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Happy, Happy, Happy Friday Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

You have all been very quiet over the last few weeks. I wonder what is brewing… I sincerely ask that if you read this blog to acknowledge your presence EACH TIME by leaving a comment, hitting the like button or rating it. I know a lot of ButterflyMoms come and read the blog every week but they don’t SHOW THEMSELVES.

That gets me thinking…where else in your life do you not show yourself. While I was getting my MBA (back in the 1900’s) 😉 I learned that most women do this type of behavior a lot. I like to call it FLYING UNDER THE RADAR.

GIRL! If you are going to bother flying then make sure it’s WAY above the radar! LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE HERE AND THAT YOU ARE READY FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL ADVENTURES LIFE HAS IN STORE! Send the universe a message through your actions that you want a life that is worthy of being seen.

I can feel your jaw clench and your breath almost stop as you read these words. Take heart, dearheart. You are safe. FEEL THAT STATEMENT. Take a deep deep breath and feel, “I AM SAFE. I AM SOOO SAFE. BECAUSE I AM SAFE I AM FREE TO EXPERIENCE ALL OF LIFE.” Nothing can happen to you today that is not meant for your best and highest good. We know they are all lessons. This is the Earth School after all! There are sooooooo many spirits who would LOVE to be able to be here on Planet Earth to play but they are not here, YOU ARE! It is SUCH a COOL EXPERIENCE! Look down at your hands. Move them. Turn them. Wiggle your fingers. Feel your skin. Feel the bones under your skin. You are made from the same magical material as makes up the stars. Savor the experience. Most people go through life FORGETTING how VERY COOL THIS EXPERIENCE can be with one critical ingredient….GRATITUDE FOR BEING HERE!

I am grateful for you! Are you grateful for you?


Great big hugs,



PS  I was getting a lot of energy around the word DEARHEART which I used above so I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary online and here is it’s amazing definition…

an affectionate soubriquet for the person that has woken your heart and dispelled your misgivings about the world at large

PPS Want to manifest cool things in your life?…I do! That is why I organized this very wonderful workshop. Check it out…

The Sophia Center proudly brings you our very first event…





Come learn about the secrets of how to manifest your wishes! Take part in a guided meditation,

where you will learn how to tune into and connect with your “juice”, your ENERGY! If it’s time for you to start making your dreams a reality then come have fun and live the life you want!

Thursday night, April 7

7:00-8:30 p.m.

783 Washington Street, Holliston

Only $39… 10 % of this event will go towards the ‘Clean Earth Fund’

Led by the fabulous Gabriele Kirschner

Who is the lovely Gabriele? Gabriele has been on a spiritual path of self-awareness and healing for the past 25 years. Her interest in personal growth has led her to a spiritual teacher in India, massage studies in Thailand, a Reiki certification and studies at Pathwork Vermont’s Center for Psycho-Spiritual Education. She graduated in 2010 from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and is currently enjoying studies with Jim Self, a renowned teacher, in his ‘Mastering Alchemy’ course. Through her personal healing work she is creating a safe, focused space for clients to open to their own healing potential. She facilitates client healing with high Quality Flower Essences and combining her finely tuned intuition with sharing her passion of all she has learned. In order to address the heartache she has been feeling about how human beings are polluting our incredible planet, Gabriele recently set up the ‘Clean Earth Fund’ to support and promote programs that assist in bringing our beautiful Planet Earth into balance. This month’s contributions will go to Japan to support Dr. Masuro Emoto’s Aid Work.

Class size is limited. To sign up go to or drop off a check at 783 Washington Street, Holliston.

PPPS The “Book Gods” must have taken the week off this week because zero books were sold. Make the Book Gods happy and buy your best friend a copy! Just click here… To order now go to Don’t fly under the radar…BE REPRESENTED!

Here is where the books have gone to ButterflyMoms…



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Holliston 6

Hudson 4

Medway 3

North Easton 1

South Grafton 1

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New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3

When you buy a book you represent your area. Let’s see where all the ButterflyMoms live!!! :)! This is FUN! To buy your copy Click here now…

Mark your calendar to read ButterflyMoms EVERY Friday! 🙂


  1. i am here maria!!!!! appreciating you!

    • Thank you for sharing. You are a very gifted, beautiful, special woman that is able to lovingly touch many hearts! Beijinhos!

  2. Here………and now counting my blessings for what I have.

  3. Gratitude xo

  4. I am flying so high, I sometimes feel dizzy! Cant wait to spend the weekend with you, Love, Vicki

  5. I have been reading each week, and flying under the radar. I look forward to Butterfly Mom Friday. A MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS, NOW! spot would be a wonderful auction item for the UUAC.

  6. I’m here! Love this! It really is an amazing experience to stop and feel your flesh and bones. I’m going to try to make this a daily practice to stop and truly feel and acknowledge the amazing experience of feeling myself being “alive.” That sounds so weird…why wouldn’t I feel “alive?” It’s different than just getting through the day, doing.. doing… doing… and not feeling. Thank you for giving me this gift today!


  8. Great to be alive and well! Lots of obstacles, but then we wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t have challenges to help us appreciate the good things. Love you all. LF

  9. I am definitely on the radar! LOL I am totally in agreement that there is Purpose in everything! The picture is much bigger than my own view – this is what keeps me moving forward with confidence that I am exactly where I am purposed to be now….now….now….and for all the now’s that are to follow.

  10. I am making my mark! I was here! I am one of those people who read blogs, go on facebook and never post anything but the occasional facebook status update with something mundane for fear that I will insult someone. I have to get over it!!lol

  11. Great, great work.
    Because of you I’m going deep inside more often and try to find the reason for
    lots of things?…
    Muito amor

  12. Maria Dearheart!!! Here is to all of the friends and sometimes foes that allow me to gain higher elevation at every turn. It is the Maria’s in my world that give me the greatest boost but Maria Dearheart is the best. You are a very cool woman!!!
    I love all of you! Nancy

  13. 1. I give myself every time Muehe here are my thoughts and feelings bring a. I’m not a great writer, but I am a visual type receives all the impressions and many visually represents.
    But you give me so to read, and a lot to comment on the day is just too short. I read absolutely everything from Butterfly Bolg. Additionally my activities to come again with my dear family. Sometimes is not easy to bring everything under one roof and tray. How beautiful it says the time is not always important, but I am reliable and I always try in your thoughts zuleben world.

    2. I think so. My soul flies like a couple to jointly share the feeling of flying.
    For “Under the Radar” was above all the perception limit of our flight will fly. I was interested in that. The flight together in space: The good flight of the soul and heart. This beautiful feeling to see us fly together, to feel as we move more smoothly, as we follow the steering commands: For me, and is the completely new and incredibly fascinating, something that has absolutely soothing, earthy itself. Great. Awesome.

    3. Meditation. I learn every day to discover the secrets of life. and in my personal wish to associate, and to present them in a right time. In my guided meditation, I am learning. and go with a accommodation in my energy and achieve a full relaxation condition. During this time, I try my inner feelings and ideas in reality carry. And then to get the life in which I want to live and happy.

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