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Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Today’s blog is especially from the heart in honor of my beloved classmates and teachers at the Rhys Thomas School of Energy Medicine as we are about to enter 4th chakra weekend. Thank you for these last three years of opening up my heart…It’s been a journey of YAY-OUCH-HEY-MMMM-YAY-OUCH-HEY-MMMM! 😉 Let’s see how big we can open our hearts…

Our Cutie Pie Olivia

So on my ButterflyMoms Facebook page I have been hinting that there is a big event happening, and this one is pretty H-U-G-E! It is the fulfillment of a childhood dream I’ve had since I was a little kid. I read a book about a family who went to adopt one child and ended up adopting something like 18. (NOW TO MY BEAUTIFUL HUSBAND DOUG, IF YOU ARE READING THIS DON’T WORRY – I’M NOT AIMING FOR ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THAT)  😉

Some of you may know that we have already adopted one little girl, our Olivia who is almost 6! We got her at 17 months. Life with her has had its ups and downs but we could not imagine life without her!

I grew up in such a way that my heart goes out to little kids who need help, especially those who have no mom and dad and are in the system. It can be a very cruel system. Again, it’s about the heart for me… there have been lessons of heartache throughout my life that have opened me up to be able to “be” this way.

For example, when I was in high school my father’s physical abuse got worse. The mother of the boy I was dating told him not to date me because I was “damaged”. Even now those words still sting a bit. I can now see, though, that his mom was a wonderful teacher for me because she, like Sophia suddenly dying and the abuse I suffered from my dad, helped me BREAK MY HEART WIDE OPEN. I believe that the more shattered your heart has been the more beautiful the rainbows it makes. I cannot change them but I have been changed by them…and I CHOOSE to see the incredible gifts in all of them and to forgive those who did the best they could with where they were in life, including myself. I can tell you about these events, and for the most part, I don’t LIVE IN THEM! The more I live in my PRESENT MOMENT, the JUICIER LIFE FLOWS!!!

My newest juicy is our journey back into the world of adoption. (NOW I’M GOING TO DIGRESS FROM THE BLOG FOR A MOMENT BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT INFO TO SHARE, INFO THAT COULD ALTER THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE…FOR THE FUN-NER-ER AND FULL-ER-ER 😉 For some reason when people think of adoption they immediately ask WHAT COUNTRY? When we say Massachusetts they are shocked and it takes them a bit to adjust their thinking. Most people don’t think about ADOPTING LOCALLY. Until now 😉 If you get anything out of this ButterflyMoms blog, please know that there are THOUSANDS of kids of all ages and abilities out there, especially now with the economy the way it is and so many people falling through the cracks financially – the lack of money in a family is a H-U-G-E problem that separates families. Sure the kids have their issues but if there were more parents out there who were willing to believe, you could make a huge difference. You often hear the horror stories but not the great stories. If not for you, then share this with a friend! It is FREE to adopt and the kids get FREE COLLEGE and HEALTHCARE! We went through Cambridge Family & Children Services We never paid a penny to them. If you are thinking of adopting definitely contact them! I cannot adopt all of them but all of us together can adopt all of them! May you not only THINK about it, but may you also PICK UP the phone and CONNECT! Now back to our ButterflyMoms blog… 😉

This is THE very first photo they sent us of her..."Would you be interested in this child?" they asked.

So we wanted to adopt again after adopting Olivia, but then Doug got sick and we did not know what that would bring so we pulled back. Well, a few months ago we realized his dis-ease is our new normal for now so we should stop waiting for the “right” time and live our dream now. We did hit a snag this time but when we remembered to go with the flow and not judge everything we saw we finally got a call from our social worker who asked if we would be interested in a 14 year old girl named Beatriz (BEA-TE-REE-J). The process is that we read her thick file and talk to the people who take care of her teachers, psychologists, foster mom, counselor, social worker, etc. to get a picture of who she is. Well we met her on Sunday!!! A big thank you to Debra Sweet and her family who when I got the last minute phone call to see if we wanted to meet Beatriz LOVINGLY agreed to take my three girls in their pjs at 7am on a Sunday so we could make it in time for the meeting! WHAT LOVE! It does take a village! THANK YOU SWEET FAMILY! WE ADORE YOU!  It just makes the story even juicier! Truly!

This was the first meeting last Sunday...Look at how she looks at Doug after "knowing" us for just 2 hours:)

I was REALLY nervous? After all HOW does one prepare for a meeting their 14 child for the first time when your role in their life is to be the Mama? Did not learn that at Boston College or my MBA at Simmons! That is for sure! The best advice I got from one of my real estate clients was to JUST BE ME and that is what I did. If it was funny I laughed. If it sad I cried. It was a big mixture of emotions but most of all I wanted to show her AUTHENTICITY because that is what I want to be AUTHENTIC…that is what I wish for her and that is what I wish for you!

As many of you know I'm a MASTER HUGGER but I have to tell you I have never experienced a hug like this. On the very first day we met our new daughter Beatriz hugged me so long and so firmly it's like we melted into one. It was INCREDIBLE! Just look at her face! She hugged me for about 20 seconds. It felt amazing! 🙂 What a gift to receive...straight from the heart! 🙂

All this happened just this past Sunday and today, as I write this she is upstairs sleeping with her new sisters. I know there are a lot of people, even in our own family who think we are nuts but we are in love with being alive. It is from the ashes of our pain that a new, deeper love can emerge. Our new LOVE is called Beatriz!

Great big hug luscious hugs,



❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Wow! Felicidades!! so happy for you, Doug and ALL YOUR DAUGHTERS!!! tell Beatriz “hi” and “welcome” for me. 🙂 i was adopted too–it didn’t work out so good for me and me brother, but at least we came out of it alive and together, and now–50 years later–things are better. i know you are an awesome mom, Maria, and Beatriz and you are lucky to have found each other! take care of one another! so happy for you all-had tears in my eyes at the pictures. LOVE TO YOU MARIA & FAMILY.

    • Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story. It is all inspiring! Love to you too!!!

      Great big hugs,

  2. Congratulations to your whole family. Looks like a match made in Heaven! God bless you all. 🙂

    • Yay Beautiful Barb! I love when you leave comments! Thank you for reaching out. It means the world to me that you are feeding your soul through the ButterflyMoms blog! 🙂

      Great big hugs,

  3. You almost made me Cry !! I am so happy for you and Doug !! Good luck !!

    • ALMOST? Come on Rei Alberto! Not even one little tear?!!! 😉

      Um grande abraco,

  4. I can’t wait to meet Beatriz…… this was the best butterfly mom’s blog yet!!! my heart is overflowing and I can’t wait to give you a hug. Love to you all x

    • Hello Beautiful Gaynor!

      I cannot wait to have her meet you and your boys too! How amazing is all that love? Sending you great big hugs!!!!


  5. I’m so happy for that sweet girl. You have altered the course of her life and will fill it with love. Congratulations to everyone!

    • Awwww it’s you beautiful Sasha!

      I always love seeing that you post because I know how busy you are and know much it means that you took the time. 😉

      Sending you great big hugs from Boston!


  6. I agree with Gaynor. Best yet. Congratulations on your expanded family. As loving parents, we don’t divide our love among the children, we multiply it. I an sort of chuckling, though. Most people get to ease into having a teen in the family. This one arrived in a WHOOOOSSSSH! Blessings to those who open their hearts. Ahh – light bulb – this is the new Holliston resident you hinted about. Welcome to the neighborhood Beatriz!

    • Hello Beautiful Donna,

      You are right. She is the new Holliston resident I talked about! And I gave the clue of “B” which most people took as “baby” which is true because she is our new “baby” but I really meant it “Beariz”.

      Sending you great big hugs,

  7. My dear, beautiful Maria! Once again the love you and your amazing Doug share has brought tears to my eyes. Your hearts are GINORMOUS!! Congratulations on this beautiful new addition to your family!

    • Hello Beautiful Jackie!

      How very wonderful to have such a wonderful local hot mama stop by and leave a comment on ButterflyMoms. What a wonderful dual community of both online and real life! I love that we have met!


  8. That’s such great news, Maria & family!!!!! Very happy for you and Beatriz! Congratulations & much love to you all! ❤

    • Thank you for reaching out beautiful Susan!


      • Spoken like you don’t know me, Maria! LOL. The problem with having a common name like Susan–I know you did not forget me!!! Hope all is well in the bigger & better Schmidt family! Happy spring!

  9. Beatriz is just beautiful and ever so lucky for all of you to have found eachother! I can’t wait to meet her! Congratulations Schmidt Family!

    • Hello Beautiful Sistah-Friend Corinne,

      I am thrilled that we are on this adventure together! Thank you for reaching out. You are a doll!


  10. Your story truly touched my heart. It reminded me of the scripture (Acts 17:26) that says “…and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him though he is not far from each one of us.” God guided the perfect timing and the best family for your beautiful Beatriz. Happiness all around!

    • Hello Beautiful Suzette,

      I cannot believe we have sooooo much in common but have not met yet! 😉 Thank you for reaching out. I do “know” this is divine intervention as I believe all of live is. I tend to use the term “universe” instead of God but it’s really the same. I can feel the love in your email both from your intelligence and your heart. Thank you for sharing those two magical gifts with me…with us! 🙂

      Great big hugs,

  11. Congratulations Maria, Doug, girls and boy!! What beautiful news, my dear. You just keep expanding to make room for more : ).

    • Hello Beautiful Maureen,

      We love giving “beautiful’ news!

      Great big hugs,

  12. What wonderful news!! I m so happy for all of you! Congratulations and a big WELCOME to Beatriz!! I am thrilled that you and Doug are able to do this, Maria! I just LOVE the photos and the love that shines in them ❤

    • Hello Beautiful Bunny,

      I actually took Beatriz to pick up the Sandra Boynton books from you so she was in front of your house! The magic was everywhere and I know lots of it was going to you and also coming from you dearheart!

      Love to you, you beautiful soul, you!

  13. Maria – I had no idea!! OMG – your a momma AGAIN! This is truly unbelievable and I have tears running down my face after reading your story. She really looks like your daughter too!! I can’t wait to meet her. I need to talk to Steve about giving me a hall pass (or should I say HAUL IT UP TO MA. pass!) to attend one of your lovely seminars! You are so blessed! xxoo Lynne

    • you’re …not your…spell check anyone?? 🙂

    • Ahhhh how awesome! If you want to come to a workshop come to the one in October where we are doing the ButterflyMoms retreat in Vermont! Sooooo powerful!!! It’s FRIDAY-SUNDAY and it soooo rocks!


  14. Hi Maria,

    Was googling butterflies and landed on your site. We are connected on linked in and I live in the next town. Used to go to your husband’s dry cleaners when I worked a corporate gig.

    How loving you are. Your new daughter is beautiful. A mutually rewarding situation.

    And you are a master hugger, what a fantastic title. I work with folks to find real titles for themselves — that one really embraced me!

    I like your energy. I’m a high energy, just leap kind of person. Do you have to be a mother to swing by your groups? They sound cool.


    • Hello Beautiful Giulietta!!!

      I cannot wait to meet you!! Definitely come to a ButterflyMoms workshop. They are for EVERYONE who wants to feed their soul, not just moms! And, YES YES YES master hugger that is definitely me! I LOVE HUGS!!!! 🙂 I especially love hugging homeless people because they really appreciate it the most! In fact, I had just finished hugging Jimmy who was on the corner in between the OLD STATE HOUSE and STARBUCKS and then we found out about Beatriz…:)! Just spreadin’ the love! 🙂

      Great big hugs,

  15. Happy tears……..hope to meet her soon!

    • Hello Beautiful Judit,

      Thank you for opening your heart up to us!

      Great big hugs,

      • Maria, I opened it up when I first met you. I love how you inspire so many souls. It’s a great gift to have. ☺

  16. It doesn’t get better than this. I’ve lived it, I know it, I LOVE it! Congratulations!!!! xoxoxoxo

    • Hello Beautiful Deborahhhhhhh!

      GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE YOU GIVE OUT INTO THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT CHILDREN! You were such an important part of this journey as you listened when things went a little ICKY and even did the 7am on a Sunday babysitting so we could meet Beatriz for the first time! You are a doll! THANK YOU SISTAH-FRIEND!

      Great big hugs,

  17. Soo happy for all of you. Welcome home little one. Maria will MOM you well.

    Maria, what a beautiful blog, what a beautiful family

    • Thank you for all that love from Vermont beautiful Kristen! I hope that you feel happy after reading this week’s ButterflyMoms blog! You have such a stunning soul. I would be delighted to know that I gave it even just a wee bit more light!

      Great big honkin’ hugs,

  18. Beautiful Maria,

    Tears of joy are flowing as I celebrate with you the WONDERFUL news! CONGRATULATIONS!!! My heart is overjoyed :D. Beatriz is beautiful just like her new momma! Wishing you much love and blessings. Big hugs, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Diane 🙂

  19. Congratulations Maria & Doug! So happy for you and your family. I love a house full of family, nothing are truly an inspiration. What nationality is Beatriz? A teenager too, how life is so much fun with a teenage girl. seriously, Girls always stay around for their Mom. I have been blessed with two, my best friends now as they are young adults.

  20. Whew!!!
    Maria, not too many people may understand what we need to do sometimes, our “calling” so to speak. They are not supposed to understand.. What is important is what you understand… When I say the picture of you and Beatrice huggging, I noticed her eyes were closed.. I identified with that so much. When I want to feel something that I know is going to embrace my heart and soul, I close my eyes to experience it in its entirety.. Whether its tasting something, listening to something, or feeling somehting, I close my eyes. What beautiful pictures…
    As Jennier Hudson said once” look, I only do what God puts in front of me to do, Im a singer, an actor, a spokesperson, and now an author, I just do what God puts in front of me to do”
    I close with that..
    much love to you, Doug, and your family!

  21. Maria,
    So VERY happy for you. Wow, the look on Beatriz’s face as she was hugging you says it all. Brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful you & Doug are to have opened your hearts. Wishing you all a future of love, peace, & happiness.
    Heidi Caron-Guay

  22. Lovely Maria and Doug,

    You are both amazing individuals! Congrats on the new addition to your beautiful family. Beatriz will fit in very well because you are the most light spirited and loving couple I ever met. May God bless you and your family. I will you all the best 🙂

    Maria 🙂

  23. You truely are inspirational! I wish I had half your self believe and self confidence!

    T xx

  24. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thats what you’ve been up to. When will I meet this angel? Yoga next week or will she be in school? You are truly amazing!!! I love that you two did this!! You got me thinking hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. What a wonderful story to start my day! Congratulations Maria! As I have had one of your hugs, I can attest that you are a Master Hugger.

    Thanks for letting other people how the process works. I have considered this possibility in my own life. By showing through your example, you are helping people to put their fears of the unknown aside. Good job!

    Beatriz is so lucky!

    Best wishes,


  26. you are such an inspiration the way you embrace living life! what a lucky family and a lucky girl. i hope for all the best and love for all! if anyone can do it , you can.

  27. Congrats on your new adoption. I’m very proud of you.

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