Posted by: ButterflyMoms | July 22, 2011

Are YOU Engaged?

Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Here are this week’s important ButterflyMoms updates…

Here are some of the amazing women who come to the ButterflyMoms workshops! This is what last night looked like! Talk about feeding your soul! WOW! LOVE how happy they are!! YAY!

*Continued our ButterflyMoms Chakra workshops and welcomed some new faces. Thank you Karin, Mary, Denise, Kerri, Jennifer, Mary and Gaynor! We’re meeting again next Thursday, July 28st, 8pm at 783 Washington St, Holliston. Plenty of FREE parking in back. Only $25 at the door or just $20 if you drop off a check or pay through Paypal… . 🙂  We all have SUCH a wonderful time learning about ourselves and clearing our “roadblocks”. If you have been thinking about coming just do it…Come to feed your soul! You will be soooooooooooo happy you did! 🙂

*For the 15thth week my computer and website issues are still a work in progress. Please keep sharing the site to friends. I apologize for the hiccups.

*No new books sold for MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE this week too. Fourth week of no book sales. Keep putting your dream out there too!

Now onto the ButterflyMoms blog…

Dearest ButterflyMoms!!!

Top of the mornin’ to ya! I’m feeling especially good after one of THE best ButterflyMoms workshops yesterday! :)! I also had two coaching clients yesterday and it felt AMAZING to them and to me!  It felt like I was in alignment with my heart.

So in the workshop we are talking about chakras and how they work or don’t work for us. I just noticed an event yesterday that is tickling my funny bone…you know the universe has a VERY funny sense of humor! :)! Well, I went into one of the banks in Holliston yesterday because my bankcard would not work with the code I had. It was CRAZY hot and muggy yesterday so I tried just the drive-through because I had my girls in the car and to take them out…if you have them you know what I mean 😉 Turns out I had to go inside to get it fixed. When I got inside one of the tellers said to another out loud, “Do you see that lady over there? Her name is Maria and she gives the BEST hugs. Go ask her for one.”  Turns out she had gotten a hug from me THREE YEARS ago and it is STILL feeding her soul when she connects to it! :)! WOW! If you know me at all that by the time I left with my girls I had hugged EVERYONE at the bank and left them in a puddle of gushy-ness! :)! It was awesome!!!!!!!!The amazing women who come to my workshop also say they LOVE the hugs. If I were to dissect this HUG THING OF MINE, I can say that each time I hug I open my heart the biggest I know how. I am as present as I know how to be in those moments. It did not start off this way, it just evolved that way. How people react is very interesting. Oftentimes it’s like a moth to a light…like they are being DRAWN or PULLED…

My girls... :)!

When I got home after my workshop I was drawn to watch an Oprah Show I had recorded. It was about two 82 year old twin sisters from Knoxville, TN who SAW (to notice is the first step) that there were many people around them who were going hungry. They started THE LOVE KITCHEN based on the principle that EVERYONE IS GOD’s SOMEONE…(side note: if the “god” word freaks you out then replace it with any other word that works, it’s about the meaning not the actual word, itself. Many of us get tripped up on that….for me I use the word “universe”. CHOOSE what works best for you!) When you see these beautiful sisters you get a complete picture of what LOVE incarnate looks like. They are happy, simple, humble, kind, giving….and THEY LOVE TO HUG!!!!! My kind of peeps!!! I send Ellen and Helen LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the way from Boston! They are on Facebook which if you go to their site you can access directly… When you post let them know you read about them on ButterflyMoms. Spread the love!

A scene from NIGHT OF THE LIVING oftentimes how most of us live our lives

As I wrap up today, I want to leave you with the gentle reminder that we are SOULS having a HUMAN experience. Our TO DO list, although helpful, can also be crippling because they take us OUT OF OUR FEELINGS and into our heads. This will cause you to live a life that is NUMBED OUT. Take a moment. Touch something alive. Hug a tree! Hug a person…especially someone who REALLY needs it. Whenever I give money to homeless people I ask for a hug. YES, sometimes they are smelly but SO WHAT! I have a shower when I get home and they have no home! Plus the look on their face….and the way my heart opens up even just a little more….is priceless! :)!

ENGAGE YOUR LIFE! ACTIVATE IT NOW! BREATHE! FEEL! LIVE! If you were looking for a sign let this be it!!!! This is your “permission” to be you :)!!!! GO FOR IT! Stop acting like you have all the time in the world. Do YOU know how much time you have left on earth? Do you? No one does but we ALL KNOW it is FINITE. We will all die sooner or later, many with no warning so instead of just attaching to the things that have no meaning TO YOU I’m inviting you to ENGAGE YOUR LIFE!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FEELS GOOD!  (and no I have not had sugar or caffeine this a.m. I’m just thrilled that you gave your heart the gift of reading this blog! )

Great BIG honkin’ hugs,




The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE…



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1


Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 2

Bolton 1

Holliston 12

Hudson 4

Medway 3

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Worcester 3


Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1

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  1. It’s so amazing those women can make such an impact, starting in their 80’s – just goes to show that it’s never too late to make a difference and shift the world of others 🙂

    • Yes, beautiful Sasha, isn’t that a GREAT reminder… it is NEVER too late! Start where you are with whatever you have and focusing on what you have. That is how you lead a really fascinating life! :)!

      Great big hugs,

  2. My dearest and most wonderful Maria.
    Hey. I love your seelischche embrace always comes with great company spirit. A hug is the absolute healing balm to our soul and heart. I must only read me in your loving theme. and be embraced in my soul.
    I try finally meet the time ok .. I always think of you with love in my Inscribe coming soon to you ..

    • Beautiful Hilde,

      Sending you great big hugs!


  3. Love that hugging in the bank! Great pic in my mind…just as it should be!!
    Thinking of finding my way to your workshop for next Thurs. if there is one. Don’t know where Holliston is but GPS does. I’ll try to bring Esperanca too my soul sister and how I found you here. Feel energized and ready for the day after reading your beautiful words of encouragement.
    BIG HUG to you,

    • Beautiful April! I would love, love, love to have you and the beautiful Esperanca at the ButterflyMoms workshop!!!!!!! The energy is amazing! The people are amazing! It is a wonderful community! :)!

      Great big hugs,

  4. this is meant in love…..GOD is love….not a chair nor a lamp nor the moon nor anything else that He’s created! it’s ALL about Him!!! i am thrilled that you have learned that opening one’s heart can only heal and not hurt!
    may that wonderful touch of love continue to flow through you, beautiful maria!!! and i look forward to our next hug!!!!

    • Hugs make the world go round my dear Tara! What a wonderful reminder of what is important. Something as simple as a hug.

  5. Thank you for the honkin’ hug!

    • Plenty more where that come from beautiful Donna! :)!

  6. My favorite blog of the day! My favorite of all at ButterflyMom’s. I feel my regular shot of inspiration but also this blog has me smiling differently. I feel inspired in a real and natural way. The way life really is. Hot summer day, kids, errands and a ‘Hug by Maria’. Like a day at the beach, an evening watching baseball, Maria giving hugs in the bank. All priceless.

    Thank you Maria! You are my inspiration today.

    XO Nancy

    • Beautiful Nancy! I dreamt about you last night. I was trying to get to your front porch. Simply amazing how your friendship, wisdom and insight carry me through my ickiest times. :)! THANK YOU!

  7. You are an inspiration, Maria. Keep it up.

    Love, Linda D.

    • You beautiful Linda are also an inspiration to me. I love how you follow your heart and are present to all that you see and feel. It is wonderful to see you unfolding! :)!

  8. Your Amazing !! When it comes to life, I have always felt that life should be spontaneously embraced. When a Stranger gives you a hug for no reason, But to only share his happiness with you…..Those are the ones that feed the sole for a very long time !! I Can’t wait to get my next hug from you Maria !!

    • Beautiful Rei Alberto, you don’t know the many, many, many times I think of just getting in a plane (or the impulse to just start swimming 😉 to come see you! 😉 You are one of those AMAZING people who I don’t know if I even have words to share how I feel. It is something so strong that I don’t even need to be psychically around you to do matter. It is more powerful than that! Thank you for showing up in my life. I wish I had appreciated it much sooner! 🙂

  9. yes, i could really use a hug! and i have to say the most amazing part of this blog today, to me, was that you say you give the homeless hugs when you give them money…i just reach out of the car and hand them what i can spare, which, since i am poor (and cannot always even afford the gas for the car to be driving!), is usually not much. Sometimes i give them a sandwich or something. But it would never occur to me to give them a hug! You have a much stronger stomach than me, for sure, Maria! I always thought that about Mother Theresa too!!! You guys are alot alike, I can’t stand the smell, but i’m glad there’s some people like you on this earth that can, cuz i think you’re right…they need the hugs too!
    God bless you! (and, Like Tara S., i too mean GOD, not “the Universe” or goddess or anything else, but the God Who Created and Loves Us.) May He shelter you under His wings, and i hope you go on a real long time more handing out those hugs! I look forward to getting one of my own some day from you! 😉

    • Beautiful Celeste, we are not all meant to be the same. We are meant to be who we are. It FEELS good to me to reach out to others. It is who I am. Not everyone has to be that way. I actually almost did not write it because you never know what people will say or think but I’m getting better with that. 😉 Hugging is good practice! 🙂 I swear if I could get paid to hug I would do it all day! It’s sooooooooo fun!!!!

  10. 1. My favorite ButterflyMoms, yesterday I clicked on your link and I am not come back to BUTTERFLY MOMS workshop, but in a strange chakra page. I thought your workshop will be held at ButterflyMoms page. Why do you do it to me so difficult is that for me is a big mystery.
    The easiest thing in the world, is a link to click, and I can read your page and comment on charka.
    It works here just fabulous. How many times I’ve checked and I have not found any old Charkar themes from you. ButterflyMoms on your page are no things for future reference or to rework. I’ve never spent much more effort of searching, as in this workshop.
    If I do something wrong or do not understand, then please korregiere it for me so I can comment on same. I want a normal access workshop for your energy and be happy. Otherwise we will always have the same situation every week with this workshop. I did everything properly paid for the workshop Chakrathemen, although I never managed to take part now. I do not understand, has not been my transfer to my bank.
    Now you’re just an ordinary workshop for me (like the Butterflty Moms Blog), so you have to make any unnecessary trips and extra effort. Can not wait any longer in the heat with your little girl and need.

    2. You always know. You’re my favorite person in my life, I guess your best every day and loving hug. I embrace you from the heart very deeply and my energy flow in your beautiful soul and heart.
    I can not tell you often enough. Gives me so much of the sky almost every day your loving embrace. I carry a deep gratitude in my heart and I am glad your loving embrace always take with value. Your beautiful love and wisdom always allows me to exercise my connection with everything and to find out how much I’m out in all my being and doing. You’re also the one who always gives me advice again, where my road goes and how I can devote my life to a deeper meaning. For that I thank you with all my heart.

    PS: I must repeat again. You’re combining the most wonderful hug of writing and with your beautiful love. Your heart is always adorned with an extraordinary inner beauty. Every thought is true in you embrace. Your expression of your inner feelings of love, is simply beautiful. I love your soul. This hug is the absolute healing balm for me.

    3. NOW. Well. How can two such strong and so loving souls Thematic be debilitating. Motivate them to the smallest way with a loving embrace. How are so alive in us and always connected in most way. I try to always kind of a todo list helpful enforce, but my feelings get the most from my deep heart. I am a very emotional person wants everything to do with the heart and turn off the mind of many things.
    Of course. The head is a good reason, that is used in many settings and in life is necessary.

    But the love and attention. Certainly it is true that our love, we feel in our souls, an unconditional love that is as close as we can come without God’s help at all. We love our soul in good times and bad, and we do not cease to love them, even if they meet the expectations we had placed in them, always comply. We choose to love our soul, even if we do not view them as adorable, but our love does not end when we love more for them “feel”. The love of children is similar to us, but as we shall see, this love, unconditional love in such a high degree that we consciously try to understand and carry us.

    4. Hye. My love. Hmm.. I am all the time involved in my life. Let’s start with my view that is essential traits, their peculiarities, in my entirety, appear extraordinary:
    What would you say. I would be charming, competent, full of energy and drive and a strong personality.
    I am an optimist and, above all, a lucky, lucky enough to laugh constantly. If I learned only once, grab it with both hands, then it can have excellent effects loving! My charm, my energy, my optimism and my happiness I give a certain expression. I feel him exceptionally strong and I need it urgently to help you with my love for real life.
    Especially since one year, I make valuable things that affect you and me. I work with you involved in every way together out of love. I like to do everything out of pure love and passion with you, because you just Inspire me, and like you. You became my destiny and my most important and most loving life. Everything I’m with you, has great significance for me.
    We need now, finally, the real life where I see you every day, speak, can live together, share everything and get involved with new ideas. Everything we do, it’s love. I’ve learned so much from you, within this precious year and we want to spend our whole life makes sense, and honor us with love every aspect.
    It has become life-commitment, and you know I’m busy most of the time only your thoughts and feelings to meet you in your emotional world.
    I will not always think to the die, which is earlier or later. I will now live with you in a good dedicated and humble attitude.
    I’m alive and I need to share with you the happiness that we have life before us and are constantly renewed inspiration from you and me awakened. I’m looking forward so much to this life with you.

    5. Oh yes. I love = warm light. feels so good. Caffeine and awakens the senses and clear mind. I’m just fascinated by what an excellent composition of the two. It could be downright envious of perfect union, need each other.

    🙂 🙂 My dearest Maria. With great love. I embrace you all set in the heart and deep soul. You are the dearest thing I have and warm home together.

  11. lol-you probably could get a job like that somewhere! I hope you didn’t misunderstand me…i thought that was amazing of you in a GOOD way, Maria, which is why i compared you to Mother Theresa. 🙂

    • I would LOVE that job! WOW, would I! Keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

  12. Very well written. Thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing your hugs.

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