!!! Love you, Nancy

  5. ** Hallo my dear Mary. As always, you cared for me that I have enough mental work and it should always be the love transmitted. How should I manage all this to be so creative in writing, as you with so much love in my heart. And in addition your duties includes more than 24 hours for me.

    What about my love of art and they will be worked and shaped. Many ideas revolve around in my creative mind and want to be fulfilled and many hours will come together to create new work of art. What is currently the intense visual urge to stand with both legs life …
    PS: As the art that surrounds us contributes to making the everyday familiar vision of things step out and make them aware of other perspectives.
    1. You are not the only one who noticed that it happen many unusual and pleasant events around us. But that’s life always full of surprises and I think without them, life would be not so exciting. And so it is good that the surprise lives among us, and it also has a lot of love with positive impressions.
    I think the new theme of writing, the Gefuehlslage is always different, because there are different time and Tagesablaeufe. We can not always have the same feelings for a new subject of writing. Impressions are so because they were all to stay.

    2. Allso in my life I have always used only two glasses. A pair of glasses for reading, when the natural eye, it no longer creates visible and the other is my heart glasses for life. From everything I learn and can absorb and process emonational. I think everyone should use in the life of its visible heart glasses. Then would give everything in the world, only more honest love and everyone would be satisfied from luck. With our visible heart glasses would rattle all wonderful. I think within a few days all of the love of humanity would be arrived and the other can pass. And many people I had already assured that you like to feel better today by the visible heart glasses, anything could be. A nice day, the visible heart glasses of life.
    Oh yes, there is still a magical spectacle. My self-esteem depends largely, I see myself – so … Through this magical glasses I can do everything with kindness, patience, … Sitting in my room and write down the story of my own life. … Also I look at this person carefully and decide for …
    With this little exercise, I can even see myself totally different: I place before me, I own a magic glasses. Through this magical glasses, I can look at everything with kindness, patience, tolerance and love. I can see that I was a generous and modest man and always am. Since my childhood I was always looking for honest love and security, and yet I have also found partially by certain situations. My parents have loved me it’s not enough love communicated in daily life. This feeling loved step by step to become inward and to get recognition. All I had to step by step self-knowledge and inner record, because my dear parents had no time for me and it was always the love work more important than a little time increase of Fine love of the heart. I have searched my whole life and misses. Through a loving person, I appreciate very much, I have regained confidence and showed me what real love means.
    Next. I imagine in my mind. As I write these glasses and then kick up a mirror to watch myself.
    What I now see through the lenses of these glasses? I see a loving person who is well grown and with both feet on the stands. You know how it absorbs light in the end in itself and the heat can flow to their hearts. Although it has on other lives in a lot with. and no one made life easy, but it has enforced very well with a lot of self-motivation. It has been cleared by the intense art. deconstructive and all events that deleted from their thoughts and shown the rest of state into an expressive visual art emotional. I is a good idea he felt himself well again.

    Next. I imagine in my mind. As I write these glasses and then kick up a mirror to watch myself.
    What I now see through the lenses of these glasses? I see a loving person who is well grown and with both feet on the stands. You know how it absorbs light in the end in itself and the heat can flow to their hearts. Although it has on other lives in a lot with. and no one made her life easy.
    But she was very easily enforced with a lot of self-motivation. It has been cleared by the intense art. And all the deconstructive events so removed from their thoughts. And the rest is made into an expressive visual art. I is a good idea he felt himself well again.

    3. I personally think that what man today is simple, we all have good sides and complicated in itself. Everyone must try the best of his everyday life to make and look with a great optimism to the front. Even if some things do not go so easily from the hand. Of course I would always try all the best optimistic way of the inner opening bevorzugen.Weil the internal opening slightly to an intelligible result and comes to bear fruit each other, which are important for us. Only a warm opening us forward and strengthens us to get started.

    4. Portugal is certainly an interesting country with all its economic crisis but where there is no such crises in the world. Your beautiful Aunt Maria Amelia is certainly a loving person who mastered with all their lives. I wish her the best in their future life. Share the happiness with her, so she finds some comfort in their lives.

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