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Wherever you go this week remember that YOU are a part of the AMAZING ButterflyMoms community! Know that you are not alone, that you don’t have to effort in life. LIVING is NOT EFFORTING. If you are efforting you are GOING THE WRONG WAY. Come every Friday to connect and feed your soul…It’s the part of you that is absolutely PERFECTLY YOU! :)! YAAAAY!!!

This week’s ButterflyMoms updates…

*Just finished our 13th week in a row of ButterflyMoms Workshops!!!!! My beautiful baby daughter Sophia lived for 13 months and because it was the 13th one everyone who came got a certificate for a free Reiki session! We also did a wonderful meditation that everyone love, love, loved. Don’t miss out on all the fun…Come next Thurs, September 1st at 8pm!  783 Washington St, Holliston. Plenty of FREE & EASY PARKING in back. Only $25 or just $20 if pay through Paypal

*We sold yet another ENTREPRENEUR MOM EXTRAORDINAIRE book this week to the wonderful attorney Janice Wilson who is putting the city of WRENTHAM, MA on the ButterflyMoms map. YAY JANICE FOR SUPPORTING MY DREAMS! THANK YOU!… See the cool list of all the countries and states where people have bought books…*To feed the soul of a friend buy them a copy by CLICKING HERE NOW…

*Just finished my Reiki III Master Certification last week in Rhode Island. Have already done some long distance healing to people who don’t necessarily believe or even know what it is but the results were wonderful, because Reiki is wonderful. One was in Lisbon, Portugal, the other two were in Hudson, MA. I feel very happy to have accomplished this! Next comes teacher training :)!



√  WHIP OUT your calendar and write down Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 21-23 you have a date with yourself in Vermont at the beautiful Lareau Farm Inn for the first “EVAH” ButterflyMoms Fall Retreat! Price is only $299 if you pay before October 2, after that it goes up to $365 which includes all the workshops, materials, most meals and lodging. There are a very limited number of spots so don’t be on the outside wishing you had booked it! Just book it now and be done with it! YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! TALK ABOUT REJUVINATING YOUR SOUL!!! WOW! For a flyer send me an email maria at :)!


√  On the 10th anniversary of 9-11 there will be a ButterflyMoms Healing Share on Sunday, September 11 from 4-6 pm at the offices above Brick House Realty. For more information please send me an email maria @ This is a way to shift the energy of our planet from the horrors of 9-11 into healing and love. Bring a donation to the food pantry. Event is Free. Kids are welcome.


√  I will be speaking at the DreamFactory Luncheon on Thursday, September 22 from 11:30-2:00pm. The topic is IGNITE YOUR BIGGEST DREAM! It will be held in Framingham at the Bella Costa restaurant (147 Cochituate Rd). Lunch for 1st time attendees to the DreamFactory Community is only $25 (the lunch is VERY yummy!) If you have a business to promote and would like support around that this is a wonderful community to belong to…To sign up:



Now onto the ButterflyMoms blog…



WOW! When you are on your path, you start noticing and seeing how life shifts!

When you were very little, you played in the world. As you began to grow, the good opinions of others also grew.  You noticed that you would be rewarded for certain behaviors and punished for others. You began to follow a line of behavior that comes from the OUTSIDE of YOU, instead of INSIDE. This has worked for millions of years of human existence because it truly helped us simply survive….but now…Now we live in a different world where the OUTSIDE voices have run amok!

Yes, we start off listening to our inner voice then somewhere it switches to such a degree that we don’t even know if we still have one anymore. If you are alive, you have an inner voice, no matter how silent you think it has been. That precious voice is your INTUITION, the very first GPS in the universe. ITS PURPOSE is to guide you towards YOUR PURPOSE. So what happens when you ignore it? You know what happens. You start wandering aimlessly through the world trying this and doing that but not really ever “fitting” anywhere.

Imagine that you are at a party in the middle of nowhere with no ride. Assume this is a vvvvvvvery loud party with people talking, laughing, yelling, and loud music. Your phone rings. It is someone who wants to give you important directions. You can make out a few words but most of it is incomprehensible. Let’s say that the caller is giving you directions on how to get to your happiness, your life’s treasure, your purpose. What do you do then? Do you stay at this party and keep trying to piece what is being said? Do you turn off the music? Do you tell people to be quiet? Do you move to a place where you think you can hear better? When none of this works what do you do? Do you start to get angry and start blaming…the phone, the people, the party, the noise, your situation, the caller, your hearing?

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! If you are a fan of mysteries like James Bond (or Austin Powers) 😉 where you were wondering how he would get out of his predicament, let’s apply those powers of figuring it out here.

No matter what you believe, what label you give it, we all come from SOURCE ENERGY. SOURCE ENERGY is constant. It never takes a day off, never has a blip in the matrix. The more you can become aware of that SOURCE ENERGY the more you can HEAR/SEE/FEEL/KNOW what your next step is. BTW, SOURCE ENERGY is the one calling you at that loud party.

Now you might be wondering, “WHY WHY WHY would SOURCE ENERGY be calling me when I’m at a vvvvvvvvvvery loud party!? How inconsiderate!” The key here is that all that party noise is what you create in your life. That represents all the STUFF you keep adding to be able to live the life others have told you (directly and indirectly), you are supposed to live…. “good grades”, “good schools” “good job”, “good husband/wife”,  “nice house”, “2.5 kids”…and a dog. WE are all GUILTY of FILLING OUR LIVES with all the things(both activities and items) that are supposed to make us happy. We do it for a while, might even do it for a long while but it’s like wearing shoes that are a tad bit too big/small. It might look fine on the outside but on the inside it does not FEEL GOOD. Sure you can cut off your feelings and “suck it up” (as we say/insinuate to our kids and ourselves) and walk in those shoes anyways for a while. Some even do it their entire lives because after a while they are just numb all over. They kill their feelings because they want to hear the message. SIDENOTE: This is typically when DIS-EASE (diseases) start entering the body.

So HOW do you start listening to/ connecting with SOURCE ENERGY? Think of your day today. It is most likely filled with STUFF you “have” TO DO. REMINDER TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH HERE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)! FEELS GOOD!

If you choose to CARVE OUT time in your day for a moment, a minute, a string of moments to still your mind you will get to this place where you connect to SOURCE ENERGY. The word MEDITATION “scares”, or maybe it more “annoys” people because to the mind it is has the perception of being “boring”. I was (and on certain days still am) one of those people. I never grew up with it. Did not know what it was or HOW to do it. I now see how wonderful of a gift it can be. There are a million different ways to meditate. It is worth taking the time to explore which one works best for you. It can be as simple as getting on YOUTUBE and doing a guided mediation on there with someone who looks worth listening to, for you. Meditation is so important that we do meditations at the ButterflyMoms Workshops and will also be doing it at the Retreat in October. (I soooooo hope you join us.)

Most of the things on your TO DO LIST will drain you, putting:

 √ Play with Meditation today

will feed your soul.

Great big hugs,

PS   HEY! HEY! I CO-AUTHORED A BOOK! YESSIR I DID! The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE… Buy one so you can put your city/town/country on the list like so many other beautiful ButterflyMoms have!



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1


Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 2

Bolton 1

Holliston 13

Hudson 4

Medway 3

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Worcester 3



Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1




Madrid 1

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Yes, we all need to carve out some time to listen to our inner voice. Thank you for reminding us.

  2. Your Just Amazing My Sweet Friend ! My Mother told me a few years before she passed away so sudden..”No matter how impossible it is, if you really wanna reach ur goal…. Stop asking advices from the wrong people…Always trust the inner voice first”

    I was just talking about this issue a few days ago ! Great minds think alike !

  3. […] blog writes about silence, looking inward and listening for inner guidance. Read more here at the ButterflyMoms blog   If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing […]

  4. Dear my Maria… 🙂 🙂
    I have read, as always, great attention, as it is always a stimulating and thoughtful posts. But I have come too late homecoming. Up to four clock afternoon, I’ve been waiting for your butterfly Moms Blog.
    You know that I’m doing the deep mountains with my children’s holiday, to recoup some energy source of the precious nature, and every time I try to go into my meditation. I need not take long when I’m concentrating on my forehead by an aura-chakra to see it flow usually begins with Flaming eyes and my tears. This is a very deep meditation. A great thing to meditate on a mountain lake.

    Now. I need to make these things simple with my family and they need me around Clock, because I’m responsible for just as a mother.
    I live here in my Carinthia, a FantasticProduct Ouelle energy of nature, in a simple and happy way. I I’m living the mountains with their children privately at a nephew, in a beautiful, quiet and endless farm. Faraway from the city life, and stressed-out life of pleasant people I do not do well.
    I get down below, in a world of unparalleled high promontory, and I experience the most fascinating animal world up close and healing plants. I gain strength in the high mountain air, at the falls under the still breathtaking views that make the ride a memorable experience.

    Wherever I go this week. I’m like every week, always with you with my beautiful soul and loving heart that embraced you constantly. And I will always try to follow your valuable Rateschlaege.
    Thank you. I am aware that I am a loving part of the amazing and wonderful ButterflyMoms community!
    I like it a lot from you. If you nurse me with your heart and you care about me. I’ll give everything back to my beautiful love from the heart.
    I am never alone with you, for all my efforts I make in my life, you give me the strength.
    Thank you for everything and I embrace you, that you exist in my life.
    I do always come too late, and write the other TEHM, I also need it. I beg your patience… 🙂

  5. 2.Nun again our weekly story about the personal energy access. I am faithful every time (13 times and counting) and reliably here with my soul with you. But the butterfly MOMS blog, I still do not know the long-awaited details of your workshop Reiki Chakra + given me an insight efficiently. I never give up hope, because I’m your loyal and honest soul will always be. As you see, I am with you always by your side and I will be with thee one.

    woow … What do my warm and wistful eyes. You were a very long time not on my side, I thought we assist our beautiful soul to another so that they meet.

    Please urgently. I’ve never gotten a personal response from you. But only evidence that your workshop has taken place, even though I was faithful every week there with you. I Almost every week I paid it, and receive no effective information from you personally.
    You reply with loving patience of my well-deserved answers with love and affection to our souls. Well, I’ve thoughtfully provided me these questions together.
    I would like a refresher of your 1st-3rd Chakra-Reiki session and introduction. I missed a lot .. not because of your approval of access Please loving way Handing me please.
    Yet hitherto no personal response from you has arrived. I my soul and heart will wait eagerly for your experienced teaching of Reiki Chakra +. I send the same questions, and I finally want to know everything about you personally, gradually. A partnership is correct and uniform, also to my questions, because everything else is too one-sided.

    The first Chakra your tasks, functions and their assignment.
    a. What is the color of the b. Chakras and their influence, their associated elements, their meaning and function symbols and etc.

    Ps: I am looking forward to your loving and longing with the introduction of unimaginable impression will be. Whom you’re certainly the outstanding teacher. I venture to say, my wonderful soul will be happy if she is your definition of the first third Chakrasitzung will read and record in my higher level. Excellent idea, which remains united. I thank Maria from my heart.

    3. Now. My long way from my childhood to my adult age. Life has obviously moved a lot. I experienced many ups and downs. (Sometimes a run down from the outside, one influenced amok).
    I have been forced to school every day learning. Thanks to my strong my divine gift, some of my inner strength. But was worth it to hear my inner voice and follow. My intention is not simply walking around in the world. You know all my inner values.

    PS: With this little exercise my inner voice (power), I can even see myself differently and perceive: I place before me. I have a magical inner voice. Through this magical inner voice I can see everything with kindness, patience, tolerance and love. I can see that I was a generous and humble person and always am.

    Since my childhood I was always looking for honest love, security and someone who really understands me, loves me with my mistakes, can grow with him and all I can tell from my soul. I have also found partly through certain situations. Always come before my parents in my inner voice, they have tried everything and done everything for me. But they have forgotten the beautiful deep love and security.
    I love my parents have not provided enough love in daily life. This feeling step by step, to be loved and get internal approval. Everything I needed to learn step by step and even take internally, because my dear parents had no time for me, and it was always the love work more important than to take a little time for sweet love of the heart. I have searched my whole life and miss.

    Through a loving person I cherish, I found confidence again and showed me what true love means. My Love. Thank you for everything, you are my life, that I’ll always go with you.

    4. Even in my younger years, I was and I’m not a big friend of a loud party was. Those days are long gone. This is a pure superficiality. It is only a brief moment will not last long enough to achieve an inner satisfaction and have not been lucky in my life. But I have always placed great emphasis that I will always be a deep thinker, spiritual and artistic person. I’m just aware of values, to grow and that I want to stay forever.

    Especially if calling me a valuable person. In a loud unexpected situation. I know this call is a clue, listen to my inner voice, which shows me the right and valuable way of life. I’m there, such as sensor immediately perceive in me, and follow the advice of this vital human being. (Although I can not understand everything at once, but with his loving help, everything is possible with time.) The soul needs to develop more time to continue. There has always the fine art of patience are practiced daily. I will always go this Glücksweg, this valuable human being.

    I’m always feeling at your site valuable to you, to move, to see and perceive to be able to. Our energy of the soul and heart is so deeply connected and everything flows to the positive cohesion between both of us.

    PS: I find beautiful about the whole situation that’s missing is real life, where we could spend almost 24 hours a day makes sense all the time. With all its social components. That is true energy between two valuable people who have found themselves in the whole universe of deep heart forever.

    5. It’s all true what you say. I think my day to day. It is always brimming with good and less pleasant activities. Which I personally do not like very much. I have to do it but for my family, otherwise the normal life just stand still. The normal life with children, family and society has a certain standard.
    Otherwise life in society is not viable. Certainly may affect certain exceptions, the rules, but this always works in the minority.

    Almost all the people just wear normal shoes, and we will try comfortable and easy to go through life. Only sometimes happens that the problems lie on every side, and because it looks only to the standard rules. What is presented to us by the whole society lives and showed too little and pays attention to the intrinsic quality of the shoe. what the extraordinary good shoe includes everything. We do a lot of shoes to life, they take our souls back and forth until we finally one day after a long search intuitively, is the long-awaited shoe, with a special inner quality. The joy on the face and the heart increases. From our years of experience, we immediately tried to pay attention to the interior of the shoe, and it pays three times as much on the interior of the shoe, than any time previously. The soul is illuminated by the day always more to learn at last from an interior (inner voice) that my whole life was not aware of. Finally, I feel an inner bright light, that the meaning of life where all else is. Real life is always the inner source of energy that I can continue to make sense of life. And has no fear of that which can not be seen, but can only feel whole inside. Namely the inner source of energy, is the deep love we have in our hearts. and try to give people more you love the most. The love just always the strongest force in life. I will always care for and respect these intrinsic values, as long as I live. To meditate with love is such a great gift, that we may experience.

    PS: Of course. The meditation is so important. I am very curious as his long-awaited ButterflyMoms meditations at the workshops. As a free introduction, his soul for a very good partner in October.

    I am happy. I embrace you from my heart. 🙂 🙂

  6. 🙂 Thank you, just what I needed

  7. Maria,
    Love your metaphors on this one about listening to your inner voice. Good inspiration for the soul. You’ve obviously been walking the talk in this department. Keep up the good work!
    Love, linda d

  8. i love that you are having a healing time during 9/11. i wish i could join you all for that. my “prayers for the city” will be added to yours. Peace unto you.

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