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Good Morning Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,
Here are this week’s ButterflyMoms updates…

*Just finished our 11th week in a row of ButterflyMoms workshops and for those who have been coming regularly we are starting to see a wonderful difference! It seems that we are always welcoming new faces too! Welcome Wendy Ryan who is a longtime reader, first time workshop attendee! :)! It was wonderful to have you there with the rest of us! Life can be easier than all the efforting we tend to do when we are all stressed out! Come join us next Thursday for our workshop on Thursday, Aug 12th at 8pm workshop! It is a truly magical, fun time! 🙂 ButterflyMoms workshops are held at 783 Washington St, Holliston. Plenty of FREE & EASY PARKING in back. Only $25 at the door or just $20 if you drop off a check or pay through Paypal… .  If you have been thinking about coming just do it…Come to feed your soul! You will be soooooooooooo happy you did!

YOU are a part of an AMAZING community! Sip this blog and feed your soul!


>OH YES WE ARE!!! We are having our very first ButterflyMoms retreat!!!! This time inVermont. Save the date on your calendar for the weekend of October 22! Take that Friday off so that you have even more time to yourself!!! TALK ABOUT REJUVINATING YOUR SOUL!!! WOW! More details to follow next week!

>I will be speaking at the DreamFactory Luncheon on September 22 from 11:30-2:00pm. Topic will be IGNITE YOUR BIGGEST DREAM! Will be held in Framingham at the Bella Costa restaurant (147 Cochituate Road). Lunch for first time attendees to the DreamFactory Community is $25. (and the lunch is VERY yummy!) You will be able to sign up next week! ☺!

*After 18 weeks of computer issues I have FINALLY found a computer person who knows what he is doing!!!! I’m back up on my computer so there will be NO MORE computer updates!!!

The flag of Scotland!!!

*TWO BOOKS SOLD THIS WEEK and one is to a new country! YAY SCOTLAND (one of my FAVORITE countries) IS IN DAH HOUSE!!!!!  Also another book was bought in Holliston making it our lucky 13 – (13 is the number of months that Sophia lived so it’s always a lucky number for me!) A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the beautiful Gaynor Ross Greenberg for supporting my dream…and hers!!!! See the cool list of all the countries and states where people have bought books…*To buy your very own personally autographed copy: Click here now…

Now onto the ButterflyMoms blog…

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

As I go through my week many things touch my soul in a meaningful way. In doing the work I do, I constantly struggle with going back and forth with how I view the world. I grew up being taught that in this world there are GOOD people and BAD people and that our actions were either GOOD or BAD. I think this one “little” point messes people up more than anything because it opens up the possibility to start JUDGING others…and ourselves. If we are not “PERFECT” (whatever that means) than we are not worthy and we punish ourselves through lack of self-care, like not sleeping enough, not eating what will nurture our precious bodies, not moving our bodies enough…you know what I mean, right?
I went to an all-day DreamFactory Community training yesterday in Framingham. When it was almost time for lunch I asked if lunch was being brought in or if we were going out. They said that everyone brought something to share…Well, obviously I did not get that memo so I panicked! I could feel my breath become shallow and my chest feel like there was a big boulder on it. I went to the front desk and asked the wonderful receptionist if I could order something for the group. The group leader Nancy Cantor sensed my state of worry and asked me to come back into the room. Nancy said that everyone had brought enough and we could all share. She said we were all there for community and this was an exercise in doing just that.

Now I am WELL-TRAINED in the ART OF GIVING. I believe most women, especially, are,…BUT how good are YOU at the ART OF RECEIVING! Well, this simple, simple incident triggered something for me and I hate to admit it but I started crying. In that moment I felt totally UNWORTHY somehow because I was not contributing like I was taught to, even as a little girl.
Nancy asked me to look around the room and look at people’s faces and see if they looked like they were being put out or used. As I scanned the room looking into the women’s eyes, I saw nothing but LOVE and COMPASSION in their eyes and smiles. It was MAGNIFICENT to be a part of such LOVE from total strangers. It was humbling, truly humbling. With all the ICKIE news about what is happening on our planet, it can grow the FEAR and ANGER in us. Now there is a place for that but the way it is being activated there are large numbers of people who LIVE THERE! To live in fear/anger/sadness serves no one!

If you just put yourself out there with an OPEN HEART you will see that the LOVE will grow. There are no guarantees. Heartache will happen but the heartache that I have experienced gives the deeper depth to the LOVE I can hold in my heart. My intention today for myself, the gift I’m giving myself is to LOVE DEEPLY…how about you? How will you LOVE DEEPLY today?

Great big hugs,

PS   HEY! I CO-AUTHORED A BOOK! WOW! The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE… Buy one so you can put your city/town/country on the list like so many other beautiful ButterflyMoms have!



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1


Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 2

Bolton 1

Holliston 13 (Yay Gaynor Ross Greenberg!!!! You are lucky #13!)

Hudson 4

Medway 3

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Worcester 3


Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1


Greenock          (Thank you for adding Greenock on the ButterflyMoms map! Gaynor Greenberg bought a book for her sister! YAY!)


Madrid 1

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a fabulous week!

*To buy your copy Click here now…

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  1. “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same” Nelson Mandela

    • I knew this blog would bring a smile to your face! I have been to Scotland and now Scotland is coming to me! I love love love Scotland and I adore you!!! :)!

  2. Dearest Maria,

    It was such a pleasure to have such amazing, heart-felt women at the Dream Factory Training yesterday. The Dream Factory Community specializes in empowering women to live their dreams. Allowing others to love and support you is key. You are Worthy!!!

    Hope to see you at the next Dream Factory Luncheon on August 18th where Jo Crawford of Web of Benefit will speak about; We are All Worthy of Living our Dreams.

    • Thank you beautiful Nancy for sharing your beautiful vision with the world. :)!

      Great big hugs,

  3. Where, in VT is the retreat going to be? I can’t think of a more beautiful time to visit that great state.

    In giving, you receive.

  4. Please leave a comment…it’s good luck! :)!

  5. WoW! You are one BUSY lady!!!
    I love that, “Gaynor Greenberg from Greenock!” it should be the name of a book or movie or something! 😀

    • Hello Beautiful Celeste!

      I totally agree that it should be a book or a movie!! :)!

      Have a phenomenal week! Thank you soooooooooo much for leaving your comments here and sharing your voice with us!

      Great big hugs,

  6. 1. Every weeks I am pleased that I am again a loving step further still, with your famous Chakra-learning workshop. At least this time you gave me a video of Nancy Cantor sent Yoga Institute, is better nothing at all. But there, your never online instead of the event, but is mostly live. My love. I must really be there in person in Holliston, Washingtion. Or you invite me, a person every week, to increase participate with you. I’m always live with you, that would be a great thing. You mean what I am really live there and I’m sitting or standing next to you, and we breathe the same air of your chakra workshop. Wooow. I dream of this event with you, a perfect meeting of the same energy and thoughts. That would be really fantastic. What do you say my love?

    Now. I hoped and thought you I can finally even as your personal video online by sending your chakra workshop, where you are presenting themselves and redirecting everything. That was your idea to create a workshop where you can open up every week learning new subjects personally.

    Sorry. I have to pay more for an event where everything takes place live in Holliston, Washington. and until now I’ve got no redirection or old topics for reading from you. I embrace you. Well, this little luck from me you always with love, have each received almost weekly, you can use it for social projects.

    Now to Nancy Cantor. I congratulate and I’m proud of you with all my heart that the day before yesterday I had the honor of a conversational video to see the great Nany Cantor. With her yoga teaching (Dream Factory) and a more diverse work together with other yoga experts. She is a remarkably realistic and richly and likeable person. I would have liked to learn even know personally in calm.

    I guess we’ve all evolved with the great yoga work, and automatically has our inner being and our soul changed dramatically for the better.
    In the fantastic world of power yoga, which we have not previously perceived, because we were only interested in making a quick study (I). And in the same way, forced to go into our materialistic world of work. Where the constant competition prevails and life robs us of so much valuable energy is real life. Will always lived by this motto, and who is the first best and who can get the most profit. (True love is missing, of course, always, such a case.)
    Due to the pressures of life, we have forgotten who we really are, where we come from and where we go. The energy work is the spirituality is the path of “I” to “self.” The process of becoming self-spirituality, and requires that before “I” has been process of becoming.

    2. I read OH YES WE ARE. I recorded the famous your day deep in my soul and heart. You’re on 22 September in Vermont, make your withdrawal by Butterfly Moms. Genitally from you. My soul and heart is sensitive, but it’s your Butterfly Moms Blog, where I’m always happy home. You were and are my only real family here and could always count on. I’m with you every minute of your life.

    Your interests have developed in the right, the Dream Factory Luncheon on. I congratulate you from my heart and it will certainly be a great success again, when you get there keep your speech. All your important and personal experiences you’ve gained over the years, can you give to other like-minded people on. I think it is great thing, and I will accompany you in your heart when you are there. I’m also there.

    My biggest dream is with you, than to be your most important, loving and faithful butterfly on a quiet and meditative place. There, at this secret location, there is only you and me, we both just know this place, which is intended only for us.

    Where do you write your wonderful stories and experiences and I your faithful butterfly transformation as your stories in a visual and sculptural beauty. Together we are a perfect unit, which can be found only rarely.

    I am your sweet and warm butterfly that has always deeply placed firmly on your flowering of the heart. This butterfly is dependent on the flowering food and flowering the butterfly needs to continue to produce valuable vitamins. now, this is an indispensable deep composition of both creatures, and they can only survive together and be happy. What a beautiful dream that can be true at any time. Let’s do this at last, in reality, it is our soul and heart will be pleased with anything in the world. We will develop deeper and we know that we always do the right thing for each other. Simply love in my heart every minute of wear, and that helps us to each other to overcome their daily lives, times when life is not easy.

    3. Hmm … I’m pleased with all my heart that you’ve sold more books. You have once again achieved a further step of your books. You see, grows up with a lot of patience to your list of books and one day your wish will be there to success. It just proves how many women in these unusual and interesting dream are interested. In order to develop further their souls and found lots of valuable content from it. Truly a wonderful thing.

    4. There are always wonderful things that daily touches the heart. My daily work is that my heart is fighting for the true and honest love in order to keep this in my heart because that is my greatest wealth, can do what I do.How can there be something else. We’re creatures of instinct, and various degrees of sensitivity. Each of us has his own capacities and capabilities for the recording of events.

    I think you need to practice yourself to the smallest detail. And always good and bad in every respect the best. to make things.. If I have any negative thoughts overwhelm me, I always try to replace it with something good in your heart. I also know that daily exercise makes me the inner master. Well, what I do. I go into my innermost thoughts and concentrate, with much love I put my happiness and my peace of mind restored. See there. Some days I succeed at all (and on some days, again very good), and that is certainly connected with my inner constitution days.
    Again, my inner voice tells me. I must have patience with myself.

    What does that mean? I am learning to be open and patient, my life changed for the better. To love someone in the heart means to communicate with Him. I’ll let you know all the time that I have you in my heart, you know that I carry you in my heart with love and appreciate. Do not fear me not to say these words: “You are my dearest heart and soul”. I never let an opportunity pass to praise you. I share all the good times with you.

    5 .** You are well trained in art of giving. Hm. How beautiful, I can tell you with a beautiful and loving confirm “Yes”. You are certainly a few human dominated the whole of this art of giving and love to give your favorite person you love most on. With an incredible and wonderful dexterity to set your soul and heart apart with it. Every little thing is well thought out and filled with loving attention to detail.

    * The women are usually very sensitive, loyal and responsible beings, and they are constantly created this loving and caring care within and outside the family to wear. They are the mother Earth and everything grows and bears fruit in it. They have a deep and warm love in our hearts. They are an indispensable creature in society, the fine art of giving, even as a child wear in most cases, in itself.

    (Of course not to forget the male being, that is just as valuable. But I’ve now talked about the women.)

    ** This picture is very meaningful, so I miss the moment again right words. We are a part of this planet and we breathe and live here, just some time. But I share my love with a favorite person that I am mostly love.

    Yes, this is art of gift giving for me, but an inner necessity. My way to walk together with you, my balance, a way to relax completely. I often give my art of giving valuable to you, which is more than ever aware of (or in my family) or if you prefer to keep doing something special. For me about the origin. the art of giving always comes from the deepest heart. It is love with you and I want to always be positive that we are always power.

    It is love with you and I want to always be positive that we are always power.
    I always embrace you with love in heart

  7. I will love deeply today by being and doing who I truly am. I feel I’m connected back to my soul when I create — all worries and fears then disappear and I begin to have faith in what I can do in the moment, most importantly, rather than finding myself in the past or future. I recently saw a movie I got off Netflix —”the Peaceful Warrior” that reminded me to keep in the moment, just as spiritual masters always say to do. Not so easy as it sounds. The story in the movie is just like I remembered the book to be like. Even my 14 yr. old son liked it even though he couldn’t get into the book (because it wasn’t fast paced). Thought I’d share this for all mothers out here who have older kids.

    Love you Mariaaaa….

    Linda D.

    • Beautiful Linda,

      Thank you for reaching out and commenting. I always find it interesting to read what people are feeling after reading that week’s ButterflyMoms blog. I have not heard of the Peaceful Warrior. I have it on the MUST SEE list for rentals. I don’t get Netflix but you never know when the opportunity will arise to see it. I love too that you added the part about what “serves/works for” your teenager son. Many moms only comment if they have babies or little ones. I think hearing more from the moms with the older kids is something that would serve all of us!:)!

      Love to you!

  8. Your Just Amazing Maria ! Your words just move me !!

    I’m sure that one day we will all look back at it all. We will look at pictures that were taken at forgotten places and with forgotten people we were once friends with, and see things that we once wrote for ourselves in privacy that exposed what our deepest thoughts and feelings were. And in the process of it all, we slowly will be reacquainting ourselves to a stranger that once was us years ago as memories that you thought were forever lost come flooding back.

    I guarantee that we will cry missing how youthful we once were, missing people that were such a big part of our lives that we drifted away from, and missing parts of who just how different life use to be. We will laugh at old conversations with friends that are filled inside jokes, stories, and crushes you once experienced. We will smile at how far we have come and forgotten memories of what once was the greatest times of your life.

    One day, we will remember all this all over again. Reading the very first few chapters of our lives that can no longer be edited. So at this moment, try to live life the best you can. Make unforgettable memories full of good times filled with laughter and smiles, so years from now, that familiar smile can resurface when you look back at it all.

    • Beautiful Rei Alberto,

      What a wonderful, powerful and heartfelt response. You have a gift of allowing your words to express your soul’s intention and viewpoint. I love reading what you write! Thanks for leaving your heart’s imprint here! :)!

      Great big abracos,

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