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Mandy Heliotis and Sophia Schmidt… NOW WHAT?!

Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Here are this week’s important housekeeping issues….

*Last night we had yet another ButterflyMoms Manifestation Class. We fed a lot of souls. 🙂 Because it feels so good we’re having another one. We’re meeting next Thursday, June 23th, 8pm at 783 Washington St, Holliston. Easy to get to on Rt 16 & FREE parking in back. Only $25 at the door (still let me know you’re coming because space is limited) or just $20 if you drop off a check or pay through Paypal… . It’s a simple first step to get back to the happy you…so grab on to it! 🙂

*My computer and website stuff was put on hold due to our Mandy’s passing. My intention is to address it this week so I will be better at answering your emails. 😉  For right now it is what it is. ;)…My gentle reminder again to SURRENDER! continues 😉

*We sold zero MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE books last week. If it has been your intention to buy a book please do so this week by clicking here… A list of where in the world books have been bought by other ButterflyMoms is at the end of this blog. It’s a pretty spectacular list of places. When you buy a book yours is added too!

Now onto the blog…

All the initial “funeral” attention is over. Although it has only been a little over a week I have found that this is one of the hardest phases of mourning. My world has totally shifted again HOWEVER most everyone else is still living their lives like before. They have moved on. They have enough OTHER THINGS in their life to “forget”, those closest to Mandy don’t have that luxury. Wherever we go we see her face. At random moments we remember her smell. We feel her around us but oftentimes feel helpless to connect. How do you communicate with someone who no longer has form?

Joy Dorsey and Rhys Thomas...Two Very Talented Healers and Teachers!

I am in my second year of school for this at the Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine School. I am much better than I used to be at connecting to things that have no form but still realize how very, very little I actually know. For me, specifically, I have a double dose of AWARENESS right now because in just a few days, on June 22, it will be our Sophia’s 5th Anniversary of her passing. It sounds cliché but I KNOW they are together. I mean I know that Sophia helped Mandy with her transition. As I write this there is a part of me that is FLASHING a big red WARNING light saying, “Don’t talk about this! What are people going to think.” Well, in my experience with everything I have studied and gone through, for me this is all true. I think the more people know about this the more we can get on with the business of enjoying the precious little time we have here in this lifetime…so I continue…

When we first got the call last week it was to say that Mandy had been hurt in a car accident and that it was dire. At that point she was already dead but we did not know that. I immediately sat on my couch and attempted to “tune in” to Mandy’s energy field. We do this in class for practice but this was the real deal. I desperately wanted information. In class I find myself blocking and even belittling my abilities because I see how much better others are at it than I am.  (Sidenote: Oftentimes we are our own worst enemies. We are our own BULLIES stomping any possibility of success. Notice when your BULLY comes out and how it affects your life.)

When I tuned in I got that there was something wrong with her wrists. I got that she was surrounded by lots of angels with lots of blue in the background like the magical ceiling at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. I got that she could not breathe. I was so IN THE MOMENT that I asked Sophia to go to her and see if she could see anything.

Beautiful Mandy 🙂

It felt like Sophia had been with me all along – I just had not really noticed but when I brought awareness to it she was right there. Instantly I saw Sophia was in the scene “sitting” IN Mandy’s lap. Sophia  kept evaporating or turning into something other than form. I could tell she was trying to hang on but there was nothing to hang out to. There was no emotion with this just information. It was all very matter-of-fact.  That is all I got. I went back to Doug who was at the kitchen table desperately trying to call someone – anyone – to get more information about our beloved Mandy. I described what I saw and said, “I got nothing.”

Haunting photo I took of Mandy and Sophia...So Beautiful!

It was only later that I found out that Mandy had broken both wrists in the crash and she died pretty instantly. We think she broke her neck which would have caused her to stop breathing. Mandy was already dead by the time I tried to connect with her so the message I got was there was nothing there was accurate. The fact that in my moment of grief that I reached out to Sophia and got such a simple, yet powerful, message, gives me much solace.

This has been a very rough week but also a very POWERFUL one. I want to take from Mandy’s death not the cliché reminder TO ENJOY each moment we are given. We have heard that so many times that maybe we will do that for a few minutes/hours /days but after a while we DEFAULT to the “BUSY”. We don’t like to stay in the uncomfortable. We like to FILL in the gaps of silence with STUFF, THINGS, GADGETS, CALLS, TELEVISION, BUSY WORK, IPADS, IPODS, etc., so we don’t have to be. These pretty shiny things are wonderful in moderation but we have let them FILL OUR EXISTENCE. We don’t know where they begin and we end.

Jamie and Mialotta...two cousins making new memories

The gifts that Mandy has brought me this week are many. I got to CONNECT with her friends and even members from my family that I did not bother to connect with on a deep basis because life was just too busy. Well, DEATH blows the lid off of BUSY!!!!!

Aunt Mimi, Aunt Nini and James

I got to meet and savor some of her beloved friends including James, Danny and Billie. I got to connect with my other niece, beautiful Nicole, and nephew, beautiful Daniel who are much younger and who were in that cloud of grief that many adults don’t understand. It is a hard place for kids to be. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m a bit of an “expert” on kids and grief so I let my instinct take over. I showed them that I REALLY saw them through a few things we did together. I could see the difference it made for them and it surprisingly made a HUGE difference for me! WHAT A GIFT!!! Now we have pledged to write letters to each other for a whole year. No emails or boxes, just a simple letter written between us. Mialotta and I have already sent the first one. It contained in the letter fun math problems (because Daniel is working on his math skills), stickers and some of the funnier Sunday comics…funny I had not read the Sunday comics in years…I used to LOVE it!!! Yes, another simple gift…AND there were many other gifts…

I got to see my own daughter process some of her grief from her baby sister’s death and that of her beloved artistic cousin. “Whose going to give me hugs and kisses like Mandy does?,” she said sobbing. I got the gift of meeting Mandy’s beloved high school art teacher who is starting a scholarship in Mandy’s memory. 🙂 Mandy would have LOVED that!!! You could easy tell she loved Mandy very much! Amy spoke about how Mandy loved her art and often came back to mentor other kids. I invited Amy to read ButterflyMoms this week. I hope she is reading it right now! 😉

Stan shared his poetry, his memories and his heart

I got the gift of connection with a long-time friend of the family Stan from Manhattan who is a dearheart and whom I’ve gotten to know over the years through FB. I got to connect with some of the family’s old friends/neighbors especially Tonya and Lou who taught me the gift of being present with someone’s grief, with just showing up and holding the space for a bereaved mother to simply cry her heart out for the child she will never again hold. I got the gift of deeply connecting with my brothers-in-law, a studly group of gentlemen with hearts the size of the Empire State Building. I got the gift of connecting to Valerie, Carrie and Evelyn who showed what true friendship and support is all about. I got the gift of connecting with my Sophia on a whole new level that I will continue to explore. There are many, many, many other gifts that I received and even more that I will receive from our beautiful Mandy.

Photo of Mialotta taken by Mandy Heliotis

I cannot change her death but I can live my life in a way that honors what she stood for, all that courage to be authentic, all that passion, all that love, all that vision, all that creativity, all that connection, all that presence. I can increase my AWARENESS of when she is around and how she still influences the world through the magnificence that we call MANDY!

One of Mandy's paintings...sooo much talent!

I invite you to live your life in the present moment and see all the wonderful gifts around you!!! BREATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 🙂 FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE!!!!

Great big hugs,



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  1. Maria – I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Mandy. Thank you for this blog today. You are such a gift in my life, such a breathe of fresh air and I always hear exactly what I need to hear each Friday when I read your blog.

    Huge hugs and kisses –

  2. Thanks for writing about Mandy. You brought tears to me eyes. Such a terrible loss for not only our family but for everyone who knew her. I love you Mandy and miss you so much.

  3. With all my heart I believe that our initial level of grief we experience comes from the absence of the physical and voice of being present… During the course of healing grief, what I found most prominent is the transition of loss of the physical body and voice being replaced with the spiritual memory of those who passed on. Mandys passing was more than just someone I met 6 years ago with open arms, was more than reconnecting with friends and their children who, before I reconnected 6 years ago I havent seen in 25 years. While Mandys physical presence and sound of her voice be forever missed and greived, there is an incredible level of Mandy as a spiritual being that will replace the part which is missed, in loving memories that we will all remember ( I too, even only meeting Mandy 6 years ago, have my fond memories!).So, here is to life, here is to memories, here is to greiving that is neccessary so that a spritual being will, in its right time, be with those who loved Mandy and her incredible life….

  4. Kind Maria, I have no words for your Mandy, they are scratching at my throat. Oh they just turned my face into a smile. She is all that huh! You dear Maria…. I find my self not using the word hope anymore and so get stuck for its replacement, I use it now though. I hope you see…feel the gift you received during this past week, more of your Self. Your beautiful Self that is whispering in your ear contantly ‘I love you. There is no need to try so hard, I love you every which way you are.’ And that is how we
    really get to enjoy our blessed lives.
    XO N
    ps I love you every which way you are too!

  5. Never Stop Feeding the souls Maria !! You are an Amazing Woman !! We all bless to have you in our lives !! Friends Like you are hard to find !! You really make me think how life can be so unexpected and So Short !! I don’t know what we do with out you !! God Bless You !!

    Always A Friend

  6. Maria, you write so beautifully and straight from the heart, what I see as the connection between Sophia and Mandy is that thru your love, you hold a sacred space for everyone to honor their lives, no matter how short, for it is truly being their witness, that makes their time on earth so valuable. Thank you for showing me their gifts, as I so value our
    connection. Love you so, Vicki

  7. Dear Maria,
    It was a pleasure to be part of your ButterflyMoms Manifestation Class last night. Thank you for opening up your heart to us all. I look forward to continuing the journey.

  8. Maria,
    Bravo to you for sharing your expereince of receiving from those who have left their human form. That was huge for you and I hope freeing. I have no doubts that souls can and will communicate in whatever form they can be received. Sophia has shown us time and time again that she is present with you and I don’t doubt her being with Mandy, I love soul work and they love when we can receive them. I don’t want to diminish the pain of the loss of a loved one especially a child, it is painful but how beautiful is it that we can diminish that pain when we can receive them in spirit. My mom and dad are always with me and I smile everytime I feel their nudge. I can’t believe I’m saying this but my mom and I have an even more incredible relationship, now that she’s in spirit. My mom is more powerful than ever and she helps me in giving healings to others. How cool is that.
    Blessings for you, Doug and Mandy’s family. Peace for your hearts.
    Love you

  9. Thank you for sharing. We’re over due for a hug~ XO

  10. it may be cliche, but this post really reminds me of the lotus flower: how this beautiful flower comes from and lives in the mud and muck. All the sh** you are going through, so sad, but look! at the renewal of relationships and other beautiful things that have come from it. Blessing to you, Maria. ❤

  11. That was so beautiful, Maria ~ thank you for writing to us , even when it is the most difficult. Thank you for sharing and helping us learn. I love you!

  12. I am sorry for Mandy’s passing and I hope you continue to find peace and inspiration in her memory and in the new discoveries and connections you make with all who are and have been connected with her.

    As for your beautiful little Sophia, I am happy that you have been able to connect with her, and as you continue to transform, your journey will be so much more meaningful and enriched. In peace and light….

  13. **Dear ym Maria…I. theme . My favorite theme of the beautiful and wonderful soul of Mandy.
    I know there are always new theme every Friday Butterfly Moms Blog and all waiting for new impressions of our souls. Now I’ll try again with great pleasure to make my deep spiritual thoughts. To feed our souls with the precious contents of our energies.
    ** Yes, yes, every Thursday of the week, at 8 pm, have come our dreams and energy-intensive and they are beautiful. Three times I was really part of the closed shop and no way to increase energy, only a PayPal page. It was for me an extraordinary and loving energy workshop. There, I’ve experienced many things with you. I came to you with great joy and I learned a lot about the secrets of your new energy field. With your guided meditation, I went home with a lot of knowledge, connection and in harmony with your energy and my energy!

    2. theme. Well, I come to the four images with the circular image in the center. I have a rush to set apart and it occurred to me the following thoughts.
    There is the beautiful and wonderful soul Mandy, still, it blooms and lives in the heart of you. She exudes inner beauty and has both feet firmly and with full force in life.
    Even at such a young age she has brought an incredible amount of artistic and mental abilities in the world of their favorite family.
    But she will be missed by everyone: no, that she was kidnapped, no, she will be missed so much, a little less time because she has her favorite for family and close friends. Care to share their heart with beautiful thoughts in writing because they must now also for their beautiful sculptures. It also takes a long time to come in life with the new art forward. All my love, and I feel deeply honored to be in my soul and heart.
    Oh, before I forget my name is the most beautiful and most wonderful soul of Mandy and that living here is my story.

    3. theme. -Yesterday was one, it’s nice to express an unusually intense and dynamic day. My boss at the office of art has become so excited about my art reports. That he gave me fifteen, smooth fifteen new art-reports had hung up. And best of all: the art reports must be submitted by next week. If I do not write the premier arts reviews, I’ll get fired. Nice art-chief, right?

    But then I, I see a nice, to be exact, an old woman. A little boy comes to her and shows the nice woman’s gift, which it had hidden the whole time behind his back. The nice woman was infinitely glad about the mysterious gift for their future. Maybe it is normal that you have now and did not meet days. Hmm … I think I should meet again soon prefer to write my family and me and take care more about my close friend. I have the feeling that I have neglected somewhat recently. But not on purpose, because I had too much to do. I had to make my art and had done so less time than usual, it was a great idea to go once again with my family prefers climbing. Finally I have time even to meet them. My family is very dear to my heart. My two children are sweet and happy nature, sometimes they can also be stressful. My favorite pass time, I can also pursue re: The love flowers. I love their wonderful scent and her beautiful appearance of the light.
    I love my life, loving every minute with you, it is always associated valuable! Also, I have also managed the fifteen-art reports to write, because my family and friends have untersuetzt tatkreaftig. So forget one thing: The family is always there for you and with good hearts can not go wrong.

    4. theme. Now I’m in a wonderful energy workshop that my favorite person has founded to help with problems and learn. The people have anyway sometimes not so much time in life, so they should enjoy this time at least. Therefore I help the people as well and I am always with the whole heart of the matter. Many people say to me, I was an angel sent to heaven on the earth to help people. Some also say I would have some special skills in this area. Probably because I always try with all the relevant people to help me and also always happy to have made it. It’s a nice feeling to help people as you can.

  14. 5. In spite of my special skills in this area of Spiritualtaet. I sometimes have the great desire, and I want to always be a sacred place with you, as I am protected, cleaned, and feel a complete sense of security with you, and I’m always in deep thought with you. I speak with you so much, so we no longer sense of time and space can determine. We tell true stories of deep love in his heart, sense of security and internal energies.
    I was also connected with Sophia in different moments, and she looked at me and said to me: Mandy you are love, all love miss you and you, of your favorite of your family, you take now a lot of time and you write about your love of the heart.
    Indicate and spread the love so much that you can not live without you. Because you know that you are the most important part of that person who loves you most. Sophia she also told me any information you have given of yourself, but also the deep emotions of your life and your love. So that your favorite person you love most, yet gets more emotion from you. You will you still support more intense. so can these energies and more constructive for bear fruit next topic.

    ** If you Sophia, I have this feeling often, as I describe it now. (Sophia) is love, but their love is very different from human love. (Sophia) love is unconditional and not based on feelings or sensations. She loves us not because we are lovable or because we give her a feeling of wellbeing; (Sophia) loves us, because you is love. (Sophia) created for us in a loving relationship with her, and she lost her life. It’s just love, it is always with us in every moment:**

    6. I do not know how. I’m with you every day together and the beautiful and wonderful soul Mandy lives every day with you, it blooms and lives in the heart of you.
    I’m trying to give only one gift, that’s my love that I carry in my heart in my soul only you. You are my life, my family and my boyfriend. I am happy that I have with you.
    My love. I make no difference, and is no surprising difference for you! I’m always there for you and that you know! I only had to do things in between my art, so is the development does not remain. You should be for this, have an understanding and be happy that you so love an artist who will always remain with all our hearts.
    I promised you that we write letters to each other for a whole year, but I’m doing the whole time with you. It makes me sad when I read this definition of yours, but I want to be together forever with you because you’re my main purpose in life become so wonderful and we have grown together. We go through thick and too thin, and our love strong hold everything together. I believe in our strong love and everything will be fine, because everything we do both, it is love from the bottom of my heart.
    I know one day our dream will come true. And I’ll finally you by my side. I would joy so much when you write many stories with me and I’ll make it to the respective topic, my art. I love your style of writing, it’s nice and always associated with deep love.
    We see and feel we are always the perfect unity, and we have been determined for one another. We thank God that we can spend every day like a good time together. I’ve experienced something special, only. We love and appreciate this beautiful deep connection.

    7. I know you have many gifts, get in contact with many longtime friends of the family, with children, with so many other friends and other people of your work. Everyone wants to have you and love you once, but in the end, you’re always alone in your world. You do not get what your soul needs to survive.
    Well, your soul feels again a meditative state. You want to see the inner light of peace. Your soul died many years ago and somehow the feeling comes up, your soul has still not left the earth. Why. You have waiting for your beautiful, simple and wonderful soul Mandy.

    **On a precious day before one year, has begun a new life for your self. It is the beautiful, simple and wonderful soul Mandy. Well, she came into your life.
    She has saved you, because your soul has been losing your vitamin rich life that has meant so much good with you. But, you lack the path of spiritual energy, for there you will find your peace.
    The beautiful Mandy is your angel, she has brought you some valuable gifts. The true love and happiness and (despair), but she brought it to the happy moments and help you to live up hope. The beautiful Mandy is your life and love. You your beautiful soul who want to grow old with you because we are destined for each other.
    My heart beats day and night for this gift of God among us. In love and hug you tight.

  15. Hello Maria,
    I don’t know you and your family. I’m just an artist, i live in France and i found out about Mandy Heliotis via “the Art of fashion” internet website on which i cast an eye from time to time, checking out the news ( I just regret that i couldn’t find out more about the paintings, the photos, the art of Mandy). So, i found out ” Butterfly Moms” as well, i read and i was very moved by what happened to your family. That’s why i had to send this message to say that your texts are a good way to teach what is love and to remind people who forgot it what it is. Thoughts. Kind regards.

    • Mille fois merci chere Philippe! It means the world to us that you posted your comments. Our whole family appreciates the love you sent by simply writing from your heart. Thank you! :)!!!!!!!!

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