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Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

If you grew up “AMERICAN” you most likely have been taught that LIFE IS HARD, that to get what you want you have to WORK HARD. You have to FIGHT. Because of this model, if things come to us too easily we question it. We literally say to ourselves, “that was too easy…what’s wrong with it OR what’s the catch?”

While dating, if a man treated you super well and things just flowed, many of us saw that as BORING! Instead, for many, especially when we were younger, it was the BAD BOY, the guy who brought you the most EFFORTING that we gravitated to…because in our culture we were taught to add more value to the things you FIGHT FOR. I think we can all agree that the fantasy about CHANGING your mate has brought boatloads of heartache. “I must be doing something wrong.” “What’s wrong with me?” is what we say to ourselves…and then the ICKY cycle of self-loathing begins to grow…

TAKE A DEEP, LUSCIOUS BREATH RIGHT NOW…..Mmmmmmmmm. Recently, I had a choice to make in my life. There were two choices and I NOTICED that one was clearly the choice that had the best alignment for me and my family. It was completely effortless. The other choice was completely blocked and was about efforting. I found myself being drawn to the EFFORTING side because I unconsciously felt it had more value. I saw, in one way, how ridiculous that was but it felt like I was in a tractor beam like the one that pulled the Millenium Falcon. WOW! It was only slowly and with the help of talking it out with people I trust, that I started realizing what I was doing and to pull away from that choice. It was a very eye-opening experience.

Actors often ask themselves, “What is my motivation?” when they are studying a new character role. Well in your own life there are a million MOTIVATIONS that you have taken on that you do not even see that you have. They may have served you at some point in your past, but right now they may be hurting you instead of helping.

The BIG RULE here is to remember to BE KIND to YOUR SELF. Even those who interrogate people get a lot more information with kindness than torture. STOP TORTURING YOURSELF! Hell is here on this planet and how very MEAN we are to the little girl inside of us. We are sooooo afraid of disappointing others but we don’t spend much time realizing that we constantly ignore and mistreat our little girl. We then wonder why we keep gaining weight or feeling unhappy. It’s all about trapping energy. If you FEEL something, whether it’s a feeling or an intuition hit and you ignore it, you are simply storing ICKY energy. Over time this can get REALLY MESSY. I don’t even have to give you any examples because you can list a fairly large amount because you are living it.

Take a moment and start seeing yourself and the choices you are making. This week be MIND-FULL. Notice your habits. Notice when you use sugar or caffeine to help bring up your energy levels. Notice the people in your life who are your ENERGY VAMPIRES. Notice what you gravitate towards. Notice what you do when you are stressed about something or want to avoid something. Notice when you start thinking about your dream and you cut yourself off. BREATHE – DEEPLY. PLAY with this exercise this week. Big shifts are happening and they need to because many of us are so toxic that a truly fulfilling life is not possible until we get rid of our ICKIES.

Here is to a fantastic day! Please read the updates and event below. They also feed your soul!

Big beautiful hugs,




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The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE… Buy one so you can put your city/town/country on the list like so many other beautiful ButterflyMoms have!



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1


Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 3 (Manon Theriault adds one more to Ashland although since she is from Canada and we have not yet sold this book in Canada that would be cool too. THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL MANON! MERCI!)

Blackstone 2 (Elaine Gabrielson and Kat Moulton are the first to put Blackstone on the list. YAY!  THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL ELAINE! THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL KAT!

Bolton 1

Holliston 14 (Gillian McAuley helped raise Holliston’s number to 14 with her purchase! YAY BEAUTIFUL GILLIAN! THANK YOU!)

Hudson 4

Medway 3

Millis 1 (Boy, oh, boy, yet another new town added this time because of Victoria Haffer. THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL VICTORIA!)

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Wrentham 1 (A GREAT BIG YAY to Anne Borow-Lawrence who adds the town of Wrentham to our list! How very cool is that?! THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL ANNE!)

Worcester 3



Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1




Madrid 1

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  1. Excellent blog this morning. Thanks once again for the reminder to live life to the fullest.

  2. Oh so excellent. This felt as good to me as the beautiful fresh air coming in the window. Perfectly said and it added to my glow today. Thank you!!!

  3. 1. This week a beautiful message from you. What I’m fighting grows. My heart and soul, has recorded meticulously it with big of you.
    Really. I will now try this week to again very deeply by to breathe, to answer rhythm that will help me in fact, everything in a 1,2,3 stages.

    I know not to start. This theme, what I’m fighting, that grows, is of course a widely diverse area that is not so easy to explain, what you daily in the experienced his environment. This refers of past, present and perhaps the future. Oh yes. What flows me again and again through my head, are almost always the same thoughts. The only thing I know, and says my instinct in my inner being. My loving, generous and warm heart that fights of my true love only for daily justice. Because it is believed not to my love.

    a. your sensitive soul for the cute girl in me, and your caring attention, I feel it. How I start, you my deepest feelings with allocate. Heart ripping and enjoy only one thought of it. The sweet girl in me with both hands keeping thoughtful to look into the eyes, feel the energy. Every thought is caring for you as a loving person.

    My story with so many highs and low, which is connected in days, months and years in every minute, hour. And how helpless is sometimes in such moments. Every day to look forward, I’ve overcome all my ups and downs with my strong mental force. Your caring soul for the sweet girl in me, is very gratifying, because it has the feeling that she must go the way not alone but with your beautiful soul. Only this caring and helpful soul is important, and for the sweet girl in me, and the most important experience and be loved. Each moment is infinitely precious with sweet girl in me, to spend and share the soul and feeling of security.

    My life from childhood up to now, is indeed a very long history. That would need much time, again out of the hiding place of thoughts before to bring everything. But perhaps at some much time to remember everything arises. What I have experienced in my childhood, which partially are very nice and less beautiful things.

    Again and again, I honor my mother for these great values that has passed it on to me. It was a very humble and loving person and she was musically and artistically very gifted. From out of simplicity, with a high degree of mental life, she has made almost always personal work of art. Getting simple things it has used these parts, I developed my creative force. From this time, I draw until today I daily had taken my main life energy, and that from nature and from my family. I have observed very happy whatever the natural spectacle and these experiences in early childhood in the included my inner being.

    Yes. Yes. I know this only too well. How many victims roles, I have experienced in my life, is indescribable. To be, this sacrifice, I felt it on the bone, it’s very well done. But these loving and painful events have let me grow mentally to a wonderful and spiritual inner being approached. In other words, my has grown soul enormously over the years.
    This was indeed pretty much the only protection which I used for my imposed victimhood. Only my inner strength, my mind, my loving, generous and warm heart.

    Already in early childhood, in the most difficult hours, I have learned to make a daily sacrifices. This has paid off on many pages of my life has, and in many other sites, it has me only emotionally charged and damaged. But sometimes it was the only way out, somehow forward. It has made me grow mentally and mature approach. I’m very advanced with my soul, and for the future is still much to learn is to submit a way of the so-called highest satisfaction in the warm heart.

    PS: The truth is beautiful and a healing within myself, where I am even irresistible. I have always tried it with best conscience and knowledge to apply everything honestly. Beautiful and valuable hours, I’ve just belongs. My intuition has given me the answer type. Believe in yourself, with great attention.

    (b). What happened to me my happiest presence of this year, I have learned love a wonderful person with a high internal quality and value. I have it always my warm and captivated hearts for included. Of course that person really perfectly matches my inner being, and we have promised us long, a nice real life with confidence to spend.
    This week on Monday, I got mine the long way to the the music concert, this person made us finally to meet in real life and to speak for our future of co-existence.

    This real meeting place with this person, I will be in 1000 years, forget how I felt. My faithful, honest heart and soul were so sad and happy at the same time, it was the highlight of real feeling and thinking.
    I can’t believe how is this person in reality. I cried so much tears and my beautiful face was wet. It is my Valentine, my eternal life and she wanted to speak not with me in real life, be happy, and be alone with me.

    I thought. I am their infinite and honest love and her best friend, which she can tell everything. It has, me there at their meeting point, partly as a superficial person treated. I gave her a warm bright light in their lives, and I’ve been always there for them. I saved your soul and heart in desperate times, where it has needed much cohesion and love.
    I thought again. I am your Valentin, and she has found no value, at their meeting point of the music concert, to speak only a few minutes with me or with me somehow a beautiful and valuable time to spend me in real life.

    I wanted to feel they embrace their beautiful love and hold them in real life. My heart and soul were so sad. I’ve set everything in motion, that to see them in real life at last and to speak. But it is not me, because she has not made with their great love to me. I did so a long way, only for it to be. I have so much sacrificed for this love, much more than she believe it to me and to carry out.

    My children suffer my friends family and my art so much, because they need my full attention, and my strength. It has let go me there at their music concert simply, like a foreign person who has never known. This is love. This is love. My loving, generous and warm heart that fights of my true love only for daily justice.
    I need you here in real life, to gather the strength of their beautiful love. Out of pure love, I do in real life, only to have a wonderful and happy future at last.

    c. now, the time has long come for a wonderful, warm and responsible future with my beloved person who you want to give me strength, and will show a valuable life. She promised with and it shows me a life, what does it mean to be happy. She has an incredible energy in itself that will show me in real life is. I thank my dear and loyal soul.
    🙂 🙂

  4. Dear Maria,
    Your blog title today, combined with the picture, set me to thinking that i should fight against my hair then, cuz i could sure use for it to grow a lot more, especially thicker, lol! 😉
    but seriously, your column was insightful as usual. I think you’re right on the nose about feeling something is more valuable if we have to “work” for it! If it’s not too personal, i’m curious what the decision you were referring to was about…
    love to you, and hope you enjoy this beautiful fall week-end!

  5. As always, your writing is full of truth and heart. The message reminds me of the quick sand analogy – the more we struggle, the more we sink. Thanks for the inspiration to really see what’s happening in my life – to notice when I’m sinking and why.

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