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The amazing Jane of my favorite people!

Gorbachev a few years before I met him.

Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

EFFORTING. TO EFFORT. In most of our cultures VALUE is placed on HOW MUCH EFFORT you put into something. My background is that I’m TRAINED in both the CORPORATE and ENTREPRENEURIAL worlds. I have my MBA. I got it because I wanted to know what “they” know. It was a combination of being curious, wanting to make more money and wanting to feel safe. My area of expertise is MARKETING and more specifically PUBLIC RELATIONS. I’ve done work with some of the world’s most incredible people like author and humanitarian Jane Goodall, former president of the USSR Mikael Gorbachev and companies like Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, Procter & Gamble, Continental Airlines and Reebok. I’ve even done work for the governments of Portugal and Japan. I have been doing this work for decades and I am very good at it.

So when I looked at my DREAM goal for getting on The Oprah Show, I took the same model as I do when I do PR. What are my objectives? What are my resources? Mind map it, set the list of tasks and off I would go. Well, what I found on that journey was THE MORE I EFFORTED the LESS PROGRESS I made. This really stumped me. This is the way that I’ve always done it, by mostly EFFORTING. At one point I was even going to WALK to Chicago…some of you who have read the blog for a while might remember that. It was a very foolish thing given that I had very small kids at home, no money, was not trained, had no equipment, etc, etc, etc…but as a Marcus Cherry’s mom used to say, “ A hard head makes a soft ass.” I was ignorance on fire. I did not trust the universe was going to give me my dream so I was going to circumvent the system! OH YA BABY! I THOUGHT I had it all worked out! Luckily for me the producers got wind of it and categorically told me that Oprah does not like stunts like that and if I did it I would never get on. I was disappointed but also a bit relieved. Can you imagine me walking 1,000 in the dead of winter?! I don’t know that they would have ever found my body!  😉

HOW I finally got on The Oprah Show is what I teach in Thursday night ButterflyMoms workshops that you keep seeing everywhere. This upcoming Thursday will be the 20th week anniversary! YAY! That is 20 weeks of helping people stop their EFFORTING. Twenty weeks of learning how to MANIFEST the life you want! It feels soooo good! It is me accomplishing my life’s goal of BEING THE FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLE’S SOUL!

This whole ButterflyMoms journey is one of the most delightful adventures of my life! The gift of being able to connect with others in SUCH a meaningful and profound manner is ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR! Each step of the way I have had to find the COURAGE to drop my ARMOR (ego, ways I used to do things, expectations, shoulds) at the entrance of each new chapter of the journey. As soon as I quiet down enough I can literally hear the next “request”, or maybe the word “suggestion” would be better because I do get to choose whether I do it or not. Sometimes I wish it were more automatic because FEAR can be such a powerful deterrent to FLYING (CONNECTING TO YOUR HEART) in this lifetime! :)! How many adventures have you missed in your lifetime because you took the hand of FEAR instead of that of your INTUITION? Hmmmmmm? NO JUDGING HERE! JUST OBSERVE. TAKE A VERY DEEP LUSCIOUS BREATH AND OBSERVE!!!! BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND THE ANSWER WILL FALL OUT OF YOU. :)!

The Incredible Creative Practitioner & Graphic Facilitator Karen Knight-Detering

In doing my first ever ButterflyMoms retreat I have hit upon the same issue that happened with The Oprah Show, my computer is acting up. I am noticing that technology gets very screwy when I step through the doorway of another cool adventure. That is probably no surprise to you because I have listed her the weeks and weeks of computer woes. So now, here we are two weekends before the retreat and the number of people who said they would sign up has not manifested. This week my talented friend Karen Knight-Detering shared this wonderful bit of wisdom. If you are trying to move a couch and need help because it is WAY too heavy and will scratch up the floor, you simply yell out, “Hey Charlie can you give me a hand here?” REMEMBER that when you need help with your DREAM remember the COUCH EXAMPLE…and SIMPLY ASK!

So today I am taking this lesson to heart and sincerely asking for help. I ask that you trust your INTUITION more than your FEAR and come for one of THE most MAGICAL weekends you will ever have. I ask that you sign up right now. Price is normally $365 but we are having an special price of $299 until October 15th so go to and sign up online. If you don’t immediately hear from me when you sign up, and I mean straight from me not an automated email, than please email or call me so that I can make sure you are all set. Email me directly at or call me 617.877.3616 if you have questions.

This brings up a lot of anxiety and fear because in a way I’m making myself vulnerable by telling you what I need but what I’m learning is that to open one’s heart is to become a bit more vulnerable…but the rewards are soooooooo worth it!

Here is to a fantastic day!

Please read the updates and event below. They also feed your soul!

Big honkin’ hugs,




My Talk on IGNITING YOUR BIGGEST DREAM at the Dream Factory Community

√  Come the ButterflyMoms Vermont Retreat… and say YES! YES! YES! to your best life!  Take care of yourself! October 21-23 you have a date with yourself in Vermont at the beautiful Lareau Farm Inn for the first ever ButterflyMoms YES! YES! YES! Retreat. Price is only $299 if you pay before October 15, after that it goes up to $365 which includes all the workshops, materials, most meals and lodging. There are a very limited number of spots so don’t be on the outside wishing you had booked it! Reserve your spot now!! YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! To book it send an email to! Scholarships available. You will only regret NOT going!

√  Did an interview for Doreen G. Fulton‘s FREE virtual conference “Finally, an IEP for Mom! An Individualized Empowerment Plan for the Mom Who is Overworked, Overstressed and Overloaded!” ! I am soooooo excited to work with her! Check it out…

√  Finally here is the magnificent ButteflyMoms interview on Nancy L. Cantor‘s Dream Factory Television Show… I hope you watch it and that it feeds your soul! :)!

√  Just finished our 19th week in a row of ButterflyMoms Workshops!!!!! Next week will be our 20th so there will be lots of surprises!!!! Come next Thurs, October 13 at 8pm!  FRIDAY THE 13th and that is Sophia’s lucky number! J! Come feed your soul…783 Washington St, Holliston. Plenty of FREE & EASY PARKING in back. Only $25 or just $20 if pay through Paypal

√  We no ENTREPRENEUR MOM EXTRAORDINAIRE books last week. To feed the soul of a friend buy them a copy by CLICKING HERE NOW…

√  I have space for one more coaching clients. If you are interested send me an email!


THE BOOK… “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”

The following is a list of places where ButterflyMoms live who bought our wonderful book MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE… Buy one so you can put your city/town/country on the list like so many other beautiful ButterflyMoms have!



Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Sacramento 1

San Bruno 1


Greenwich 1

Yalesville 1


Fort Lauderdale 1


Louisville 1


Chestertown 1


Ashland 3

Blackstone 2 Bolton 1

Holliston 14

Hudson 4

Medway 3

Millis 1

North Easton 1

Sherborn 1

South Grafton 1

Watertown 1

Wrentham 1

Worcester 3



Lee’s Summit 1

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1


Dublin 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Wien, Austria 2


Dublin, Ireland 1


Rome, Italy 3


Tokyo  1


Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1




Madrid 1

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Just Another Beautiful way of sharing your self with so many !! Thanks for taking the time to share ! Thanks for taking the time to feed all of our souls ! Anybody that gets to talk to you or read what you write is truly blessed !!
    Thank you for being you ! Thank your family for sharing you with all of us !!

  2. Dear Maria…I bother here enter each time my thoughts and feelings I spend. I am simply slow thinker and writer for I is a Visual type which picks up everything and depicts many impressions.
    But you give me to read, and much to the comment of the day is just too short. I read and I really love everything from butterfly blog. In addition, my activities are added again with my dear family. Sometimes, it is not easy to bring everything under one roof and tray. How do you say well, the time is important, but the reliability is most important to be with you.

    I think so. My soul flies the same to you, like for two to share the feeling of giving and receiving my thoughts together. Because “under the parts of my dedication” is above all for our a nice feeling. The dedication in the universe: The good exchange of the heart and our soul.
    This beautiful feeling of satisfaction to see us together, to feel how we pull gently, as we follow on the dedication. For me and this is absolute and Affection
    fascinating, this in itself has something absolutely soothing, earthy…I embrace you with my soul. Continuation follows… 🙂 🙂

  3. As always, I can on your Friday reminder of what’s important in life and to take a moment to take a breath and appreciate all that we have. Thanks for sharing your life with me and with our family.

  4. Dear Maria.
    1.I have added these lines very deep in my soul and heart. In our culture, everything with much effort and efforts must be realistic to set movement something. In the company and in the entrepreneurial world well trained to his, and his Wunschziele to achieve. I don’t know what that is, you have your MBA. I can introducing only lovingly and concentrated, you stand down with both legs, in the international company, with your powerful and successful professional.

    I just know and I know you, you’re a dedicated and loving and competent person very and you dominated your wonderful management, Yes, this is probably not an issue. You are a successful person, and did many wonderful things in your life, and you bereicherst so many people in this world, and it’s nice that you are my best soul. You’re a great role model for me, and try to show me with much loving patience that I can achieve these business goals with you. I am so grateful to you from deep heart, happy, satisfied and quiet, if I can be always by your loyal side.

    Are very valuable and constructive life settings which requires much expertise, and a great entrepreneurial empathy must have. Everything very well, but in fact (not) just in reality sounds to add. As dedicated and single mother, this is certainly a great challenge, but it needs much introduction option, in the respective subject. Of experts who are mothers themselves, and several (energy) have resource. Yes it is a wonderful thing.

    I know, and it is fully aware that your specialty, promotion or even public relations also means to control relations between Club and the social environment to produce and this then with communication activities for me also innermost. I fall so spontaneously only these words, for you. It is simply fantastic, what you are doing. You are a work of art in your think, do and act.

    I know, and I feel with you from the deepest heart, that you have worked with the most incredible and most interesting people of the world together through your profession. Just to mention, you did one of the many issues, also work for the Governments of Portugal and Japan, and this work for decades, and I know you’re there very well. I’m just honestly proud of you, and I appreciate your professionalism.

    2. Now, a bit to my being. My dream goal and I think my small talented expertise to own. This is in the cultural, graphical and artistic field, that is for me, with my wonderful art (sculptures), and using a loving a good management. I will move me continue with forward fully my heart in the future.

    My dream destination is also my artistic talent always keep and maintain, with a psychological and organizational support of my favorite people. The me each time to the my page, and I too deep the from my side cohesion in the each area give back, and also a quiet and balanced family together can result.

    You make your wonderful job of writing and etc.
    Then I can, in my creative thoughts go, and at a higher level, my artworks visually represent, simply bringing closer to the Viewer.
    To promote the art and culture in the and around, whose living existence strive, so are my works of art, as I think, good hands. For this effort, I am very grateful, as the art surrounding us helps out of the everyday, familiar view of things and make aware of other perspectives.

    I hope that, there are still only good and positive in my life. And no unpleasant barriers are, as there was in my past, that me permanently blocked has to with my creative development further become overgrown.
    Now for a year, there is a new wonderful time where I have learned much with my favorite people, which every day gives me strength, for me, and I am very grateful for everything.

    This is not true, what I read in a paragraph from you. The fact is, I have absolute deepest trust, that the universe has been my dream me, so that I myself can move in the system with you, in a realistic unit! I have applied always the power of positive thinking in my life, and it has always helped me in the most difficult hours. I think, it will work well, because I try this wonderful dream with you together will realize. My strong will power is there, only we must have finally also the chance to discuss everything in reality at rest, and step by step to add. I know it takes a high level of patience and assertiveness, but so we can move, forward in the unity of the inner and mutual satisfaction.
    I know I’m back to late. The sequel follows. 🙂 🙂

  5. Dear Maria…
    3. I don’t know what you did. You have made your ButterflyMoms workshops wonderful teachings, to as many 20 weeks, and I have always been, and I carried out my soul Exchange, always with you.
    You have taught much me, better to see and hear. Your inner speciality, is always an important part of life, to bring the soul and the body in a single sound world. You tried me to show how it is right, meditate, how your body and soul it needs, with the help of your experienced teachings. Your right and meditative instructions, how, where and what all needs to get into a spiritual and physical unit. This is a complete relaxation, your workshop with your wonderful teachings.

    Our souls energy consists of the harmonious co-existence in many weeks, which share experiences. Work in the soul and feel can be, these elements and forces that work in the highest level.
    You have taught me not keeping all unnecessary congestion, but try to clean me to the restlessness to bring to the absolute balance.
    Your souls energy is Exchange, movement and harmony and inner peaceful love.

    That always look forward, it is an honor to be one of the lucky few to have such access to the blog.

    4. Dear Maria… I never tried with you in your wonderful and valuable ButterflyMoms make a journey of the most beautiful adventure of my life with you. My honest soul is always connected with only you and I have tried you always to give everything I own in my inner being. I know I can give you not always new impressions of the soul, in full satisfaction. But you have to love my honest and loving soul, as I am, and I try to be always open in my deepest heart.

    I believe that you have had still no great losses of your soul. In my opinion, are however, also nice things between us into being come, even if they per cent have fulfilled you not 100%. It is always important that I am always your loyal soul, which is honestly always by your side, and is available.

    5. My heart is affected and it is nice to know that will make your first ButterflyMoms retreat. What should I say sensitivity I feel in my heart. It is your ButterflyMoms and your personal preference and with all my soul and love, I’ve tried to support you in every way. You must leave each, in his personal decision.
    Probably you will see no more sense to let our souls live and grow.
    Once again, I must mention that I here. I have on no beautiful adventure have organised your ButterflyMoms blog.
    Now, there are only two weekends prior to your withdrawal of the blog, and I understand my heart is sensitive.
    ** Fantastic. I will explain me in addition ready, sign me up and to support you. But I do not understand, and my INTUITION tells me I have confidence. But how can this, and in the online work for one of the most charming weekends, which I will ever get.
    With now trying to help, and to understand. I’m sitting here online, and I enjoy this wonderful weekend at the computer. The is my question, please you, you are trying to explain urgent it to me to take that this helping steps. I really do not understand how that will work with my best will. I ask for a loving statement from you. With love from the heart… 🙂 🙂

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