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Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

WOW! What a very cool date today is 11-11-11!!!! I don’t know that much about numerology, but even so, if I let myself pay attention, I can FEEL that there is something very cool about that number, and about today. I’m tempted to go online and read what it means, but for right now, I just want to FEEL, check in on my soul/instinct/gut/ intuition and PRACTICE FEELING what I’m feeling.

Why do I use the word “practice”? Well, we on planet earth are, oftentimes, in the middle of the race before we realize where we are. In other words we are not very PRESENT with the PRESENT. When you were born into this planet, just like everyone else, you received a body. Slowly you started acquiring skills like walking and talking. Learning to BE PRESENT or learning how to ASK for what you want, is no different. You must also acquire these skills. Ahhhhhh, but to add a little spiciness to the mix, each one of us is born into UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES, some are born to parents who are violent or neglectful. Some are born in bodies that are “challenging”. Whatever YOU have been given has TWO STORIES…THE CURSE or THE ADVENTURE.

Take a DEEP DEEP BREATH here for this is a GREAT BIG JUICY lesson…if you let it be…YOU get to CHOOSE which story you want by HOW you live your life. Honestly, check in with yourself, it’s just you and me right now, here playing with these words…YOU ARE SAFE. Check in with yourself and notice if you are living YOUR life… or someone else’s. (BREATHE)

Maria with Wayne Dyer

My beautiful husband, Doug and I went to see Wayne Dyer and Carolyn Myss speak live this past week in Boston. Wayne talked about how most of us are trained to live ORDINARY lives, which means you “fill out the forms, go to school, pay your taxes, buy a house, get married, have kids, get a “good” job, have grandkids and then die. Many people do it and there is nothing “wrong” with that if that is what YOU CHOOSE. The challenge is that most of us do not choose, but rather, we fall into it and SLEEPWALK, squished into the box of life we have been told we SHOULD HAVE. How’s that working for ya?

There is another choice you can make…gentle reminder to TAKE A DEEP BREATH…and that is to lead an EXTRA-ORDINARY life. You see, the “ordinary” is still in there, but by CHOOSING this life you get added adventure, purpose and meaning that most other people do not get. To get it, you have to ALLOW yourself to get out of your box.

First step is to notice…take a moment and notice what box you are in. Sounds a bit silly but lots of inspiration and awareness can come from moments of silliness! 😉 Notice YOUR BOX. What are the boundaries and parameters you put on yourself? How do you use words to KEEP yourself in your box? Can’t SEE your box…perhaps I can help…

Portuguese beaches are stunning! Here is the Algarve where I spent a lot of time as a kid! 🙂

Beautiful views everywhere in of my heart! 🙂

Play with me for a bit… if your dream is to take a dream trip to Portugal, for example…REALLY FEEL that for a moment. “Ohhhh I’d love to take a month long trip exploring Portugal.” Yup I said “a month”. Out of 12 whole months is it that “ridiculous” to say one of them is for you to relax and enjoy life? Notice what voices pop up and what they are saying. Go so far as to write them down, if you feel inspired.

Portugal has history everywhere you turn

Remember this is ONLY a PRETEND exercise and there is a part of you that is already getting LAMBASTED for simply DREAMING…..BIG BREATH here….and another.  The breath helps keep you moving, not breathing causes stress and stagnation. Taking a breath ALWAYS feels better. ☺ HOW you truthfully reacted to this exercise is a good mirror for how you keep your SELF in the box of the ordinary life most people live (without even realizing it).

For instructions on how to get out…bring awareness to your life. NOTICE what you are feeling and move TOWARDS what feels good and AWAY from what does not. Sounds simple, real simple…but how often do you REALLY listen to your own feelings? May 11-11-11 be the day you started NOTICING YOU! ☺!

Great B-I-G hugs,


ButterflyMoms is a community of people who realize they are souls first and human being second. They want to explore more about themselves, to find out what makes them happy and how they can lead a life of purpose. It is simply about FEEDING YOUR SOUL. Although it has the name “MOMS” in the title it is more about being nurturing to your own transformation, as the butterfly is to its own metamorphosis. This community is led by Maria Salomão-Schmidt whose transformation was ignited by the birth and death of her BELOVED thirteen month old daughter Sophia (Sophalicious), the original butterfly.
*Every Thursday night we have a ButterflyMoms workshop at 783 Washington Street in Holliston, MA at 8pm that feeds your soul. They started after Maria manifested her dream…with the help of Sophia…to be a guest on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW and every week since she had done the workshop on Thursday nights.
*Every Friday morning, as a way of honoring Sophia’s soul, Maria gets up at 4:30am to write the weekly ButterflyMoms blog. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in 2009.

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My make-up artist on The Oprah Show

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  1. God’s word says (deut. 30:19), “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants my live;….”
    He’s been trying to get people to listen to Him for millenia, but, in our selfishness, we choose what WE want…I have chosen HIM!!! eternal life is a VERY long time!!! and we can start down here……

  2. Good morning beautiful Tara,

    It is wonderful that you have found YOUR way of connecting with source. However you get there is the right way. Thank you for sharing your passion. Hope others share too.

    Great big hugs,

  3. Beautiful. So well written and another thought provoking message. Too often we just blindly walk through life. Today 11/11/11 will be the day I change and will start the process of living an extra-ordinary life. It is wonderful being with such a special person. Thank You.

  4. Hello Maria…1.I’m torn amazed is the exceptional date, only my beautiful soul. You send me a Numerology and this almost sounds like a magic square of happiness. It is located in the soul, that carries so much concern in itself.
    If you look at yourself through the eyes of your soul, you recognize the value of your own being, and this is not a painted image. It is also a real state.
    A honest and beautiful soul knows no adventure games (tests are connected most of the time other people), and that is not the interest of a honest and beautiful soul. But she knows the cohesion only values a healthy and caring. That with respect, esteem and trust to be, without each other sentimentalisieren, but it is a loving responsibility.

    2.First step is as long as in the listed my soul, and I take time seriously a moment and note my field of life. In this field of life have only a few valuable people in my life place. Without long to make a statements.
    By the nature. I am a loving person of always order and clarity preferred to lift any feeling of complications out. I like to get short and clear information from the other soul overwhelm not my beautiful and faithful soul.
    So I know exactly what is right to reply in order to have a satisfaction in the soul. One old saying says. In the near future, the power is required to complete a good souls living. Automatically the limits arise, because you are clearly knows how to do things without making a marathon.

    3. Thank you very much. How wonderful, that you your beautiful country Portugal me in a loving way presented. Where you lot of time as a child spent bustles, and valuable things, always your life into a can. It has you leave an impression, and introduced some kind of calm and serenity in your soul, by the beautiful and mysterious landscapes.
    A fantastic energy to estimate source of nature in a simple and contented way, to honor and to know how valuable are these vital impressions. A little dive under incomparable in a world of the country, such as beach, Sun, meadows and the high mountains. And experience first hand the fascinating animal and plant life. Then everything is preceded with fully new. Wonderful.
    Unfortunately, I was never in this country Portugal, although it is geographically not so far away from Vienna. Perhaps time that I see this beautiful country Portugal with my own eyes, and only with appreciation can be found in the my soul can absorb.
    ((I was not born to play but I was born to live and bear my responsibility from the heart.))

    4.Now to your ButteryMoms.
    I know and it is fully aware that the ButteryMoms is a community maintained cohesion the souls. Caused to your little soul to feel Sophia and an inner transformation and further development of the souls.
    This is a positive thing which has birth and the death of your daughter Sophia who originally cause the butterfly. You route you will the whole ButteryMoms. The original Butterfly Sophia lit as to birth, death and permanent pain in the soul deal with and process can. To give life in the soul to make enjoyable and you a new perspective in your soul.

    5.Maria please. Regarding your ButterflyMOMS workshops be not offended, but to have a loving understanding.
    The weekly attendance of ButterflyMOMS workshop, is only more for the people who are in place there can live and which go always back and forth and can personally speak with each other. I am here only online, and I can comment on many things from you. For your ButterflyMOMS workshops I can participate not as real as you in the your real life with other people, I don’t know.
    My inspirational thoughts and words for today.
    Love from the heart to next topic

  5. hey, ironically while i was reading this, Adele’s song, “we could of had it all” was playing on the radio! seems fitting.
    Anyway, as regard to the box, my box, and indeed, my whole life is defined by debt and bills. Sad to say, but true. There are plans i’ve had for more than 40 years, and i’m starting to wean myself away from them these past few months, realizing that they’re NEVER gonna happen. I opened my student loan statement today (i graduated 21 years ago) that i haven’t looked at for a year or two…the last time i looked at it, it was $37,000. Today it was over $45,000. That’s $8000 in less than two years. Which is half of what i made this year. So you can see, i am NEVER, NEVER going to get to go to my dream place. My dreams now are so much more simple…to get my front door fixed so we don’t have to go out the back door through the soaking wet grass in order to have the front door locked; to ONE DAY, PLEASE GOD! get my electricity fixed in my basement so i can actually do my laundry at home instead of spending $100+ a month at the laundrymat, not to mention all that time. My house needs SO MANY repairs, and i’m talking about REPAIRS, not “remodel,” that even just getting them done would seem like a delightful miracle…not to mention actually paying off the house, the student loan…it’s not even realistic to think about a dream when the essential of a bare-bone reality are not even within reach.
    That is my box .
    That being said, your beautiful smile is just that—beautiful. You should market it!! 🙂
    (BTW, my original student loan was only $14,000, of which i paid off half. That’s the power of compounded interest. Haven’t been able to pay off anything these past 15 years as a single mom AGAIN. hopefully once my daughter gets into college i can start repaying, again, my student loans. By then i’ll probably owe as much on them as i do on my house.)

  6. Oh, Celeste, my heart goes out to you. Those walls sound insurmountable! But I know something will shift–I don’t know what but something will! Yet you are still able to smile & that’s awesome. Don’t stop dreaming, not for anything, any bill or any one. Keep focusing on what you CAN do as you have been… sometimes just the very words ‘I CAN’ bring to being the things you seek. Keep dreaming, Celeste! Tell yourself you can. You are loved! ❤

  7. thank you, Susan. 🙂

  8. Wow, I had no idea that Portuguese beaches looked like that!

    So glad you were able to see good ol’ Wayne and Caroline. Must have been a real inspiration.

    Well, 11/11/11 was the day we went to HTP class and it was the full moon on top of that. I like what your friend Hilde said about that day being like a “magic square of happiness” — I love metaphors like that. So on with the adventure!!!

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Linda D.

    • They are even more stunning in person! What a BEAUTIFUL country! 🙂 I LOVE going there!!!!

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