Posted by: ButterflyMoms | September 9, 2011

10 Years After We All Woke Up Into A Nightmare! (Shifting the Energy of the Horrors of 9-11)

Today we’re doing it a little differently. I’m doing the blog first and then all the amazing stuff that is going on. Let’s try this for a bit and see how it feels…









There is soooooooo much activity right now going on. The energy is shifting. Can you feel it? How about in the weather? In how you feel lately? In others around you? It is not in your head. Mercury has been in retrograde and it affects us, but beyond that, as a global community there is an event that shifted life just enough to send us in a different direction. I’m talking about the events of 9-11. This Sunday is the 10th anniversary and I don’t know about you, but for most of these things I mean to do something to mark the occasion. Usually it comes out very bland or I don’t know what to do and just end up sad or bottling my feelings. This year it feels different.

It’s different for me because for years and years they have shown the building on fire but never really the people, well this year I saw the photos of the people, who were in such dire straights that climbing out of the window of 100 story building and eventually jumping seemed like a better idea than what was going on inside. It’s easy at this point to STOP BREATHING. It’s easy to get all choked up and turn away. I invite you to stay with these words and notice what you are feeling. What is coming up? Use your breath. STAY PRESENT. NOTICE YOUR MIND TRYING TO PULL YOU. Ground yourself to the earth and feel what you are feeling. Wiggle your “toesies”. Let it pass. Notice it passing. We have a tendency to want to HANG ON, play the movie again and again but let go of that tendency. NOTICE, BREATHE, FEEL, RELEASE, BREATHE, NOTICE… Give yourself these amazing gifts of FEELING what you FEEL and then RELEASING it. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Do this as many times as you need. Stay with it. Breathe.

Last night at the 15th ButterflyMoms workshop we did a healing-grounding meditation and sent LOVE to all those who were on the building, in the planes and at home waiting to get word, especially the children who lost their parents and the parents who lost their children. (BREATHE) I feel compelled to do something special this year so I have organized a HEALING SHARE which means that if you would like to come get a FREE HEALING (like Massage, Reiki, Full Spectrum Healing) there will be a number of volunteers there who are giving of their time in honor of shifting all the ICKY ENERGY of 9-11 and turning it into HEALING for our communities. Just bring something for the Holliston Food Pantry so that we can PAY IT FORWARD. So far we have people coming from four different States!  Pretty awesome!!!! Details are below. If you are a healer and would like to donate your time please contact me at maria @ Breathe.

With all these feelings sometimes it helps look around for people who are AUTHENTIC. Why? Because authentic people having nothing to prove. They are just themselves, even if it goes against the grain. Being around them helps you get more in alignment with yourself. There is one woman I would love to introduce you to who has helped me grow in such amazing ways by SIMPLY WATCHING how she is in the world. Her name is Marianne Sage. She is delightful. When I first met her many years ago I did not know how to take her. She said she went mining for crystals in Arkansas and sang to them as she mined them. To be honest she seemed a “little flaky”, just like now I probably seem a “little flaky” to others too! 😉 Well over the years she just kept showing up in my life and I started to let my guard down. I’m soooooo thankful I did. Now that I do Reiki, crystals are a very important part of the process because it further MAGNIFIES THE ENERGY. You can do a more powerful healing if you are using them. Sage is an expert in them! She loves these crystals. She respects them. Last week she held one up and said to my children, “Do you know these are older than dinosaurs?” Their eyes got really big! (mine did too!) She said that crystals are between 300-500 million years old! UH HELLO! That is half a billion years and you are holding it in your hands!!!! Hearing her speak is incredibly humbling and powerful! It is the respect for Mother Earth that Sage carries in her soul! She exudes it! She carries her passion on her sleeve! It is amazing to witness…but you only get to see it if you have your walls down. Once or twice a year this grandmother mines these amazing crystals. She lives her passion by mining these incredible gifts while singing to them. (Sage has an amazing voice! She used to sing in England.) WOW! Not conventional but AUTHENTIC! In total alignment with her purpose! I’m sooo happy to let you know that if you want to meet Sage you can do so at our next ButterflyMoms workshop! Yay!

Here’s to living the most AUTHENTIC week you can! GROUND YOURSELF!!!!!

Big honkin’ hugs,



This week’s ButterflyMoms updates…

*Just finished our 15th week in a row of ButterflyMoms Workshops!!!!! We had a surprise guest from Scotland! Welcome Nancy Ross! It was simply magical to have you here! Such wisdom, presence and candor! Thank you for crossing the pond!! Next week we are having a special guest, the amazing Marianne Sage. You can read more about her at her site… She’ll share her passion and wisdom about how crystals are formed and how they work. She will bring lots of them with her. Some will even be for sale if you want to take one home. 🙂 Don’t miss out on all the fun…Come next Thurs, September 15th at 8pm!  783 Washington St, Holliston. Plenty of FREE & EASY PARKING in back. Only $25 or just $20 if pay through Paypal

*The Oprah Show did re-runs and I saw my episode again. It was magical to see. Different audience though from the original one at 4pm and this one at 1am! 🙂 Still an incredible experience that I will always treasure.


We sold no ENTREPRENEUR MOM EXTRAORDINAIRE books this week but did get THE ENCHANTED FOX BOOKSTORE in Medway, MA to carry them. Thank you beautiful Rose!!! :)! See the cool list of all the countries and states where people have bought books at the end of this blog. To feed the soul of a friend buy them a copy by CLICKING HERE NOW…

*Did two more Reiki/Full Spectrum healings so far this week and have another appointment today. To book a healing send an email with times you are available to maria @!


√  SERIOUSLY WHIP OUT your calendar and write down Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 21-23 you have a date with yourself in Vermont at the beautiful Lareau Farm Inn for the first ever ButterflyMoms Fall Retreat! Price is only $299 if you pay before October 2, after that it goes up to $365 which includes all the workshops, materials, most meals and lodging. There are a very limited number of spots so don’t be on the outside wishing you had booked it! We have gotten a number of requests for spots so reserve your spot now!! YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! TALK ABOUT REJUVINATING YOUR SOUL!!! WOW! To book it send an email to maria @! You will only regret NOT going!!!!!

√  On the 10th anniversary of 9-11 there will be a ButterflyMoms Healing Share on Sunday, September 11 from 4-6 pm at the offices above Brick House Realty. For more information please send me an email maria @ This is a way to shift the energy of our planet from the horrors of 9-11 into healing and love. Bring a donation to the food pantry. Event is Free. Kids are welcome. (seriously how cool is this?!) Especially if you are a healer contact me! The more the merrier! 🙂 “A VERY special THANK YOU to the building owners, Paul Guidi and Tom Schermerhorn, for donating the space for this event.”

√  Do you like to eat yummy food? Well, I will be speaking at the DreamFactory Luncheon on Thursday, September 22 from 12:00-2:00pm. The topic is IGNITE YOUR BIGGEST DREAM! It will be held in Framingham at the delicious Bella Costa restaurant (147 Cochituate Rd). Lunch for 1st time attendees to the DreamFactory Community is only $25 (the lunch is VERY yummy!) If you have a business to promote and would like support around that this is a wonderful community to belong to…Space is limited so please sign up early to reserve your spot. It would be soooooooo awesome to see you there. Big hug coming your way when I see you so as Nike says, JUST DO IT! To sign up right now go to…


The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE… Buy one so you can put your city/town/country on the list like so many other beautiful ButterflyMoms have!



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1


Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 2

Bolton 1

Holliston 13

Hudson 4

Medway 3

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Worcester 3



Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1




Madrid 1

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Ten years later and I’m still without words to describe. Reading this & seeing these pics time stands still…it doesn’t feel like years have passed. It feels like last week. The tears still flow freely as they did that morning…while I watched it all unfold on TV. Not because I lost a loved one there–I didn’t–but because they’re PEOPLE and I believe we are all CONNECTED, so in that sense we ALL lost someone, or lots of someones there! Sending LOVE, LOVE and MORE LOVE to all those people whose lives were shattered or turned completely upside down that day, and to all the heroes who simply went there without thinking of their own safety…and did whatever they could.

    Thank you Maria & all the others who are volunteering their time in Sunday’s healing!!!! That’s powerful!

  2. I still remember the moment my father called me to ask me where i was and to tell me that we were under attack ! Were are your kids he said..Go get them and come here !! I will never Forget that day !
    God Bless all the families that were effected by this horrific atrocity !
    God Bless Everybody !

  3. *: I still try, all the loving things clear positive to convert:*
    1.I do not know how. My heart feels so much sadness and sensitivity, although it carries so much warmth and deep caring love in them. Wants nothing more than a loving cohesion that gives us another inner strength and heart and soul.
    I stand before this house, and I do not know how to begin with my thoughts, to push my feelings. It falls to me kind of hard to breathe let my feelings. I stand at the door of this house, this is a moment where I can not really calmly and in quiet breathing.
    It gives me a feeling that I could feel neither House nor the inner house before me. I really try to have both feet firmly on the ground, and the life that requires one.

    While watching this house creates a powerful impression, my thoughts, my soul and my heart are beyond my normal condition with power and try to somehow let the energy flow inside. I do not know, I can not find proper words to describe this condition is blocking me to feel easy.
    The impressions are powerful, it can not breathe me. As I’m really a sensitive, loving and responsible beings. What does this mean for me. my loving nature is concerned. front of the house and inside of this house.Every thought brings me to an enormous sensation in my heart, and which includes inner workings of this house yet.

    I still try to go to the interior of the house. I feel and see is restless and desperate faces at each other. and simultaneously embrace with all their remaining strength. because they are mutually exclusive. need more than ever. The help and care of others to take quickly.

    **What if you’re there in that burning house?
    Well, I’m standing there with a pressure in my chest, inside the house. I knew that my favorite person to love most sometimes in this building stays, for business reasons. My inner voice told me, my favorite person today is in the house. I’ve looked and searched every corner of the room like crazy. My heart is out to each of my thoughts are only you and everything is working at full speed.
    Where are you? I know you’re here. I am very busy, running from every floor and I went back in each room to look. Where are you? You are not there. My heartbeat is so loud that I was out of breath. I had to sit down for short moment on the stairs. I felt another pressure in my inside, my heart beat at high speed.
    Although nothing more. I need to find you and what would it cost of my energy. You’re all I have. You were and you’re always been there myself. You showed me how easy it is to be happy in life without much effort have. I can not live without you. You are my greatest value. You are my life. You are beautiful soul and heart that I have ever met in my life.
    Again, I’m all other floors abgerannt to find you. My inner voice told me I must continue to look for you. I’ll find you. I ran back up the stairs, and now I am quite out of breath on the second floor, and I turn in a circle. Every second seems now to be the most important point.
    And I’ve seen far back in the room, someone is on the ground. the head in his hands tucked protectively.
    I sob and cry a little one. As I came closer, I thought. I know that voice of weeping. Oh God. I have found you and I have made clear, as you need me every second to feel my sense of security.
    You’re my precious soul, and you’re always been there myself. I’ve been so happy. I have helped you on, so you stand back with their feet firmly on the ground, and I have you firmly embraced.
    You want to tell me all about the same time, what has happened here in the house. I said, it’s not important right now and we can do later. Only you alone are important, and you’re healthy. We are always together.
    Let’s go out soon from these great events of this house, and with love in our hearts, we go back home to us. Our home is wherever one lives in the heart of the caring love.

    Our minds, souls and hearts to feel at ease in a warm place, where peace, love and security is held. Our greatest desire that we love most, is appreciated and always stick together no matter what happens.
    This is a peaceful and loving place, surrounded by a variety of natural beauty, with a garden full of flowers warm, as far as the eye can see, only one large meadows, forests, valleys, rivers and mountains.
    Two very special people live there, this secret magic place, where only a quiet life with love and security are. From now on we together know how important it is that nature, God’s gift to honor. We have come to appreciate, to live always in this wonderful place and to enforce and to simply enjoy the quiet nature, with so many loving values.
    :):) In LOVE from my heard…

  4. 2.Sorry. I know what the other families was done with her children all at the same time, with these terrible events. All other families with children who have been in the house and they have lost their loved ones.
    My sensitive heart is everywhere deeply compassionate. I try really a helpful and selfless human being. My bet is, not bad here, by your Butterflymoms. I am an artist and we are people who have a high sensitivity, especially the children who lost their parents and the parents who are lost without their children. I also still bring my loving in your Butterflymoms services, energy and soul of the so-called exchange Blogg.

    3.Aber nothing nonetheless. You tried to assign me with you. I am the loved one who has not only a line by itself, but a nice harmony with your soul world. I do nothing else that I allocate my thoughts on your mind each exchange with you, and I’m not around anywhere else, with a world of mining crystals.
    Although the crystals have their own energy radiations, and are certainly not essential to the healing process with Reiki and Chakra energies to achieve. I may have a stronger cure when I’m with them. Because I’m stumped.
    I’ve never tried it, how to react crystals (millions of years) with Reiki and Chakra energies.
    Great. That would, I like about you, my future as a teacher of Reiki and chakra energies known. I sent you several times, a request. How could the precious stones (crystals) energies are used in Reiki and Chakra. But until today, my beloved of questions remain open to you.

    Now. I’m using, my loving and responsible soul you placed any time, without your beloved by me MomsBlog, you neglecting in any way. On the contrary, I always deliver in your world of Reiki and chakra energies and you gotta also the necessary input souls (your videos), nurturing the soul lovingly exchange permit. My heart and soul is always on your side.
    PS: I see your happiness also, like your beautiful energy, knows the exact perfect spot in my heart. I feel a strong concern for me from your beautiful soul. I hope you agree that you are an indispensable and beautiful person, with so much love you in detail, your Reiki and chakra energies lovingly passed on to me.
    In love and I embrace you. 🙂 🙂

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