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Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Here are this week’s important ButterflyMoms updates…

*We just had our fourth ButterflyMoms Manifestation Class and each week one or two more people come. It is soooooo awesome to see people shift before everyone’s eyes. Most of the crap we have is just trapped energy and we teach ways to release it. It feels really good to come and because it feels so good we are having another one next week. We’re meeting next Thursday, June 30th, 8pm at 783 Washington St, Holliston. Plenty of FREE parking in back. Only $25 at the door (still let me know you’re coming so we have enough chairs and materials) or just $20 if you drop off a check or pay through Paypal… . It’s a wonderful way to let go of a lot of your blocks! It’s inspiring!J

*My computer and website issues are still unresolved. MAN! This is a long lesson!!! Sometimes I wish I were a faster learner!!! SHEEESH!!! It is heartbreaking that my web guru did not update my ButterflyMoms post as I requested several times and I am left with the sadness that for the first time the actual ButterflyMoms site did not get the blog post for the week. If you read it, it was because you got it from Facebook. If you are reading this you are one of the lucky few who has access to this blog and I ask that you help ButterflyMoms by sending it to your friends so that we IGNITE as many souls as we can!

*It was an exciting week for MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE book sales! We sold three books this week…Yay!!! Great big THANK YOU to Robin Dahill from Bolton, MA  and Jennifer Hill from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (notice they both have “Hill” in their name – very interesting! 😉 ) who are representing brand new towns where MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE have never sold before!!! YAY! Also a GRAND THANK YOU to the incredible Christine Hart of Holliston, MA who after months of trying to fit in coming in to get her own personalized copy did so this week. What a treat it is to connect with these amazing women! Gratitude abounds!  Remember, an ever-growing list of where in the world books have been bought by other ButterflyMoms is at the end of this blog. It’s a pretty spectacular list of places. When you buy a book yours is added too!

Now onto the blog…

Sure! I'll take just one more problem!!! Just throw it on the pile!

I was processing something last night at the ButterflyMoms Manifestation Class that was so big that I had to do it “publicly”. The class offers a SAFE SPACE where any of us can say where we feel stuck. I had a MAJOR ENERGY DRAIN this week. There have been a lot of major stresses in my life but one of the biggest is MY STRUGGLE with how I want desperately to control the events of my life! I have not let go of the illusion that IF I can just CONTROL THIS or THAT then I will be safe. It is absolutely amazing how VERY STUBBORN I am at simply learning how to SURRENDER! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

On Wednesday it was Sophia’s “Angel Date” and quite honestly one of the major feelings I was feeling was RAGE. Now, being a “middle-aged” mom in a small, idyllic New England town that is usually NOT a very “acceptable” thing to feel. Most who feel this I suspect, bury it….DEEP inside for fear that someone will see it. Well, seems like that RAGE is exactly what needed to come up for me because the universe kept sending me ICKY situations where it was basically a Petri dish for RAGE to grow.

A client of mine helped by being super angry at a “bump” that was fixed but still this client wanted to be in ANGRY ZONE and attempt to “punish” me while she was at it by treating me in condescending ways that even the other agent was surprised at. I want to say to her, “Is this how you treat people when things don’t go your way?” This actually happened on Sophia’s “Angel Date” and so it made it EXTRA RAW. Add to the mix the fact that most of our family did not even bother to CONNECT with us about Sophia on her death day, it grew my CAULDRON OF RAGE to the boiling point. I was deep in the LAND OF SHOULD and not present to the fact that while I was handing out JUDGMENTS of others like they were Pez, I was neglecting the fact these people were gifts to me. I was SOOOOOO in their space that I was burning a phenomenal amount of energy. The result was that I screamed at my kids and husband and basically acted like a crazy person because I was so energy depleted and not PRESENT with MY SELF.

Now my profile, for those who know profiles should come as no surprise. I am an ENFORCER/CARISMATIC LEADER. (E/CL). Let me give you the Cliff Notes version of the profiles. Each of us has a light side and a dark side. We need both sides. If you cut off the dark, you cut off the light. That’s just how it works. Your power comes from the dark side. The dark side is not “bad” unless you ignore it and then the energy builds up until it explodes! That is almost NEVER PRETTY. Well, the Oprah experience, being one of her last five guests EVER!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! (just had a mini celebration moment there again) opened up a huge part of my light side and in response a huge part of my dark/power side opened up too….hmmmm, very interesting!

Basically people, there is a lot of heavy shit we all carry around with us. I did an exercise yesterday that showed that at the ButterflyMoms workshop that everyone got, but when I SHOWED them, they REALLY GOT IT! As we become energetically “lighter” the SHIT will come up. Yes, indeedie for each of us it has and will continue. LISTEN UP, if you have not SHIT coming up you are not living your life! Hear me! This is why we are here to CLEAR THE SHIT! People who live meaningful lives are present with whatever comes. Hell, it does not always have to be pretty to be worth living through! The gift in my whole week, why all these icky situations came up for me was a huge opportunity for me to FACE and LET GO of some of my rage. These laws of the universe work like gravity does. It is ALWAYS “on”.

How many times in your life do feel like you are getting pummeled? Instead of looking at the common link or observing what gift this could be bringing we WHIP OUT THE LABELS:  MY LIFE….(fill in the blank)… “isn’t fair”, “hard”, “sucks”, blah, blah, blah…..what could have been a major gift of awareness and release of energy turns into another large piece of emotional roadkill that you throw into your “basement” for it to further rot with all the other stuff you have thrown down there. I think it’s safe to say that most of us lead very SMELLY lives. It is the ones who look like they have it “all together” who are efforting the most at keeping up the façade. It does not matter how much crap you have. Each moment of every day brings with it the ability to accept the gift of AWARENESS, the launching pad of a phenomenally rich “vita dolce”!!!

Great big hugs,



The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE…



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1

Florida (New state added to our book list just this week…Yay Jennifer Hill!)

Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 2

Bolton 1 (New town to our book list just this week…Yay Robin Dahill!)

Holliston 12 (Brought the number up to 12…Yay Christine Hart!)

Hudson 4

Medway 3

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Worcester 3


Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1

*To buy your copy Click here now…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your energy with us in blog format. It helps.


  3. Interesting, Maria. and a little bit funny. let me tell you why: When i read the title (and i saw it this morning before you had to change it to “poopsies” but i didn’t have time to read it then) i thought you were talking about literally, and that’s the thought i had in mind when i began reading it now. If you are healthy and eat right, supposedly your shit is not supposed to smell! Well, to tell you the truth, the majority of time, my shit doesn’t really stink…over half the time anyway! Because it goes right through and doesn’t have time to ferment and rot and get really stinky! BUT, i have been taking some pills to try to “detox” my body, and it has started to smell really bad! i presume it is all those toxins beginning to come out. So if you impose this structure over what you’e saying…the anger/rage could be as a result of the bad things getting out of your body/psyche, which totally makes sense!!!
    BTW, I feel for you for your daughter, but you should be aware by now that especially in our society, death is pretty much ignored and swept under the rug, most especially after one whole year has passed. You are lucky nowadays if you get to mourn even a year! And others are certainly not going to encourage ou to be mourning after five years, so if that is your choice you need to recognize that and make allowances for that, not feel enraged that they don’t “get it” and share your emotions. No one else can share that! Not even your mother or your sister. It is your feelings, and your private grief, so maybe you need to set aside that day for a few more years to go away some place by yourself. I would encourage you to keep that day for you and your reflections and your emotions…but to maybe minimize it to that day or so, and not have a “countdown” to it, etc. etc. I know i don’t know your family and friends personally, but i do know human nature and our society, and i would imagine that is their way of trying to help you “get over it,” since with all your countdowns, they probably didn’t have a chance to actually forget it. When my husband died, i’m pretty sure i and my kids were the only one that remembered it. I still, nearly 30 years later, remember it on the day of, but no one else does. Life is so, so full, that no one wants to take time out to remember the past–they are too busy just trying to get through NOW. Please have patience with us people…remember we are ALL works in progress. And even, I might add, as “mindfullness” is so prevelant nowadays…if we are to be fully present in the present moment, in the now, we can’t dwell in the past. It served to make us who we are now, and it doesn’t mean those peoples’ lives who have gone before us weren’t important, but, as they say, Life is for the Living. They are gone; We are here. They are memories in our hearts, but they have passed Maria. Maybe the rage you’re feeling is that you can’t hold onto the feeling of them being here forever. That is part of the grief you must deal with, and it does pop up every now and again for a long, long time.
    Guess I’m long-winded, eh? 😉 I hope next year is easier for you. I hope your dark side doesn’t get TOO dark, lol! Wishing you love, LIGHT, and laughter……Celeste

  4. Love you Ria- I know you have alot of balls in the air on a normal day- and it takes much energy and cheerleading to navigate each and every day with your own needs, your family, your business, and more. Place the tragic loss of your niece and the anniversary of the loss of Sophia onto your plate and your buoyancy starts to lessen. But let the love of those you care deeply for you lessen your burdens. Let the love that is Mandy and Sophia bring you smiles and lift your heart. You can no longer hug them and it is so very sad not to be able to hold and kiss Sophia. But eventually, the physical separation will end and the joyful reunion will occur. We are given the gift of life. Let us celebrate it the best way we can- with love for others and an awareness of the vast beauty in this world.

  5. 1. **My dearest Maria.., you have already made the fourth ButterflyMoms energy workshop and it is wonderful how my heart and soul have been so pleased to increase, in part with you.
    I did all my writing stuff properly. But every week it seems to me that my dear heart and soul can get there. Maybe I’m not been in your place. I discovered with much love, three times I was really part of the closed shop and no way to increase energy, only a PayPal page. I thought if a nice side is designed with so much love in detail, then you have come from here in the same energy workshop, in order to participate.
    Only this week was seen in I, Butterfly Mom, there’s this link at right side. How do I get your energy workshop # / home.php? sk = group_93661017326 & ap = 1
    But maybe it’s me, I do not have the ability to do a conference call for the workshop. I am very simple person and I like to start things with a clear brief and simple ways.
    The am still very happy that I have the honor to be one of the lucky few to have this access to the blog.
    I am also very happy that my dreams to incorporate energy with you. There will be an extraordinary and loving energy workshop for me. There I will learn a lot about the secrets of your new energy field. With your guided meditation, I will go home with a lot of knowledge and constantly in touch and in harmony with your energy and my energy will be.

    2. I am pleased with all my heart that you’ve sold more books. It just proves very much about how many women in these families extraordinary interesting concept and are interested. In order to further develop their minds and take a lot of valuable content it can.
    For my personal use, enough , these two valuable books. But it should result in something new, one for ordering books from my side, I’ll let you know with all my heart always.

    I think every week it brings up another success for this book, you must have patience for anything and it will then be determined in the future a great success.
    I’ve even tried several times to your book presented in two of the biggest bookshops in Vienna. And they meant: a book in English in a German area, it is very difficult to sell. From a private Schritsteller which is not in the official reading list. They have promised to giv
    e me an answer if they have an interest.
    The bookstore would take only 1-3 books on order. Further, I tried with my family, friends, acquaintances, and for this book to advertise. But, they have meant, it is a good and interesting for the women. However, it should be translated in German language, because everyone has difficulties to understand the entire contents into a foreign language perfectly. I do not know if you want to do these high and financial workload for the translation into a foreign language. There is a large amount of work and whether that actually pays for a foreign language in the future is another question. I do not know if the big book publishers, writers for a private sales and success. With a positive force in the heart, it always goes forward in life.
    3. It is a very funny picture with your phone, you certainly got up too early in the morning, and yet little sleepy. It needs new portion of energy, not to yawn more, during which she speaks with her loving family.
    Maybe they would need some more sleep and rest, something to be merry. Some simply need a lot of time at the right moment to wake up, and take a powerful energy.
    4. now for little Sophia. I very much cared about the little angel Sophia and her inner feelings for my shared them with. In so many different moments and I had been connected with their memory, and she looked at me and said to me: Thou art but also a wonderful soul with love in our hearts. I could feel their energy, and she has also said before, so this beautiful soul of the love we share with each other.
    Sophia was and is so full of little angel of purity and deep love, a luminous soul for me. She has shown us what love means deep in the heart every day for us.
    In the little Sophia, always the brightest light has burned out. She leaves us a lot of love, we are trying to fill.
    Now a little angel from heaven powerful tells a little experience:
    It was a little angel in heaven, who accompanied our family with such closeness and tenderness that she felt an irresistible desire, not only with their wings over the earth, is to protect and take care of our family, but she wanted to return to go home, one of them.

    One day they saw on earth, a white rose just bloomed. As the little angel appeared, as she had never felt in such a white sky, and their desire to belong to the earth, grew.
    So they stood before the face of heaven and asked. Get me to the ground, let me be a man among men.

    There came a noble, wise, and to angels said: You know well that there is on earth not just sunshine and flowers? There are all kinds of storms and severe weather and Beautiful. Yes, replied the little angel, I know. But I also saw a loving person who had the strength to be clamped, a large umbrella of love, so that two loving people among them was room for. It seemed to me that both could use a nice strong unit and for always, no storm could bring them apart, because it is love.
    Since the sky was smiling at the little angel.

    Nevertheless, a whiter white in the world and in my heart. These flowers are like love, like the exterior also see their white remains in the soul: As the two human gazed lovingly into his face and saw the sky light in the precious spark of her eyes.
    And they looked at each of two wings.
    Full of joy they embraced. Then the miracle happened. They reached the white flower field, together they could fly, because …
    People are angels with only two wings –
    To be able to fly together, they must firmly embrace.

    4. A profile picture back and forth. and there are so many things that all of situations bring in an outstanding and positive state.
    Allso we are born into this world, dark with a light side and a good little side.
    I try to make my daily recipe forever. if the dark side wants to annoy me or make me sad. How beautiful it says! Long live the bright side of me always. It works like a miracle and is a little secret: Just close your eyes and concentrate on one point and this energy increase in the subconscious of the true love.

    It takes a few minutes until I can feel those warm deep love, and she begins to accrue through my soul and the whole body. The large inner miracle has it all back into a joy and harmony. The broadcast of this love in turn, can affect the environment and reflected.
    PS: A moment of deep love goes so deep into me, that time can not erase it. She lives on and on and reproduced in you. Therefore, a moment of love is a moment of eternity. The love transforms and heals all the dark sides, and the warm thoughts reach a brightening in you, in seconds fast. You feel yourself again, reborn.

    PS: My dearest Maria, I agree with your thoughts outputs. But, writing with your words could this week be designed somewhat loving. We’re all sensitive people, and take proper regard to others. the not so good writing can. but their progress is very endeavor.

  6. **Yuo’re my peace of mind in my deep heart.
    You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.
    the world will turn.
    I embrace you with love 🙂

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