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William and Kate…Missing Princess Diana!

Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Ok, so normally I wake up Fridays at 4am-ish to write write ButterflyMoms. I started to write it this a.m. but the royal wedding was just too big for me to miss. My apologies for not getting it to you earlier! Here we go…

Simply put, today’s royal wedding is the accomplishment of a dream a beautiful woman, one who never even got to attend the wedding. I mean, the big-hearted Princess Diana who was tragically killed in the prime of life.

Most little girls dream of growing up to be a princess who finds her prince. Diana had this dream. Her fairytale was more of a nightmare. When she died, a little bit of the fairytale died in all of us too. Her prince was in love with someone else and only married her to get heirs. Diana wanted the fairytale! She had a BIG heart and she wanted to use it! She did on her boys! You can completely see how her influence on them, that of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You can see it has greatly altered the royal family.

Within a generations they went from having a very cold queen to a warm princess! Queen Elizabeth did not raise her children, nannies did. For Diana, her kids were her LOVE FOUNTAINS! She adored them and she showed it publicly. She also taught them to live life with their heart wide open! This is VERY different from the Queen whose protocol is literally that you cannot touch or even LOOK at her until she looks at you!!! HELLO, WHAT!?

The wedding was viewed by billions of people around the world. Even though this is a very challenging time for England and the world, the ceremony had the energy of hope, approachability, simplicity and love. It is the legacy of LOVE left by a mother who never got to see her boys grow up.

I really missed Diana today, although I could feel her energy EVERYWHERE!

Great big hugs,



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  1. I was 30 when i lost my mother,,She was 57 !! So young she was !! It will make 15 years this May…I still miss her everyday…Can’t imagine losing her when i was still a baby or think that i would be the same men i am with out her today…Losing a parent at any age changes you.
    Princess Diane Help So many People in so many ways that just the shear thought of her gives people Faith and Strength ! God Bless all of us !!

    • Thank you Rei Alberto for your inspiring insight and raw sharing of you! :)! You help the whole world heal by your sharing and honesty.

  2. Dear sweet Maria, thank you for writing about this. In your story is the greater story of a woman who mothered her children with love even when she didn’t have love. You remind us of the power and the
    gift of loving. For all she suffered she did not lose sight of her loving mother heart.

    • Beautiful Nancy, I got goosebumps when I read what you wrote. Soooooooooo powerful! Thank you for all your love and wisdom that you put out there through your words here on ButterflyMoms and on Front Porch Healing! You truly make the world a better place! WOW!

  3. Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,
    Now I want this week to try to breathe deeply just because my heart has a short stop from sheer excitement, there are gleaming eyes of the Gluek and hope the dream of true love come true. The luck of the heyday that Diana has experienced.
    A story from a thousand and one nights. Externally, through the fairy tale of Diana, has started wonderfully, but it was a beautiful fairy tale wedding that was only a means to an end. The large and cold Koengin with her Prince Charles, who used heirs. and yet they have forgotten the real true love. With their great sense of duty, is the royal power is a wrong way.
    The Diana has brought a lot of love. But it was quickly confronted with tasks materialistic commitment and driven slowly to death. Still additionally Prince Charles was your man of the cold. which does not give your love could. and constantly went with someone else.
    The real true love knows no commitment materialistic values, it only knows the values of true deep feelings. This is the biggest problems in this world, why things fail as fast as more and lacks the true and honest love.
    True love is the most important and beautiful thing on earth, it is hope it brings great joy but also sorrow, yet it is something immortal!
    Diana was a great personalities, a shining star for me. With it we lost the brightest light was on it. You can fill a gap that leaves no one. But with the knowledge that she is at the end of the rainbow bridge and watch over us.
    Diana, we will never forget you. In our hearts you live forever more in us. The Rose of England faded, but their fragrance and radiance will always remain.
    I am often hurt in my heart. Diana was hounded by the press and photographers had to protect even their sons no wonder that so what happens then. For the two missing mom (a mother can not replace it) but think at times of the sons, her mother finally lost, the two do a lot with the heart. The wealth is useless if no warm love is present.
    I hope and wish the new couple of the royal family all the luck in the world, and that the two have sworn to be true and honest love. The true and honest love always comes first, and the materialistic value should always be second. A great role model and then carry to the outside world. so people can learn from it to get a new perpective. That is no different, to be happy.

    PS: I especially miss you. Love Mary. Your beautiful love that I always feel. With your love I’m so strongly connected and I know she’ll always cherish and maintain. I embrace you with my deep love that always comes from the heart to you.

    • Thanks beautiful Hilde for writing from your soul. Although English is not your first language your heart communicates what it needs! Great big hugs from abroad!

  4. ** You are not alone, so I can understand the loss of your mother, I’ve been through the same thing as you .. I have lost both parents.
    But one thing I know, there is no real life anymore without the mother, but only live the memories of her! A life without the mother, who always looked in all the nice and positive, life without a mother who was always there, who gave as a last heat and this unconditional love that needed no discussion.

    Which has always protected around you, with full of love you, I can not express in words, and only your mom could tell you what is right!
    Maybe it helps you to know that it gets easier with time, even though there are many moments of missing.
    I wish you good looking and strong power forward.

    • At first when I read this Hilde, I thought you were “talking” to me but I see that you were talking to Prince William. Diana was and is one of the most POWERFUL women who ever lived and POWERFUL in a way most people would not think of. What an amazing soul who STILL affects us soooooo deeply when we call her to us. Fantastic!

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